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Symptoms come and go - freaking me out!

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I am 5 weeks and 4 days. I am beside myself with fear about miscarriage. It is absolutely doing my head in! I keep reading other posts about symptoms coming and going, which I think is what is happening but I am still going insane. I did IVF so it has been an expensive hellride to get here so I just don't want anything to go wrong.


Pregnancy test posititive great.  1 week to wait till next test - hellish sleepless week where I don't feel pregnant so keep thinking there is no baby in there.  In that week my boobs got big and sore and then stopped being so big and sore making me think I had miscarried.  After this I got so scared that I went in for my second blood test (I am having them weekly) a day early. I am sure the IVF clinic thought I was totally nuerotic. They told me that symptoms come and go, although the only thing that made me feel better were the blood test results.


Then 1 day after the test I started to feel sick and my boobs got big again which was very reassuring, however it only lasted for two days and then all my symptoms dissappeared including the tiredness. Now I am firmly back in anxiety town and my next blood test isn't for another 4 days.  How am I going to make it?  Time is passing so slowly and I just wish I would start feeling sick.


I want to go pee on a stick or something to make myself feel better but all the drugs I am still having to take for the IVF will distort anything anyway.


Is anyone else feeling like this?  I feel so pathetic.

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I understand. I had an early miscarriage end of September and ended up pregnant again right away. I am trying to stay calm, but it can be hard. Symptoms can just come and go. I think around 6-7 weeks some symptoms will end up more consistent with many women, but not all. 


I am tempted to go to an OB and see if they will do a "dating" ultrasound (so it's covered by insurance.) I am sure of my dates because I was charting, but yeah. LOL 

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Awww, don't feel bad. You're not pathetic, just anxious to meet your baby smile.gif . You may just have a mellow pregnancy as far as symptoms go (a few of us are). Or you may end up really, really sick in a week or two. Mine come and go as well. Last week I started having a little more anxiety about things w/o any real reason for it (so maybe it was hormonal?). I thought about starting a thread about it but didn't want to give voice to it I guess. I really liked this thread that I came across. I really liked what the poster BroodyWoodsgal had to say. I also like this other thread I saw in the main pregnancy forum.

The anxious feelings I was experiencing have pretty much chilled out so that's cool. This pregnancy is so 100% opposite than what I experienced with my boys that I get really thrown off. I was really relaxed with my boys and thoughts of missed miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, birth defects, still birth, chemical pregnancies, etc. and so on just never made it onto my personal radar. I was walking on cloud nine the whole time and my heart went out to the mommies who were going through. There are a few women in my family that have had a really difficult time with pregnancy, childbirth, and childhood issues (including my sister who has lost two beautiful sons, but so thankful she has two wonderfully healthy, happy living babies smile.gif ). I've never gone through anything anywhere close and knowing what I know now as opposed to with my first, IDK, I just get what's on the table more completely.

I fell off of my meditation practice as life has gotten crazier around here but I'll be heading back into it. It's so hard to imagine a third baby thrown into the mix here! lol.gif But the connection gets stronger each day heartbeat.gif . I'm just living my life ya know? Listening to good music, loving my family, trying to get in some good eats eat.gif . Life's a roller coaster for sure though.

What are some things you enjoyed doing before TTC?
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Thanks so much for answering me dayiscoming2006 and mamcatsbaby. Has made me feel a lot better connecting with people who can confirm the whole symptoms coming and going thing.  I had seen some old threads from like 2010 or something about it but nothing recent.


I had started feeling a bit better when I cried this morning when they showed a replay of the Melbourne Cup race (I live in Oz) on TV this morning (I hate horse-racing btw, just hormonal emotional...oh the elation???), then I nearly vomited in my car on the way to work today (yay sickness!).


Hearing about your sisters problems makes me feel that I should count myself lucky, losing a child would be the worst thing ever!


Mainly excersizing and studying and eating before TTC.  All of those things are difficult for me now though.  Now I just enjoy playing with my dog and look forward to getting married to my dh to be on the 30th Nov (hopefully I don't vomit at the wedding).  Although I am thinking I might start pregnancy yoga.


Thanks for the links.

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I have also noticed symptoms coming and going. I also have lots of anxiety (lifelong, although now I am sure it is worse). Some days when I am not feeling good or having "more" symptoms, I think to myself "why do I feel so awful?? Somethings wrong!", and then when I am feeling relatively normal I start thinking "why do I feel so normal?? Somethings wrong!!" I am trying very hard to take it one moment at a time, and not over-worry about things I can't control... but that is much easier said than done!smile.gif

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I think it's very normal to worry at this point! We don't have much to tell us we're pregnant in the way of a belly or a moving baby. I peed on many, many sticks, had a lot of blood draws, insisted on an early u/s (at 6 weeks...ended up being 7 weeks, though). I'm sick all the time, but STILL worry sometimes. I've broken my doppler out over the past few days, just for that reassurance (but it's really early for that, even - most people won't find a heartbeat at 8 weeks pregnant.)


Hang in there! Blind faith is a tough one, for sure.

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Pregnancy yoga would be fun methinks carte! Personally, I would start working on trying all kinds of different things that might seem interesting, take the mind off of obsessing. Yes, hang in there! This time will be long gone before we know it smile.gif .
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just jumping in to say: Carte, congrats on your upcoming wedding. how exciting. :) maybe you can carry a white satin barf bag down the aisle just in case. wink1.gif



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