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Family Moves to Sheboygan

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hI! Our family is moving to Sheboygan - we are very interested in the charter schools? Is there anyone out there I can talk to about your child's experience? We are looking for a liberal & friendly community to move to - any suggestions as to neighborhoods? Thanks for your help. Kristina
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Hi there. I just moved to Sheboygan not too long ago. I don't really know much about the charter schools here other than to say that I've heard ESAA is good. Have you gone to the districts website? http://www.sheboygan.k12.wi.us/schools/charter.html


As for neighborhoods, I've heard people prefer the north side of Sheboygan or down by the lake but there are some nice areas all over really. I like the south side over by James Madison Elementary. I currently live over by Grant Elementary and it's a decent neighbord.

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