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Ugh! Mastitis! I do not envy that.

My laptop is on the Fritz...and it is so hard to type quickly on my Kindle. Plus H is starting to fuss. Things are good. H is starting to get over her car hatred do ghat makes life a lot less stressful. Really, not much to report. We have been absorbed in dealing with the impending death of my friend for whose baby I am pumping. That is taking a lot of energy within my circle. It is hard and horribly sad. I just had to tell DD1 today. Awful.
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Is there a FB group yet? IS there a link to it?

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Alli- if I wasn't I my phone i would repost but the link is in one of our last weekly chats.

And Hyde, come join is too! It is a private group!
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Is everyone on FB now? I know a couple of the last few joined this week. 

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our group on fb is private- pm me if you want to join!
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Originally Posted by hyde View Post

It has been so quiet! I've been like this:

Is the Facebook group hopping? Do I need to make an account? I so don't want to lose touch with you all.. great people *and* with babies the same age? I'll do what it takes.

its a lot more active there than here. if you want to come join us pm me!
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Wow, it's been quiet here. How's everyone doing? I know there are a few 'regulars' who haven't checked in for awhile...how are you doing mamas?


We've all had something nasty and gastrointestinal over the last few days. DD1 was sick Thursday, I got it Friday night, DH got it Saturday afternoon. I think the baby has a touch of it today, but hopefully the magic of breastmilk will keep it mild. I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that she'll just sleep it off and be OK.


DH left for a week away at work 10 min ago and I'm feeling blah. I'm still tired and a bit run down from us all being sick, plus I always feel pretty down for the first few hours when DH leaves. In a lot of ways, it's the hardest part. Although, I have no idea how anyone solo parents more than one kid without babywearing. DD2 is cuddled up in a wrap on my chest right now, sound asleep. heartbeat.gif

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hooray for wraps! you got this- it will go by in the blink of an eye wink1.gif
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Hello, everyone!


No school this week for the preschoolers, so I have more unstructured time to check in with y'all.  I actually really, really like the community and structure that comes with my boys' preschool, but it really interferes with DD's feeding and napping- any time we're in the car, she'll go to sleep, and sometimes get into such a deep sleep that we miss a feeding, which makes the rest of the day out of whack.


She is 8 weeks tomorrow (Tuesday), and she's just found her hands!  I love this cross eye'd look =)




Miranda- we have the opposite issue.  Poos in cloth get on the edges of our wool soakers, but they're great for pee.  We use disposables when the schedule gets really busy, but that's given her diaper rash =(


I have also found that 2 to 3 is a bit easier.  Newborns are newborns regardless, but I have more experience with them, now, and the boys can play together and entertain each other.  It has also caused me to use my support system more, which has always been difficult.  I hate asking for help from people outside our family!!  But, it has been so, so rewarding =)

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everything is going well over here.  t is now 8w2d.  growing and smiling.  love it!  


i found the prefold and wool love.  :)  i need to knit some more longies, but that won't happen for a while.  i have other things to knit or sew.  oh well.  at least he has one longies that fit now and a bunch of soakers.    i found that if the prefold is loose around the legs that is when i get poo on the cuff of the soaker.

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Hi! I wish I were better at checking in around here. How do we get invitations to the facebook group? I'm on facebook all the time so I think I'd be better at that smile.gif

I totally sympathize with everyone having 1 to 2 transition issues. DS1 is 2.5 and really acted out the first few weeks. He seems to be settling in, which is good, and has even asked me when he'll have a baby sister. (Ha. Hopefully not for a long while!)

DS2 is now two months old and is such a sweet, smiley baby smile.gif One thing that's troublesome though is that he has been recently diagnosed with a granuloma located in his belly button, and the only way to remove it is an outpatient procedure where they put him under mild sedation. I'm completely freaked out about it, even though we're going to be at one of the best children's hospitals in the country. I can't even begin to imagine the anxiety that parents must have when they have kids in the hospital for more serious issues...
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domermommy, I think you have to message Madimamacita with your facebook name now as it's set to be a secret group. Please do join! (Anyone else too!)

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I would like to join the FB page!  Madi, can you send me the info?

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Originally Posted by domermommy View Post

How do we get invitations to the facebook group?
we decided to make the group secret so the link doesn't work anymore. you have to add me as a friend and tell me your mdc username and i will happily add you. smile.gif I'm pretty sure anyone in the group can add members so it doesnt just have to be me. I'm going on vacation next week so if i don't get back to you right away feel free to ask someone else!
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I just added you Madi!


My DH left yesterday and is gone for 12 days...so far so good.  By the end of today I was ready for some ME time, but overall I had a good day with the kids.  I went to grocery store for the first time with both kids and they did awesome! 


DS is 10 weeks now and is just so great.  He is super mellow and I can bring him anywhere.  At night he is doing pretty well.  He goes to bed around 8 and has a 3-5 hour stretch then wakes to nurse and has another 2-3 hour stretch.  Around 3 or so he gets restless, but it is much more manageable than the first few weeks.I have been able to work with him since he is so mellow.  I have not started pumping yet.  I was starting worry that maybe he wouldnt take a bottle since I have waited so long but I felt better after talking to a friend whose baby refused the bottle and the day care provider just used a spoon or sippy cup and it was no big deal.  I am feeling a bit flubby and ready to work out...just not sure how to fit it into the schedule!

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Has everyone made the switch at this point? The flow of things is nice over there, but I think it's gonna take me a minute to get used to this whole new set of names..

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I would like to join the Facebook group. How do I do that?


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I know, hyde! I actually wish mdc was a little easier to use one handed or on a mobile device, as there's things I really miss about being over here. But it's just way handier to type out a quick post on FB.


MyMaya, either friend me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/carlin.a.johnston or send me a message with a link to your facebook profile (and a note with your mothering name in it) and I'm pretty sure I can add you. The group is set to secret now as we had a few non group members try to join but I'm pretty sure that anyone who's already in it can add you. :)

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I'm loving the new mobile version of the forums... Super easy to use!

All is good here. I've been working a lot.
. But all is well.
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Need to check out mobile ....

WCM--Your presence has been requested in our FB group. Message anyone with your profile link if you want to be added!
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