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Welcome ~ Introduce Yourself Here!

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Hello All!


My name Is May/Mae. I have two children, a boy who is 10.5 and a girl who is 3.5


My due date is July 7th-10th or thereabouts.


I live in Oregon on a beautiful property in the coastal range. We have goats, chickens, a pig, and a dog and cat. We also garden, but I'm not very good at it since I don't like weeding blush.gif


I work from home doing freelance editing and writing.


I'm excited to meet you all, and congratulations on your pregnancy!

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My name is Kalista and I'm due July 12th-ish with our fourth child!

I'm married to my best friend (todays our anniversary!!) I have a 5 year old girl, soon to be 3 year old boy and an 18 month old girl! We also lost a baby in June at 13 weeks.

I'm a Canadian and we live out in the country where we home school (sort of... She's only 5!), and I love to garden, knit and sew!
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Hey there. I'm due July 8th. I have 3 small children and if all goes well, this baby will come when my oldest is 6. So, 4 children 6 and under. Should be fun! nut.gif Nah, I am super excited! I homeschool and love it!


I'm hoping for a midwife assisted homebirth this time. 


This pregnancy comes directly after an early miscarriage/chemical pregnancy in September. I'm out of the range for a chemical pregnancy now and my tests got nice and dark. With the chem pregnancy they never got very dark and then they faded away.

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We're in the same situation!  Baby is due in July, my oldest turns 6 in August!  I'm kind of nervous about homeschooling with 4 small kids at home...but I love chaos...so it should be fun! ;)

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Hi all! My name is Beth, and I am due around July 2nd. This is my 4th pregnancy. My other kids are 21, 14, and nearly 10, so I am quite literally starting all over! 
My partner has a nearly 7 year old, and is very excited to have another child. 
We were a bit surprised by this, but are very happy to have a baby together. 

We homeschool, are avid readers and love hiking. I am hoping for a low intervention birth, but likely at a hospital. I would homebirth, but between my age (41) and budget, I don't think I would find a midwife. My previous births have all been in the hospital, and save the first one (in Fairfax VA in 1991) they have been positive and lovely experiences. 

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Hello everyone!  My name is Toni and I'm due July 9th with my first!  My screen name hadjeb comes from a Tunisian town near my husband's family's village.  It actually means "eyebrow" in Arabic.  The full town name is Hadjeb al Ayoun which means eyebrows and eyes which I just found really amusing so I have made that my screen name for a few things.  


We live in Minneapolis.  I stay home and work PT teaching a 3-year old ECFE class.  I won't work the first year after the baby is born I don't think because I can't possibly teach and take care of a 2-month old baby.  It's a pretty laid back program, but it's not that laid back!


I'm excited to explore the world of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting!  I'm pretty open to all ideas.  Right now I'm thinking an as natural as possible birth but in a hospital setting (maybe with a nurse midwife).  


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!  I'm so excited!!  I seriously want to stand on a chair everywhere I go and just scream, "I'm PREGNANT!!!"

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Hi Ladies!


Expecting #4 on July 6. We had a m/c at 8 weeks in July, so I'm feeling a bit reserved about my enthusiasm still. Inward swelling with happiness but trying to stay calm. Will be 12, 9, and 5 when this baby comes. We homeschool, I'm the director of a non-profit alternative education center and I teach there, my husband is a writer and web developer. I also recently became an attorney, ut not sure where that will take me now that #4 is coming. I'm excited to see how our family runs come July, meeting so many different needs at the same time!


I'm planning my third homebirth with a midwife. Have to pay out for pocket for it though so I'm scrimping! Really really hoping for a smooth pregnancy!


Congrats everyone!

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hi ladies! we are expecting #2 on july 6...we've also had 2 losses before our other son was born, so there is a little bit of apprehension about the beginning of pregnancy. i had a dream 2x about a girl--so that's my guess, but i'd of course be thrilled with either sex!


i am so glad to see so many mama's on here with multiple children! it gives me hope that it can be done! :)


btw, my son is 20 months and still nursing...lots at night, some in the day. i'm very open to tandem nursing but we'll see how pregnancy/nursing develops as we go.


anybody else nursing?

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I'm still nursing my 18 month old. smile.gif.
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Hi, I'm Rose and I'm due July 8th. I'm 33 years old and am a SAHM and Graduate Student.  This will be my second child.  DD is only 7 months old.  This pregnancy was an "oopsie."  But I have struggled with infertility and miscarriages for many years, so it's also a bit of a miracle.  Although it's not good timing, hopefully this little bean will stick.  Hoping for a home birth this time.  Last was a planned HB, but had to transfer because babe got stuck and labor stalled.   


Nice to meet you ladies!

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I am still nursing my 3.5 year old... although the past couple of days she hasn't latched on very often/long.


Welcome everyone, and congratulations. I wish you all sticky babies :)

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Rose- I got pregnant when my son was 7 months old. It is the best age gap! I LOVE having them close! It's busy for sure but you're already in the baby stage so you just add one more in! Lol
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My name is Renee and I am due July 2nd. Im 27 years old (on monday) and have beem married to my wonderful husband for 5 years. This is our first child and we are beyond happy. Any suggestions to a new mothera. Had a consultation with a midwife today which was so encouraging. Looking forward to journeying with you guys!
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I am Carrie, due July 6th and this is my 5th pregnancy. I have a four year old DD and a lovely husband whom I have been married to for 8 years. We are hoping this is our rainbow but if not this will be my final pregnancy.

I am a foster parent (with no fosters in the home currently) and I love to garden, knit, read, walk/hike and raise angora rabbits. I am a SAHM and DD attends a Waldorf school.
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Hi!  I'm Kristen. I'm due July 12th with my 2nd. I'm 32 and a SAHM. I nanny part time and moonlight as a marriage and family therapist.  I have a 14 month old DD that I'm still breastfeeding. I also had a m/c prior to my DD and subsequently a lot of anxiety throughout the last pregnancy. I'm nervous about this pregnancy sticking, but am trying to stay very hopeful!   

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Hi all! Kind of can't believe I'm here again. 


I'm due either July 4 (if you go by LMP) but I'm pretty sure I ovulated late and conceived more around Oct 24-27, which would put me in the July 17-19 range. Am going to confirm development by u/s in the next week or so so I can have a better handle on things. 


I'm a FT editor/writer with my own editorial boutique. I work from home, with a FT nanny to help with my almost 3-yr-old son. 


Wasn't a huge fan of pregnancy the first time around, but am feeling much more relaxed this time. Whatever happens happens and I'm just trying to take it one day at a time. 

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Hi All, I kinda can't believe I'm here either. I'm 43 (will be 44 in December) and have five kids already...22 in Dec, 16, 11, 5 and 2. I'm due around the 15th. I felt what I believe was implantation pain twice about an hour apart, known different sides. For this and some other reasons, I highly suspect twins! I'd love to know how some of you manage to get such early ultrasounds. I'd really like to confirm my suspicions sooner rather than later. I am considered high risk because I am diabetic and "old" (hah), but I am bound and determined to find a way to have a water birth this time even if I have to "accidentally" have it unattended. Looking forward to getting to know you all and supporting each other in the coming months! :0)
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lolliegee- I will be asking my midwife for an ultrasound and I know she'll give me one.  I had a loss in June and now I'm so paranoid.  I need the peace of mind.  Could you just ask your doctor or midwife?


ETA- I'm excited to see if your suspicions are right!  I had a dream I had twins after my miscarriage but I definitely don't think there are two in there.  Though a small part of me wishes!

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I may get to meet with a midwife next week. She was double checking Oregon laws to make sure she could do a home birth for a diet controlled diabetic. If so, I'll be definitely asking about an u/s! I'm nervous and excited about the possibility of twins too! Oh, I forgot to mention that up until about 5 weeks ago I was a tandem nursing mama. My oldest nursling (just turned 5 yesterday) abruptly announced that he didn't do that anymore. Up until then, he was still a rather frequent nurser. My 26 month old is still nursing and I really hope that he is able to continue through the pregnancy so he can choose his own weaning time as well.
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Loligee: I can't shake the feeling that there could be two in there myself. I have many "risk" factors other than age. Family history (mom's side), number of pregnancies, pregnancy right after miscarriage, I'm tall, etc. I also had an early BFP 10 DPO (but pretty sure it would have been positive the day before if I had tested), dark BFP very fast- before missed period. - this is very early for me. Increased and different symptoms already from my previous pregnancies. I'm 27 and once you are over 25 your chances increase slightly. It's super exciting to think it could be possible. Hopefully, if it is twins for you it won't cause you too much health trouble though. I have a friend who has crohns and she did manage to find a midwife to attend her last birth. She's having more trouble this time around and might need the hospital, but the midwife agreed to act as a doula as they have become friends. So, maybe this midwife will take you on or if not, if there are other midwives, you may be able to find someone as long as your diabetes is under control for the most part. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

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