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Hey all I am 10 weeks by date of LMP and 8 weeks by u/s (really the same)... I swear I felt flutters yesterday and a little today. It seems only to happen when I am sitting at my desk just so, Seems so early to be feeling it, but this isn't my first pregnancy and I recall feeling similar sensations occasionally with 2 other pregnancies (my "full" term and the late miscarriage).


Anyone else feeling it? I know they say it is most likely gas at this point (I am a certified doula). However I do know what gas has felt like and this is definately not it. biggrinbounce.gif

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I swear I've felt flutters, but I keep telling myself that's impossible. I also know my bowels are all kinds of messed up, so it's probably just gas working its way through. I didn't feel my second child until I was 17 weeks along! I'm 8 weeks out from that!

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I swore I was feeling flutters at ~10 weeks with my first. I had an old school MW who had worked for 4 decades. She thought it was very likely true. She believes women, especially thin-ish ones, who are in tune with their bodies can feels their babes by 10weeks. She said that in her experience women who did yoga or meditated on a regular basis tended to feel their babies earlier. Not sure if any of this applies to you, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is the babe you are feeling :)


I'm only 7w, but hoping I'll be feeling this babe in about a month.

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Well, maybe it is. It just confuses the heck out of me - I study, study, study midwifery from a midwife's point of view - but being a pregnant mama changes my perspective on so much. I teach women to trust their bodies and intuitions, but here I go doubting mine.


I just can't believe something THAT tiny can be felt THAT early, you know what I mean? But the flutters I've felt are so, so faint...like the tiniest of bubbles. I am very aware of my body, have noticed when I'm being very still and mindful of my body - so I'll let it rest at 'perhaps'. ;)

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I wouldn't say that I've felt flutters yet at 10w5d. But I will get a really heavy feeling on my bladder for like 1-2 seconds then it goes away. Not sure if that is the babe moving on it somehow.. But it just started very recently.
I can't wait until I can start feeling it. I hope I will just know! My first pregnancy was around 16 weeks when I felt him. So I'm not really expecting it yet.
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My first I felt definite flutters at 12-13 weeks, and I had suspected that I felt something a week before but wrote it off because I was sure it was too early. I can't wait to start feeling this one, that's my favorite part of pregnancy!

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Yes as a doula I thought to myself "really?!" but I feel it usually only when I am sitting at my desk kind of leaned over and only in one area (incidentally where the fetus is attached!)


Anyhow I am very attuned with my body and meditate often (though I am far from being thin.)  It isn't consistent or all the time but enough to make me go hmmmm. With my DD I was about 12-13 weeks when I first felt it, so this makes some sense.


Definately different than the bowels- though those cause some serious Woah!!! feelings :-D

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I'm 9w today and this past week I haven't felt flutters exactly. A couple of times when I'm really scrunched up I've felt what I would describe as squirming I guess. I was telling DH about it and saying it's gotta be something else but who knows? I'm sure it wasn't gas though lol.gif .
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