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I just started back to work (so hard to leave DD!) and I think I'm having trouble transitioning to pumping...


I have been pumping since the beginning as I had oversupply in the beginning. At about 2 months, my supply regulated itself and I stopped pumping unless I was uncomfortably full and needed relief that DD wasn't giving me. And two weeks before going back I started pumping regularly in the morning to adjust my body. I never had any discomfort pumping and all went well.


I'm on like day 6 of pumping at work 2-3 times per day. Yesterday, my left side started to get really sore halfway through the day and sure enough it was lump and sore to touch and I thought I had a case of mastitis coming on. But I left early and went directly home and nursed DD on that side and got immediate relief! So, I thought it was just a plugged duct. 


Then today, same thing happens, same side just my left. So, then I thought well maybe I'm not pumping long enough on that side. I pumped 30 minutes after the last drop and still it felt lumpy and sore. Got back and DD nursed it almost back to good. Still a little soreness.But definitely not mastitis.


Has anyone else experienced this in their transition back to work and pumping? Is it my pump? Is it just not able to pump a certain duct or something? I'm freaking out because I can't just leave work early and have her nurse everyday. What do I do? Any thoughts, suggestions, help very appreciated. This is just adding to my existing anxiety of going back to work.


Using a Medela Swing pump.Thank you!!!!