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Training Pants Question

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I used cloth for both of my kids. With my oldest, she went straight from diaper to no diaper around two. My son is now two  but is not ready for no diaper yet. He sometimes goes to the toilet but does not pull his diaper off in time so I would like to be able to get some trainers for him. However I am not sure what size he would be. He is in large panda tushies bamboo prefolds and in large growingbabygreen wool covers. Would he be a large in training pants too or would  it be small since training pants are intended for toddlers?


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Bumping for input. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi!  I was wondering what kind of training pant were you looking to buy. They are all fit differently.  I would suggest using the BabyKicks pocket diaper as a training pant because it will fit a variety of sizes, big or small!  The best thing about this is they can be used for the next baby and truly be used from birth until fully potty trained!  


Here is an awesome video that explains in detail how to use them as training pants:



Good luck in your potty training adventures!

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