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Ok Anyone else's cha cha hurting like hell

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Strange title I realize but I am just curious if any other multips mamas yoni/butt is sore.  I went to a physical therapist that specializes in yonis before this pregnancy and she made it sound like my muscles were doing well but right now they do not feel well and I feel weak and achy there.  This evening I didn't even want to sit in a chair it was so bad.   Am I alone here?

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Mine gets a little sensitive here and there, but I have dh do a rousing butt massage and somehow that helps. :) It seems to settle down any angry muscles in that whole area.

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Yes! Sitting makes it worse, standing or walking helps, and laying down for a bit helps. This has been bugging me almost the whole pregnancy, thought for a while I had bad yeast or something, finally did some digging around (on the web, here, and um literally...) and realized I have a varicose vein on my vulva!! So nasty and itchy and painful, and there's basically nothing you can do for it except have a baby! I have found putting essential oils of lemon and peppermint helps a little, putting my feet up a lot, and I'm looking into homeopathic remedies as well. Check it out, might give you some answers.
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thanks for the replies that makes sense about a varicose vein thing cause I have some on my legs, but mine is def. worse if I walk around all day I do need to rest more lying down..I will look up some herb teas that are helpful and see if that works..yikes I am so glad this is my last pregnancy even though I love newborns!

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I feel like my groin muscles are constantly pulled, it sucks.  I'm sure it's just everything stretching in prep for birth, but somedays it hurts to walk and all I want to do is sit down and rest!  If I do go for a walk my groin muscles are more sore than anything else that evening/the next day.  Yoga doesn't seem to bother anything, which is great because I'm loving prenatal yoga, but any other type of exercise really hurts that whole area!

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Mine is pretty uncomfortable too.  Not all the time but on and off.  My tailbone hurts worse, though...  I don't remember either hurting much in my other pregnancies.  Must be getting old! ;)

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Maternity belts can help this - just takes some of the weight off that area.  I'm going to a physical therapist right now for sciatica and mentioned my occasional crotch pain, and she said both issues are caused by weakness in the pelvic floor.  I'm doing lots of exercises to strengthen it, which are helping a lot.

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Oh, yes. Mine just started aching yesterday.  I've been wearing a maternity belt for several weeks now to take the pressure off my lower belly, but nonetheless I'm starting to feel the pressure in the hoo-ha now, too.  It's okay until the end of the workday, but I'm on my feet so much teaching it's pretty miserable at the end of the school day.

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Well now that you mention it, I just started feeling pressure in my groin area TODAY walking at church.  I read this thread a couple of days ago and was thankful not to have had any pain down there yet.  Oh, well.  Not too much longer, ladies!

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Broke out a hand held mirror the other day and sure enough I have a huge varicose vein on my labia, I nearly passed out at the size and thought of it.  I am taking it much easier now, when I feel throbbing I lay down with my feet up because I have that nasty visual in my head, which thankfully makes me rest more.  I totally know why I got it this pregnancy and not the others.  I was sitting in the car commuting my daughter to school 80 min a day and then running errands on top of that and then sitting at a desk.  So sad!  And this week I also starting having pubic symphysis pain like I had with #2.  I feel like such an old lady! 

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Guess I need to get a mirror and look at mine, too. :(  I noticed today that the baby is lower than she was just a few days ago.  Maybe that's why the groin pain started yesterday.  My first baby dropped at around this time, but I thought it is "supposed" to happen later in subsequent pregnancies. #2 stayed very, very low the whole time, so I didn't really note when he dropped.

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I also need to get a mirror and look down there. I was seriously worried that an old piercing I had in that area was starting to keloid on me but I had DH look at it and he said it was fine, I wonder if it could be a varicose vein... I am gonna have to go check when I am done working. I have had non stop pain the feels like there is a needle poking me, my groin muscles all feel like they are pulled and according to my chiropractor my hip keeps coming out of place and my public bone wont stay lined up, I guess I am getting old too! This was so much easier 4 years ago! Luckily I plan to use my chiropractor while I am in labor so even if I don't stay lined up she can re-align me just before the birth.

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