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Other than oatmeal?

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I love all the mix-ins you can add to oatmeal, like walnuts, bananas, blueberries, and flax seed meal, but I have a hard time getting past the texture of oatmeal. I'd love to try all of the different cereals out there, but I figured I'd come here first and get suggestions without spending money on trying things out I might not like. Are there warm cereals out there with drier textures, or with consistencies similar to that of rice? I've heard good things about barley and buckwheat. Thanks!

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We had a buckwheat cereal once that everyone liked (don't remember the company that made it - I haven't been able to find it since that one time).  It was ground (so mushy-creamy, like polenta, but really good buckwheat flavor).

We also all really liked Bob's Red Mill's rise and shine cereal (which was brown rice grits, primarily). 


Both of these did tend less to go real mushy, and have more texture (so, somewhat more like rice in a way than oatmeal?).  You might actually prefer stone ground oats if you haven't tried those ever.  They remind me a bit of bulgur wheat and end up a bit chewier.



It takes longer to cook, but years ago dh & I used to enjoy cooked millet for breakfast (would be somewhat more like rice being a whole grain that ends up being cooked) and I've seen crockpot recipes for quinoa done up like hot breakfast cereal.  There are also crockpot breakfast rice pudding recipes I've seen/tried.  The rice goes a bit mushier (but if you didn't do it in the crockpot, you might avoid that happening) - and if you prefer rice that might be a good solution.   

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I love oatmeal but unfortunately DD is allergic, leaning toward anaphylactic (will find out in a few weeks when she's tested) and since she's still nursing that makes it off limits for me too.  Quinoa is very versatile and works well for breakfast and isn't mushy. 

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I also like quinoa for breakfast (though IMO it's not good in the crock pot) and throw in fruit, nuts, molasses, etc just like oatmeal.  Wheat berries are also great.  If you've only tried rolled oatmeal, definitely try steel cut oats, sometimes called irish oats, too.  Takes longer to cook, but I like the texture and flavor more than either quick or "old-fashioned" oatmeal I grew up with.

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Another options, although it isn't hot, is chia pudding. Soak 2Tbs of chia seeds in 1 cup of non dairy milk (coconut milk is my fav) overnight in the fridge. You can add in any usual oatmeal "mix ins"

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Well, rice cereal is pretty awesome and easy- mix cooked rice with your favorite "milk" and heat. You can add any fruits, nuts, seeds, and sweeteners you like.

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my favourite. rolled barley. cooks in 5 mins. what i dont like about oatmeal is its slimyness. i usually like slime but i dont like oatmeal slime. instead i love "rolled" barley as it is just like oatmeal without the slime. its more 'whole' rather than a mush.


apart from what the others have mentioned how about semolina, cream of wheat, polenta or cornmeal (grits).


if you dont mind the time it takes to cook, then steel cut oatmeal takes half and hour and hulled barley takes an hour to hour and a half. they are worth it. i usually crockpot them the night before. esp. barley. 


i love buckwheat and millet too. 


however i will say i dont eat typical bfast foods. i am not fond of them. instead i throw in some veggies and herbs with buckwheat, millet, semolina, cream of wheat and polenta. i cant handle sweet in the morning. 


a simple frittata with my left overs i enjoy too. 


this morning dd had turnip soup with spinach and fava beans. 


the difference between bfast and lunch is - the number of spices in my food, adn the time it takes to cook. 

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I love millet , cooked in milk as a breakfast cereal , just rinse it with hot water , then cook until soft , wonderful ! 

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