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Impulse control and hitting/spitting

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 We are having an serious issue with boundaries and my daughter. She has gone from being a perfect angel in school to seriously being a distraction, constantly being "silly" and touching kids to tickle or just crossing boundaries, to now spitting and putting her hands on other kids when she is getting angry.


 Obviously none of this behavior is appropriate, and its corrected at home as soon as it happens. But she just seems to not know when to stop anymore. She gets in the crazy moods where she will roll around on me and no matter how many times i tell her to get off or stop she just laughs and seems to get worse and worse. And it seems to be happening at school too. Today she got in trouble for spitting (not like a spit but with her tongue out kinda raspberry spit) on a girl because she said something she didn't like, and then she tells me that she got upset at PE because she got accused of pushing a girl down, but really "she just got mad at her and grabbed her shoulders and was shaking her, and then she fell" She knows its all wrong because she tells me they happened, and when i try to talk to her about it she just starts crying and screaming. I have tried telling her to walk away if she gets angry or if someone is doing something she doesn't like, but she says she doesn't understand. How can i help her express her frustration or handle the situations differently? 

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If your dd is/has been receiving chemo a consequence can be ADHD like behaviors. I've seen a couple of posts from parents in similar situations on an ADHD parent board I frequent; ADHD medications are often tried but may not be as effective in this situation as the cause of the behavior (how the brain is affected) is different.


Here is a google search for "ADHD children chemo brain"


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Hi! I have the same issues with my son, except for the fact that he isn't in school yet. He is 3 1/2 and we have concerns about his behavior as well, it's gotten worse over the past 7 months to the point where he's breaking things and throwing chairs and kicking, he is also like your daughter, rolling all over me even when I tell him to stop, have u tried taking her to a therapist, maybe getting some behavior therapy or advice? What about ADHD? I hope you find the help you need for your daughter soon! Our babies deserve to live a healthy life!joy.gif
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