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due June 16 & had bleeding today

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This is my fourth pregnancy, no previous miscarriages. Had a fair amount of bright red bleeding today and a big clot so went in to get checked. Numbers look good and had an u/s and saw a heartbeat! He called it a clot that may or may not absorb back into my body. Anyone with experience with this and did you miscarry or were things fine?

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If you saw a heartbeat, I'd say there's a chance that everything will be OK. My friend had her "period" for the first couple months of pregnancy. Maybe you passed a twin?  Hang in there. hug2.gif

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I looked at his report and it is a subchorionic hematoma. I have been googling and it sounds very common but mine is fairly large. We just have to wait and see.

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OK, yeah. Things could turn out fine with that I've read. So, hopefully!

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Glad everything is fine.  I had several episodes of bleeding with my first two babies.  I only had the first episode diagnosed...subchorionic hemorrhage.  The ER nurses were acting like I had miscarried and it was such a relief to see the heartbeat.  It was nerve wracking each time, but I came to expect these episodes by my third baby.  I think I only had spotting with my third and fourth and haven't had anything this time. 

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I've had a subchorionic bleed with all my babies. This is my fifth. Last pregnancy I bled every day from 5 to 11 weeks and ended up with a healthy baby. This time it's less often but the bleeding has been more more intense when it does happen. It's scary and a bummer but things have always worked out for me so far. :)

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thanks for the reply! I'm so happy to hear of other people being fine with having this. I'm seeing my midwives next week so I'm hopeful they will have a plan on wether to check this out again or just let it go. We are moving to a new city so finding new doctors/etc.

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I had an SCH with my youngest son - it was terrifying, but harmless. The bright side was extra ultraounds - loved seeing my peanut wiggling around in there! When my bleed was active, I was on temporary bedrest - never for more than a week at a time, though. Strict pelvic rest throughout much of that pregnancy, though. (I also had some preterm labor issues - unrelated to the SCH) - so the bed/pelvic rest may have had more to do with that.

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