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What's your Dream Stash 2012

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I saw this thread: www.mothering.com/community/t/1230763/whats-your-newborn-dream-stash/ and am now wondering what your favorites are 2 years later! I'm working on registering, so I'd love any advice on what to register for!

Right now I'm thinking:

Newborn: Mix of fitteds and prefolds, and newborn size covers; What are your favorite brands of fitteds, prefolds, and covers?

After newborn: Switching to a one size cover with inserts or prefolds. What are your favorite brands for a babe over 15 lbs?

Or any other advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
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I ordered a few different ones online to see them in person, but it's tough to know how they'll do without trying them on a babe!
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Well, both my girls were pretty small when born (5.5 and 6.5 lbs), so they didn't fit into their newborn diapers till they hit about 12lbs (around 2-3 months), so I just used disposables...for me, it just didn't make sense to buy preemie diapers,so we used disposables. Once they hit Bout 12lbs, though, I started using my Bum Genius one-size pockets (which I love, btw), and infant-size prefolds. At around 18 lbs (6 or 7 months, in our case) I start using my Fuzzi-bunz medium-size pockets. I recently acquired some second-hand AIOs, which I like for daycare, but I like the fact that you can change the insert in pocket diapers without going to the expense of buying a whole new diaper. Since all my diapers are second-hand, I've slowly replaced my worn out microfibre inserts with bamboo inserts by AMP (love their pocket diapers too).

I have som one-size bamboo fitteds for nighttime, I think they are by Kiwie Pie, but to be honest, we mostly use disposables at night. I find that the prolonged contact of urine to skin gives my babies rashes, and they wake up more often with cloth than disposables...but I have pretty highly-strung kids too...
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Sorry for the typos...my iPad loves it some auto-correct!!
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Bumping for recommendations... I am wondering if one size diapers really work after the newborn size, i was reading Green Mountain Diaper website saying its not really true and maybe reasons for leaking..they thought wool was better for that.
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We started my son in bungenious pockets 4.0 at about 1.5 or 2 weeks.  He would have been roughly 8 pounds.  They seemed to fit well.  The BG all in ones didn't work until he was closer to 9 pounds, the leg holes didn't get tight enough.  He's very thin though.

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I'm mostly a pocket gal and love rumparooz. I used sposies until about 12 months though (silly me.. I was too intimidated to try earlier) so I can't help much with newborn stuff. I'm expecting #2 in July and that kiddo will be CD all the way. I have a dozen flats (which I looove) and will probably use those until kiddo fits into my OS pockets. I also have one applecheeks diap and some best bottoms AI2; both of which I love. I'm so happy that really all I'll have to spend on diapering kiddo #2 is maybe $30-40 to get three or so good newborn covers.
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