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SPOTLIGHT on Sweetmilk !!!!

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Hey there Mumma!

Your up!

Give us a little intro about yourself when you can :)

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Well I am not very active in this group but I follow it closely. My name is Emilie and I am 33. I am french canadian and I move in the USA in 2008. In 2003 I met a charming new englander and after many years of dating we finaly got married in 2oo8. We have a 21/2 years old little boy. And a cat. And 2 chickens. I am a full time mom and DH is a college history teacher.I use to be a woodworker before baby.I liked it but have no intention of going back to work. I dont know what to say so lets start with this.

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Where did you grow up?  Who's in your family beyond DH and DS?  What kind of woodworking did you do?

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I grew up in Quebec province in a little town call St-Epiphane. 1000 peoples, about, if..... Anyway really small. I have 2 younger bothers.My mom had us all very spread. I have 6 years apart from the 2ND one and 13 from the last one. Sorry if my english is a little weird, I am still learning. And I have a huge extended family well over 40 cousins. I have 12 uncles and aunts on 1 side and 10 on the other so.....catholic family ,you know!!!

The woodwork I was doing was building custom furniture and restoration of antique or stuff like that. I did a little bit of construction and work in to a hardware store. But I always was in a man business.

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I want to know how you have managed with only 2 chickens! Usually they won't even live if you don't have a flock of at least 4-6. We have 20 (of course there are 20 people utilizing those eggs, and I live on 5 acres, lol).


Is this baby a boy, girl, or surprise?

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The baby is a surprise. And about the chickens..... all my life I only own 2 to 3 layers at the time. Belive me we have some good winters in Massachusetts and in Quebec and I never lost a chicken.

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