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Interesting article about new vaccine development

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I thought this article about a HIV vaccine which has passed through the first phase of human trials in Canada was really interesting for the insight it gave on the process of vaccination licensing. 



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Thanks, prosciencemom. I don't know anything about this, but I was surprised that they were testing on HIV-positive volunteers. In theory, they would already have some antibodies present, so the vaccine is to stimulate production of more? If antibody production increases in response to injected killed virus, is the idea that the increase would be large enough to have antibodies floating around to attach both the live and killed viruses?

I dunno... I'm trying to wrap my head around testing immunocompromised folks first. I'm clearly unfit to be a Vax mod since I don't know this, but is that how most vaccines are tested at first?
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Mosiac - I was surprised by that too. I'd love to get some explanation by someone who understands better, but I wonder if it's just hard to recruit people who don't have HIV to test a vaccination against HIV? I noticed both Phase 2 and 3 testing involves HIV negative people considered at high risk of contracting HIV. 


 I think unless/until they develop full AIDS they are not considered immunodeficient just for being HIV positive. 


 I was actually wondering what the qualifications are for being a moderator on the vaccination boards. Do you have to be neutral about vaccination choices to do it? You don't need to answer (either publicly or otherwise). I'm just curious. :)  

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Well, you definitely don't need to be an expert in the forum topic, but it does help to have a basic understanding of the issues/topics to moderate effectively. Otherwise, the mod requirements are the same for pretty much everywhere, I think. This is what Cynthia once said in response to this question:
Originally Posted by Cynthia Mosher View Post

In choosing potential moderators I look for members who seem to be good at keeping the peace, encouraging resolution and respect for differing views, who aren't given to posting about negative aspects and members they may come across in the commmunity, who are not overly sensitive, and who are generally polite and helpful in their posts. And of course you'd have to be around for awhile and actively posting for those qualities to become obvious.
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Included in choosing a moderator *should* include providing links that show the same respect as posts.
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pek64, feel free to send your suggestions to an admin.
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Mosaic - I for one thank you for your effort in moderating. Must be a challenging and thankless task sometimes.
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Mosaic, I sincerely think you do a great job moderating a very difficult forum.

I don't know a lot about biology, but I know some stuff about research ethics and I suspect that's what's at play here with subjects already being HIV positive and then working up to HIV negative but high risk patients.
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