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In need of baby knitting ideas!

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Hi everyone,


This is my first time venturing into the craft forum - I love cross stitch and do a little knitting myself when I have time for it, and my mom is a major knitting maven. Now that we have a baby on the way, she is asking me nonstop for suggestions on what to make the baby, and I could use some advice from people with a bit more experience at this!


Mom is an advanced knitter and loves solving (and making) problems, so while patterns are appreciated, a picture is all I need to give her to go by.


My question to you all - what knit projects have you enjoyed making and using? What have you gotten the most mileage out of? what makes your friends and family stop and say "aaaww, did you make that?"? How long are you able to use things like cardigans and pants? how likely is it that clothes knit for a 6 month old don;t actually fit them based on body shape?


Thanks in advance for any and all advice and ideas! smile.gif



Here are some practical details:

- baby is due in May, where the chill is just starting to give way to summer warmth where we live.

- it's our first and her first grandkid

- We are not planning to find out the gender. Even if she made something for an older baby, we'd like it to be neutral so we can re-use it for #2 some day.

- I haven't been able to convince DH to even consider CD yet, and if we go that route we will be using pockets. So wool soakers etc are off the table.

- I'd like it to be useful in the first year - knowing her this will be the start of a never ending stream of birthday presents.

- it needs to be easily washable (duh, it's a baby) and hold up to wear and tear

- My personal favorite fiber is alpaca/wool, but I want to make sure anything for baby is nice and soft.

- I would prefer a palate which does not scream "baby" - no pastels.

- Things I've seen and liked on Pinterest etc. include a big stuffed wool owl, knit baby Bean booties (like LL Bean boots, which are a common sight here in New England), pants with cute monster faces on the butt, and blankets with a modern style (like a "bubble"pattern).

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Even if you don't CD and even if you do use pockets- wool Longies will still get a lot of use.  No wet pants- which no mater what kind of diaper you do- can and will happen.   They are adorable as well.  So I wouldn't rule them out.  Even if she likes to make her own pattern- Picky Pants still can't be beat in terms of fit.  I like to have a little Cardi for the baby all the time.(go with a soft cotton for summer)..  I knit one for DD2 out of some amazing alpaca.  It is just luscious.  Cute cables too.  I knit a 12 mo and it fits my 4 mo old DD.  But I have pretty hefty babies.  I really like muslin or flannel blankets- so a knit one is more of a floor blanket to me.  What I would suggest though is that you get some amazingly soft expensive (cause the awesome stuff always is...) merino for some wool nursing pads for you :)  Those are awesome.  I have several pairs and they work really well unless you are a super leaker (which oddly enough the last 2 babies they worked well of rme and this time I leak through anything)...  

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