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Childbirth Prep for Broke People?

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We're having a "lean" month, and I kind of want to take a childbirth refresher course, especially for DH, but I don't have an extra $100.  Well, I do, but I am spending it on prenatal yoga for myself and don't want to give that up. What are your cheap/free resources for:



1. calming meditation soundtracks or songs for labor

2. childbirth review (for dads and birth partners especially)

3. online websites or videos about childbirth and VBAC

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Well, I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but my cheap childbirth prep has been reading the Emergency Childbirth Manual (by Gregory White- you can download it for free online) to my husband for a refresher. Partly in preparation for a possibly fast labor, but also because it's written in the perfect matter of fact tone for a man to appreciate (at least mine does, anyway smile.gif. It covers the basics of labor and goes over what to expect of the woman in labor and the best ways to be helpful to her. I don't think I still have the link, but I'd be happy to send you the PDF if you want it.

My take on a cheap soundtrack has been the Lifescapes cd I got at Target for my daughter to sleep to. It's completely calming piano music (the one I got was Calming Rain). Anything meant for relaxing to meditate or sleep seems to be a good bet to me. I'd also go for Gregorian chants, but I haven't actually gotten that yet.

As for online resources, I've just focused on reading empowering birth stories. I've tried several sites with stories that I just didn't find particularly positive (like stories that focus on the pain or where everything went wrong), so I've ended up reading most all the stories on Laura Shanley's site (http://www.unassistedchildbirth.com/unassisted-childbirth/birth-stories/). Even though I won't be planning an unassisted birth, it's wonderful to read so many stories of women who don't perceive labor as painful and who get the birth of their dreams. I know this is a very personal preference, though, as to what speaks to you most, but I benefit more from encouragement like that than a how-to for labor and relaxation.

So that's very specific since it's just what I have found myself doing, but I thought I'd share in case it helps!!
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Thanks, TButton! I would love a copy of that PDF. I do mostly need something for my husband.

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I would ask your prenatal yoga teacher if she would do a partner prenatal class, reminding dad poses that are good, how to support physically and emotionally and for him to see whet you have been working on in class to prepare.  She might offer a private or group class if you tell her you need/want one.  There are tons of great videos for him to watch, when I have time I will try to link to some(I am a childbirth educator, prenatal yoga teacher and doula.

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I've trained as a doula and have a lot of resources that I used to give to clients as childbirth prep.  I'll go through my stuff and if I find the folder I'm thinking of, maybe I can mail a copy of the packet to you?  It's got outlines and some handouts.  I also second reading lots of birth stories and watching youtube videos.  If they're negative, stop and move on to another one.

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Sorry for the delay- I was able to find the link. Here it is:

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Awesome! Thanks so much. 

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birth as we know it link good info for support person to remind mama to stay calm move hips and breathe  but the video is a little strange....


december group have some good videos posted

my blossoming family facebook page might have some good videos if you search through....googling Penny Simkin too she has some great videos and handouts

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