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Roll a Posterior Over?

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I've been reading some on Spinning Babies, but I want to know what experience you've had.


The baby's been laying on my right on his side so feet and hands are toward my middle most of the time for months. He still moves all over the place though. Usually she's written down ROT but this time she's decided ROP. I wake up with him transverse across my ribs sometimes. Or sometimes on the left. She's actually concerned this time since I'm now in the overdue time. My Mom had all 6 of us sunny side up though she said one of us flipped right in labor.  She said the drs and mws she had figured she had a "tilted pelvis". I know my sis' dr said she had a tilted uterus, I don't know if that's the same or not.... I don't know if I've either one.


So. Tips? Ideas? What did or didn't work for you?  Baby's still not dropped and like I said, still flips all over the place so I know he can. Just really favors this side.

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Maybe try going to a chiropractor? It's done wonders for me and this babe has been in a great position and my hips/lower body always feel better after going. If your mom had pelvic problems, maybe you do too?


Also- until I read a much more detailed Spinning Babies booklet my doula loaned me, Spinning Babies website was hit or miss since it's so confusing to read sometimes (or at least it was when I was pregnant with DS, I've not read the website much this time around). I actually thought this LO was transverse but realized (according to the SB booklet) this LO is actually in a great position. The website can be so confusing. Maybe give it another go though? Perhaps your kiddo isn't really transverse?


Sorry, that's not much help I'm sure! How about this: try a lot of pelvic tilts and crawling around. Can't hurt :) Good luck!

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Acupuncture can sometimes help with baby positioning. I've had two sessions so far to try and get my LO anterior, descending and to try and kick start labour.
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I don't know if anyone around here does acupuncture, never heard of it anyway? I think a chiro sounds like a good idea (and I have for years) but without insurance, not sure if we can swing it unless it's an emergency.


I agree, Spinning Babies website is confusing. I think they are trying to put too much info in too little space and assuming you know things you probably don't. I did some things from it last night. I've been doing Fwd Inversions most every day and about twice a week remember to do the cat-cow things. I also did whatever it's called with your legs at 90* for 5 min while you're on the floor, walked around on all 4's for about 10 min, and had hubby rebozo me. I popped a lot more last night, but he's still in the same position.


I'm pretty certain about baby's position bc that's what I thought it was, then the MW gave me my chart to take to the substitute in October so I saw that she's been writing ROT. This time she said ROP as she was writing it down, then was talking about posterior. She suggested the cat-cows and ice packs on his back so he maybe moves from it. Haven't tried that one yet though. Maybe when I sit down this evening to watch a movie with hubby....

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