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He's here!

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Sorry for the delay, but - you can understand how it goes smile.gif also my cell service sucked in the hospital and I couldn't figure out the wifi until the last day!


Tristan Alexander arrived Nov 5, 7:23 am, 8 lb 3 oz, 20.5 in. He came in a hurry! I had posted about contractions around 2 am, they kept steady for two hours so we headed to the hospital. We were checked in close to 5 am, in triage for a while (took a while to find an attending to check me, they estimate I came in at 3 cm and the check was 5 cm, 100%)

At this point it was getting rough and I expected hours and hours of it, so I asked for an epidural. We were moved to a delivery room (maybe just before 7 am?) and my husband went to move the car (at check in they said to leave it) and brought back more stuff including the birthing ball. I laughed because at this point I felt the need to push, I knew I wouldn't touch the ball :P

The nurse was pestering him with paperwork when I had a big contraction and couldn't not push, and something happened - I had to tell her to check me - my amniotic sack was hanging out like a water balloon!! Then it popped. I had a few contractions while she was shouting for a "catcher" and I knew what that meant. The docs arrived and I think it was 3-4 pushes and he was here!!!

It was crazy. And our doula arrived after he did! Just glad husband didn't miss anything while moving the car smile.gif

I realize how lucky I am, even with heavy bleeding/clot scare later that day, and having him stay an extra night past me bc of a stray high temp (went from treated like a queen to sleeping on recliners!)

Gotta run! Good luck all!!
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What a gorgeous baby! Congratulations mama!

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Hooray! Congrats Hijynx! 

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Beautiful boy! Congratulations!
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Thanks! Btw, the temp was odd but the rest of them were normal. They made us go back the next day for another jaundice check because he was high normal, but that's fine too. We are home and adjusting and trying not to freak out too much learning how to take care of him smile.gif
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Sounds just right. Congrats on your new baby.
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Wow! How exciting! I'm so glad it was quick for you! Welcome Tristan! He's a cutie!

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congrats, he is perfect! sounds a lot like mybirth - even the time frame (for us it started around 2am aswell and finished 07:07 :) only major difference: for me it was no3! so, consider yourself lucky. did you ever get around to actually having that epidural in the end? doesn't sound like it.

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Nope, I even joked (though it may not have come across as one) "so no drugs then huh?" right before the docs arrived!
Apparently I do take after my mother, both mly brother and myself were fast!
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Congratulations! Great birth and beautiful baby!

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He's such a pretty baby!  Congratulations!!

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He's beautiful!  Congrats!

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Absolutely *gorgeous* baby boy!!! treehugger.gif Welcome Tristan!!! joy.gif

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I love him! Grats!

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Wow, that's tremendous and he's adorable! Congratulations Mama!

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Wow, congratulations!

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Congrats on your new baby.

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CONGRATS!!  That is fantastic, esp. for a first baby.  You relx and enjoy a quiet babymoon at home.

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Congratulations! I'm glad all went well :-)
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Congratulations and welcome to little Tristan!

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