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Postpartum bleeding. Anyone doing cloth?

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I've done cloth with normal periods for a few years now, but have never tackled pp bleeding with cloth.
I don't want to make or buy a bunch of thicker ones that I know will not get used ever again, but I know my normal stash will not be enough for the first several days.

Anyone else use cloth?
I was thinking of just using diaper inserts, or even a newborn predfold for when things are real heavy. Do you think this will work? Will they stay in place? I mean it's not like I'll be jogging or anything but I think I'm envisioning them shifting around during the long nights of feedings and diaper changes.

What do you use?
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Yup, I use cloth! I simply use infant prefolds on heavier days and newborn on lighter days. They are comfy and absorbent and do not get that weird gross odor disposable pads do. (And much cheaper than buying a stash of Mama cloth!) If I'm going out and will be wearing jeans or pants that might show the prefold, I just wear a disposable pad. Otherwise, 95% of the time I just wear my cloth. :) Sometimes the prefolds shift in my underwear, so I just pull them back into place when using the bathroom and they do fine.

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I have a postpartum mama cloth set from Lunapads that I used for my regular period before--never used the trifold super-heavy liners, though. I think I may buy a small pack of disposables to make witchazel padsicles with, but otherwise, cloth all the way!
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I was thinking about doing this too, but would need to buy some. I don't use cloth for my periods, I do the diva cup.

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Thanks, mamas, good to know the prefolds will work. Now I'm trying to figure out if I have enough...
I totally can't remember how long the really heavy bleeding lasted for me. I know after the first birth was worse because I wasn't resting enough. But after the second I'm thinking it was only a few days.
I use a Diva cup as well as cloth for periods, so that's why my cloth stash isn't very large. But I think it'll be enough for when the bleeding isn't so heavy. I think I can force myself to sew a few more before then, but I've had a really hard time wanting to sew anything .
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I remember the HEAVY flow being just 2-3 days then after that, more like a normal period, maybe a little heavier for another few days.... I have a light flow for the WHOLE 6 weeks though.  I remember the heaviest being just the first day (Crazy heavy for me) then slowly tapering off. 


I was thinking of doing cloth this time.  I have 1/2 pack of the SUPER SUPER SUPER pads from my birth with DD2, so I am going to use the rest of those and then just use my luna pads or something.  I need to get some more though.

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w/ my first, i was way too active and up and about too early (not by choice, but it was horrible), so bled more heavily for the entire 6 weeks.  it was bad.  i learned my lesson.


i'd say i bleed steadily (though not heavily) for the first 2-3 weeks postpartum.  and it gets worse if i've over done it during a day.  but the really messy horrible stuff eases up in 4-5 days for me.  i used disposables and trifold diapers for that the last 2 times.


actually, i have a huge stash of trifold newborn size that are perfect, and i should hunt them down.  i'm a diva cup fan myself, so haven't used anything external since my last birth...  but i loved the convenience and effectiveness of the trifolds for much of the bleeding.  I just keep a stash next to the bed w/ a pail and larger trifolds and cotton clothes for the rest of the messes.  I do a lot of laundry due to night sweats, bleeding, babies exploding, spitting up, and milk oozing everywhere those first few weeks anyway.  i wish i could send trifolds to everyone!!!  i probably have enough.  


generally, week 3-4 i'm trying to figure out if ALL the bleeding's done (and my husband is asking consistently) while it's kinda a day by day thing.  usually by the start of week five i'm totally healed up.

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I'm one of the unlucky few who bleeds for 8 weeks so matter how restful I am with my body. But at least after that I don't get AF back until 13-15 months so I shouldn't complain.

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Good grief, 8 weeks! I thought 6 weeks with my first was bad. I'm also blessed with a nice long absence of AF after.
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I didn't get AF back until almost 16 months with DD2 and 13 months with DD1, hopefully it will be 18 months this time since I won't be getting pregnant this time......

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AF comes back at 6 months postpartum almost to the day.


no fair.


i was tandem nursing 2, and still AF returned at 6 months.  and at 4 months my body starts showing signs of ovulation, so i get a nice reminder that i don't get a break just b/c i'm exclusively breastfeeding all day and all night..... 

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I have used cloth with my last two. (Hi! I still sneak back here from the Dec group... I feel like I know you all better. :)

For right afterward and nights for the first few nights, my MW had some Depends in my last birth kit. Those were amazing, so I ordered up a few for this time. Otherwise, I'm like a few of you where I bleed for 6-8 weeks, resting or not. After the first 3 weeks it's not bad, but still. :P


Then I get my normal period back like a week to a couple months later. No rest for me, even though I BF on demand and through the night with baby in bed with me. I did go 5 months with one baby. That was so nice!

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Mine comes back at 6-8 weeks PP with every baby. Despite EBF and co-sleeping! irked.gif

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