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Student Parents

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I am just interested in what you guys are going to school for and what classes people are taking. It'd be neat to see if anyone is going to school for similar things or taking similar course in case anybody needs advice or support.


I am going for a Bachelor's of Science in Social Work and a Bachelor's of the Arts in Psychology through a double major program at my school.

Fall 2012 (My first semester in school in 7 years and I have major anxiety and panic attacks. All in person)

Fundamentals of Public Speaking

New Student Seminar

Introduction to Microcomputers

Introduction to Psychology


Spring 2013

English Composition (in person)

Introduction to Ethics (online) 

Theatre Appreciation (online)

Introduction to Sociology (in person)

Interpersonal Communications (in person)

Human Sexuality (online)

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Im working on my associates in american sign lanuage interpreting- will be a certified interpreter when i graduate.

this semester im taking
Introduction to the interpreting profession
intra-lingual skills for interpreters
Acting 1
and math 0302

next semester it's looking like
visual-gestural communication
fingerspelling and numbers
and i need to take math 0303, but cant find one to fit in my schedule, and i'm scared to take it online. havent decided yet if i want to do it or not... the math (303, then college algebra) are the only core classes i have left, everything else is related to my major. i need to look and see what other class i might be able to fit in
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I'm in graduate school for education (undergrad degree is in biology).

This year I still also work full time. Can't wait to get past these two semesters done since my job ends in June and then I plan on just school for the last year so that I can do practicum and student teaching.


This fall is:

Teaching Science (hybrid 1/2 online, meets twice a month)

Research Design (online)

Becoming a Teacher (online)


Spring is:

Curriculum and Assessment (online)

Human Relations (online)

Adolescent Learning and Development (online)

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I am attending community college for a paralegal certificate, but can only take one class at a time because I work full time. Don't know how you guys do 3 classes plus work plus have kids!


Fall 2012 - Civil Litigation Procedure

Spring 2013 - Contracts

Summer 2013 - depends on what they offer and whether we end up taking a longer vacation or not - maybe Real Property


AshleyHaugh, I am a translator (German > English) by profession but chickened out of interpreting, which I studied for a year, then gave up. I have seen sign language interpreters at work - it's an amazing skill!

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Originally Posted by Ragana View Post

I am attending community college for a paralegal certificate, but can only take one class at a time because I work full time. Don't know how you guys do 3 classes plus work plus have kids!

I freelance, so I can set my own schedules and I work with people who love to see my children come with me. Otherwise, it would be rough.

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Originally Posted by Ragana View Post

I am attending community college for a paralegal certificate, but can only take one class at a time because I work full time. Don't know how you guys do 3 classes plus work plus have kids!



- I attend online so do classes around my schedule.

- I've already been let go from my job, though the end date isn't until June, so my motivation at work isn't that high. Plus considering the situation at work my boss is very understanding of time off for school stuff. Plus if he's scared that if he's not flexible about my schooling I'll quit the job before the end. 

- My house looks like a bomb went off 90% of the time.

- My husband makes the kids leave me alone for 1/2 the day one weekend day so I can get caught up and is otherwise supportive.

- My kids are school aged so can give me the time I need to work on school work. I do a lot of my reading for class while waiting on their activities.

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I have school-aged kids, too, and work freelance, but a lot of work has been coming in lately. Doesn't leave much time for everything else.

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I am in my final year of BS is Social Science with a couple minors.  I have taken anywhere from 3-5 classes a semester in addition of working full time out of the home. I had returned to school after 17 years.  I am so close!   Just need to survive this semester... two literature classes and a sociology class, the reading is insane but have at least enjoyed the material so far. 

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Also, I'm in a two year graduate school program to get a masters degree. I know that I will no longer be working past July. So it's only two semesters that I have to do the absolute craziness of full time work and full time school. Knowing that this is only temporary means that I can do it.

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Thagirl,  I work full time and the most I've managed thus far is two online classes in one semester.  I've sort of been in a perpetual sate of stress since mid-terms.  lol  My goal is to eventually go full time once I get into the nursing program.  Working on pre-reqs right now.


I took Intro to Psych two semesters ago and am currently taking Intro to Ethics.


Next semester I'm on campus for chemistry/lab.

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I'm working on a B.A. in cultural anthropology with a minor in sustainability. I'm taking 15 credits per semester (have to if I want to keep a scholarship) and trying not to let the house completely run down. Right now I'm taking European archaeology, Sustainable Design, Sustainable Landscape, an independent study, and I just finished a condensed Theory of Sustainability course online. Next semester I'll be taking biology, and... a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember right now. I'm trying to fit in all the classes I need to become an IBCLC as well (my life to-do list is a long one) so I don't have to take them later. I'm lucky enough to have the GI bill to at least pay a housing allowance and my tuition, but man daycare is expensive. And we're still having to take out loans. Meh. 

I love school, I also have anxiety attacks a lot, and I can't wait to be done (graduating December 2013). 

My new plan is to win the lottery.

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Oh wow. I'm not quite sure what I've just gotten myself into, but I took a full-time job today. It starts in January, the pay was so good, I would have been an idiot to pass it up. It was a position for data entry with the IRS. 40 hours from January to May, get to stay on after but reduced hours until the next tax season. Plus my 6 courses I'm enrolled in... Bye bye social life. lol. But at least it's temporary and it's the kind of thing we really really need now. It would raise us out of poverty

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Right now I am in community college, I will be finished with my A.A. this semester and my A.F.A. next semester. I have not figured out where I want to transfer yet to get my B.A. I would like to major in Design and Business or Entrepreneurship.

Right now I am taking;






At my school, 4 classes is full time; I don't know how some of you are taking 6 classes! Our school would not want us taking that much.

I don't work, we just live off pell grants and loans, and I also have a student work study which helps a little. I also babysit and craft on the side.

Next semester I'm taking

Computar Art

Digital Photography

Small Business startup

Event Planning

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I am finishing the last few courses of my biology degree which includes developmental biology, conservation biology, advanced physiology and infectious disease. I hope to get into the compressed nursing program next September and be finished that degree in 2.5 years. After that I have plans to do my masters in nursing, possibly also become a nurse practitioner. I love school, and all my plans, but my student debt is going to be outrageous!
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I just started school this semester. I am taking  english comp 1, beginning algebra and intro to sociology.  I am getting my pre-reqs for the 2 year nursing program that finishes with an RN.  I will then start a job and start to get my BA in nursing, then onto my masters. I have 4 kids, a husband who works and is gone 12-13 hour days for the most part. Right now all of my classes are on-line because the college's child development center (where my almost 4 year old is now) does not take babies under a year. My 2 biggest are at another school in town.  A lot of driving around, my house was usually a wreck before all this and is now guaranteed  a wreck. LOL. I am considering getting a job once the baby is in the CDC just to help out, that will all depend on how work is going for my husband.

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I left my husband at the beginning of last year, and went back to school in September. I am finishing up my undergrad (major in English, minor in Creative Writing), and will be looking to do a Master's in Library Science when I'm finished! 


I'm managing three classes per semester right now. I tried four a few weeks ago to see how that would go, but I almost immediately dropped one because it was just too much. This has been my schedule:


First semester: 

Writing Short Fiction, Introduction

English: Traditions and Transformations

English: Ancients and Moderns


Second semester:

Short Fiction

British Literature after 1945

Ways of Reading


I have to say, I absolutely adore being back in school! I was so worried; my older son has autism and he's had an awful lot of transitions this past year, but we're all thriving in school, and I have a very steamy crush on one of my profs. I feel like I'm re-meeting my former self. 

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Intuition I am also loving going back to school.  Because I am doing something that is me, it does not involve everyone else, but also because while I am doing this for me it will help my whole family. It's sort of nice to be somewhat autonomous. It was like the first time I went to a school (9th grade) and my twin sister was at a different school, for the first time I was just Courtney not one of the twins.

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I am in the final stretch of my second grad degree (in psychology).

I finished my clinic practicums and i am currently taking the last 2 courses that i need to graduate

(qualitative research :narrative inquiry and cross-cultural counselling).

I then have to complete my thesis & defend  jumpers.gif


the kicker is that i moved 2000km away from my DH (& teenaged SD &SS) to go to university in canada

(i am a canuk married to an american).

my 11 year old DS came with me (to experience his canadian heritage..lol)

and we travel between the pacific north west and the canadian north (i like to call it the arctic).


as of april we will move permanently back to the PNW!!!!!! (i will be almost 5 months pregnant).

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wow, I like your dedication Amanda Bee and how exciting to be almost finished.

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I am completing my last semester as an undergrad (major is social work, minor is psych). I do an internship 16 hours a week, work part time 8-16 hours a week and I'm taking 15 credits. I'm a single mom, so things are pretty hectic but I just keep telling my self 11 more weeks and the semester will be over...

I plan to start grad school next spring.

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