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I just signed up at the local community. Going toward bachelor in social work, ill transfer is missiouri state to finish. I can make 12k more a year as a residential supervisor at my job but I need a 4 year degree. I have a good friend that just graduated and another friend that also just enrolled. It's a good thing my work is very flexible and I have a lot of downtime for homework
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I got my A.A.S in Early Childhood Ed last year and now am a year away from getting my B.A.S in Psychology/Addiction Studies.  I hope to start graduate school next summer for my MSW.  Ultimately I want to be a counselor or social worker and work with women and children that come from domestic abuse situations.


This semester I am taking: Anatomy & Physiology, Ethics for Addictions Counselors, Bloodborne pathogens, a counseling workship, and Addictions & the family System.  This summer I am taking Archeology, a class on school violence and Social Psych.  Then in the fall I am taking Statistics, Assessment & Case management, a social work class, a communications class, I am going to be a T.A. and do an internship and prepare to apply to grad school.  I also work, so the fall is going to be crazy!  I can do anything for one semester though right?!  Lol.

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Work has been crazy this semester making me fall behind in my classes more than I'd like. I'm still getting everything in on time and doing okay in all my classes, but school isn't getting prioritized like it should. The rest of my life has had to take a back burner. My husband has picked up a lot of the slack. The house isn't clean, but the kids have kinda clean clothes, food, and make it to their activities. It's been hard.


It's also frustrating because all of this is for a job that's already let me go. I'm done at the end of June. However, all the people trying to get projects done before I'm out the door aren't to blame for that so I just keep trying to get it all done. However the 50-60 hour work weeks are killing me. What time I do have at home is spent working on school instead of just relaxing with my husband and kids.


My kids are 9 and 6 so being understanding. It helps that they know I plan to stay home with them for the last year of my studies instead of looking for a new job.


I can't wait to spend the 2nd 1/2 of summer with my kids.

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I'm getting a degree in women's studies currently.


I'm a massage therapist... so I work full time as well as school and single motherhood.


I'm also a student herbalist and student midwife. I quit my apprenticeship because being on-call is too difficult with a 5-year-old and no partner.


Anyway, I'm LOVING my women's studies courses!

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So great and encouraging to see some other single mom students here! I'll be pursuing my graduate degree in environmental studies in the fall. I don't know what classes I'll be taking yet, but I will be doing a teaching assistantship that will cover my tuition, and may have up to 24 students in the freshmen level English class I'll be teaching, as well as a full semester of classes and single parenting. Eep! I'm excited and nervous. But my daughters will be in 1st and 5th grades this fall, so I hope that will make things a little easier... 

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Just turned in the last paper I have for the semester. I had a course load with a lot of papers to write this spring. I have one last quiz mid week but it shouldn't be very difficult. The extremely huge project I've been working on since January at work is also set to wrap up at the end of next week. So I might finally find some time to enjoy my kids, clean my house, or just relax. YES.


I am taking summer classes and the first of those starts May 16. But I'm going to enjoy this break while I have it.


How is the end of the semester going for everyone else? Is the end in sight? Anyone graduating? Whose taking summer classes?

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Jolly, I'm finishing up right now. Just did my finals and all I have left is to turn in one last paper, so looking forward to a little break before summer classes start. I'm really excited to be taking classes in class instead of online.

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I'm currently stressing over my chemistry final.  We weren't given any worksheets on the bio-chem portion and it's going to be the largest portion of our final.  This prof loves to put questions on his test that he never formally goes over in lecture or lab either.  Fun times.  I need to get at least a 70 on the final in order to get an overal B+ grade for the class, which is the lowest I can get in order to stay on track to start the nursing program next May.  Stressed, yup. 


I'm taking Developmental Psych and Statistics over the summer.  Fall I'm taking Art Therapy, Anatomy &Phisiology I, Nutrition and Sociology.  My first semester as a full time student.


I'm going on faith at the moment.

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Do I'm registered for summer and fall. I have a list of all the classes I want to take over the next year to geMy transfer degree. Taking basic algebra and public speaking this summer and composition 1, intermediate algebra, American sign launguage and world music in the fall.
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I'm doing 3 classes this summer. I'm going for a Masters in Education and am taking Nature and Nurture of Creativity, Reading and Content Literacy, and Bi-cultural teaching methods and materials.


I have my fall and spring schedule planned as well and will graduate around this time next year. It's only a 2 year program, but I'm almost 1/2 done. I'm pretty proud of myself as I have a 4.0 so far. I hope I can keep it up.

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Nursing....but barely in the pre-reqs. I don't really like allopathic medicine (unless its needed) but it is really the only field i feel i can earn enough money and not have to rely on my ex's money and that i can get off govt assistance and afford my own car with ins.

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Me! Finally decided on a plan! I start my first classes in a week. 6 grad hours that go toward my teacher's license. I am so excited yet, hoping it isn't too overwhelming! XDH is hopefully going to a 5 day work week next week and I have asked him to take the kids as much as possible so I can study especially the first 3 weeks. Fingers crossed that it all works out! All my classes are online so I don't have to worry about commuting. As of now I don't have a sitter, I am still sahming with little help other than xdh, so I hope that I can get a lot done during naps and such. I am more worried about my 2 year old as my almost 7 year old can entertain himself. I am hoping to study early in the morning, nap time, and late at night.

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Welp, mamas I did it.  I graduated on the 11th.  I now have a BA and am contemplating grad school.  Taking the next year off to chill out a bit (still working full time) to have more evenings home with my son as he makes his transition from grade school to middle school.  

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I'm discovering that all the best education classes are offered during the summer. I have two class I need for my major that I'm taking this summer. Then there is a week long seminar that is worth 3 credits in a subject I am really interested in, them my advisor invited me to a 4 day seminar class that is 2 more credit hours that is relevant to the student teaching I'll be doing in the spring. So now I'm up to 4 classes this summer and I'm still working for another 6 weeks. I'll actually take 4 days off for the one class.


My first summer class stared this week and it's going okay so far. I can't wait to be done with work. My kids are really sick of sharing me both with work and school, especially since I've been working a lot of long hours the past few months. 

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Hey Moms, 


I'm currently in the 2nd- 3rdish year of my schooling pursuing a BS in Biology. It's been real rough especially since getting pregnant so I decided I was going to take off a year to look after my DS when he arrives. I'd love to hear more about how everyone organizes themselves around school and kids. It all seems so intimidating to me.

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I recently returned to school after a 17 year break. I always wanted to finish my bachelor's degree. I am enrolled in an online-only degree program at the University of Arkansas. My major is Interdisciplinary Studies with emphasis in health sciences, sociology, and psychology. This summer I am taking Spanish 1 & 2. In the fall I will be taking Contemporary Social Theory and Intermediate Spanish. 

I love the online opportunities now. My classes have been great so far and I am really enjoying my time back in school. My three kids are 6, 8, and 12. We homeschool, so I am limited to two classes per semester. I am considering adding on a third class in the Spring. I am itching to finish now that everything has lined up for me to complete my degree!

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Firs day of school was rough. My math teacher sucks, he was going through problems without explaining things very well . I got very overwhelmed and started to cry. I went to the bathroom to wash my face. The second day wasn't that bad because I knew I couldn't count on him teaching me and I would just have to teach myself.

Not really a fan of public speaking, it seems more about creative writing than anything else
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Don't worry Sharlla, things will get better. Remember to just stick with it.
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Thanks. I will. It was just frustrating I was doing math homework all day yesterday! After a few hours on too
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After expressing to the teacher that I'm having trouble committing the procedures to memory he agreed to let the class use the note sheets he passed out before every lesson. That's such a huuuuuge load off my shoulders!
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