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It has been intense for me but i am down to my last class for the summer. School is the easy part, it is landing a teaching job once i am done that seems mote intimadating.
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Originally Posted by ILoveMyBabyBird View Post

It has been intense for me but i am down to my last class for the summer. School is the easy part, it is landing a teaching job once i am done that seems mote intimadating.

I'm going into teaching as well. So this will be my challenge soon as well.

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Ugg. So much homework. I took a heavy course load this summer since I planned to be done with work. However, I seem to have forgotten that I work until the END of June. I did take this past week off of work for a seminar class that was only a week long. However, I'm sure you can imagine how intense a 2 credit class in 4 days is. I barely managed to keep up with one of my other classes but don't have a thing done for this weeks assignments in another. So today I get to read 5 chapters, define 40 terms/concepts on Native American culture and history, and write a 2 page paper. I think the paper only has to be two pages. I guess I'd better go double check. Sigh. Plus I need to start working on next weeks assignments in all three classes.


I think I bit off more than I can chew. Only two more weeks of work left, one class ends at the end of next week, another only has 3 weeks left. So if I can make it through the next three weeks I'm left with one 8 week class and another seminar class in July.

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I realized that I simply took on two much for this month. I had work, the end of one 8 week class, the beginning of another 8 week class, and a 1 week seminar class with assignments due the end of the following week.


I just dropped the 8 week class that was beginning this week. I missed the add/drop period by one day and so will have to take a W for the class. I'll retake it this fall.


That means that I'll turn in the assignments for the seminar class at the end of next week, finish work the end of the following week, and finish my other class the end of 1st week in July. I'll have another seminar class the second week of July and then I won't have any more summer classes until Fall semester starts. I won't be working either during that time.


I feel really horrible that I had to drop the class. I feel like I should have been able to suck it up and make it through a couple of insane weeks then wouldn't have had any trouble handling the class. But I just can't see how I could have made it through those couple weeks. Still feel like a complete looser for not being able to make it work.

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I had originally signed up for 3 classes but when I saw how insane my schedule was I had to drop 1. Im glad I did, homework has been crazy. I told my 1 job if they can't let me switch an evening shift for an ovn then I'd have to step down as manager. They agreed which is nice because managers aren't allowed to do ovns and I get to do 2. Having that extra evening off will give me more homework time since I go to school Mon and wed
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Glad I'm not the only one who overestimated what they could do this summer and had to drop a class. I'm starting to look forward to being done with work and finishing up my classes for the summer. I'll end up with a month to just hang with the kids before fall classes start.

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Jolly GG, that is a crazy load, even with having dropped that class. I am impressed. Sharlla, that's pretty awesome that the teacher worked with you. 


I only have had the one class this summer and I have really been enjoying how little I have to do, especially since I don't have to drive the kids to school and back. Our family has hit a financial wall and I am now looking for a part time job overnight. Not sure how that is going to work with 7 credit hours in the fall, part time work at my girls school, and full time care of 4 kids  and hubs probably not coming home most nights until bedtime. I'm sure it will be crazy and exhausting but it will just be for a little while and then we can move on.  Now I just have to cross my fingers that i can FIND a job. 

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Sunmeresession is half over and I have A+ in both classes. I did better on my math class than I thought I would. He takes your highest test grade and applies it to all the tests so my fear of not passing math is over

Thankfully I don't find the homework challenging anymore, the first couple weeks I really struggled. And bonus I was refunded a good chunk of change so that's going toward out cc debt
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3 A's for the summer classes. Fall starts in 15  days, I have 2 grad classes so far and will add one 8 week undergrad for the second half. I also need to get my praxis taken this fall! That will leave me 1 undergrad for spring for the certificate requirements, and I am thinking of not taking any more grad classes for the Master's in teaching in the spring because I do not know if I will land a teaching job right away and do not want to go into more debt until I have a job for sure lined up! If I get a job lined up for fall 2014 then I will take 1 or 2 grad classes summer 2014 for my master's program.

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I have not been on Mothering in forever due to no computer. Now I'm back. YAY!

Still a full time student. I'm currently taking Lifespan Development, Social Problems, Exposition & Persuasion, Spanish I, and World Literature I. I'm all gen-ed until I transfer to university next year for my BSW. Woo-hoo.

Lifespan is much more biased than I thought, and very uncomfortable for a crunchy-ish person like myself. Social Problems = AMAZING! E&P I am really dreading writing these two papers. Spanish 1 is super easy (for now) because my work gives free Spanish lessons weekly it's like having a built in tutor. World Lit is not nearly as bad as I thought (Gilgamesh wasn't so bad...) but the whole class is graded on 100 points, so if you mess up on ONE thing, you're toast!

I'm still doing odd and end work whenever I can find it, and I'm working part to full time (depending on the week) at an awesome grassroots organization in my city!
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I'm no longer working. I took a few classes over the summer and enjoyed them. I took 3 classes, only one was required for my degree. The other two I choose because they sounded interesting. I did enjoy them.


I'm taking three classes this semester. One is a practicum. The others are online classes, all three are required for my degree. One is Teaching Native American Students. The other is Teaching Students with Disabilities. I'm really not enjoying either one. I'm taking them both online. It's clear that in both cases the teachers don't really want to be teaching online. They are used to a lecture format and therefore both classes require me to watch weekly lectures. These are the first two classes that have required this. All others had various readings, and occasional online activity or video. I've had one or two recorded lectures interspersed with the rest. These are the first classes that are all recorded lectures. I don't like it a bit. It feels like a course in regurgitating what the teacher said on assignments.


I'll have to take my Practicumn tests this semester. I'm looking forward to having those done. Then next semester is student teaching and I graduate in the spring. I'll start job searching next month some time though I don't expect to put the search into high gear until spring.

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DP and I are both doing full time- senior year of college and we want to FINISH this. I'm majoring in art, minoring in botany- DP is double majoring in Japanese & Comparative Literature.

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I have been stressing over taking math since I started school a year ago and have been putting it off. In high school I received a one point above failing grade in Algebra I, and a C in Algebra II (and that's just because the instructor basically let me memorize the test). When I took the math placement test for college, I tested into the second of three levels of remedial math. It was 5 credit hours and $550, plus you get no actual college credit for it. AND, completing it only made you eligible for a lower level math class (not algebra level), which would have been fine for graduation requirements, but the lower level math class is required to be taken concurrently with yet another remedial class (kind of like a study hall I guess) that was 3 credit hours, not for credit, and about $330. So, basically being terrible at math would cost me 11 credit hours total and $1200 on math classes.


At the beginning of last year I asked them if I could retake the test at a later date and if I score higher, forgo all remedial classes and go straight into college algebra. They told me that was fine. I have been scooping up every math textbook I could find and *trying* to teach myself math to no avail. Then I heard about Khan Academy which is totally free and has these videos you can watch to teach you math (and other things like biology or economics, etc.) and it's working! Super psyched.

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this semester (8 week young adult literature course is kicking my butt)! I am trying to stay on top of all the reading and writing but just don't seem to have enough time and attention span in my days! But there is only 3.5 weeks left and I have 96% so far, so I am not bailing out! Over half way done thank goodness! My favorite class is Cultural awareness for Educators and it is the only one I don't need for certification, go figure! My other class is Designing instructional programs, so should be pretty easy, but many times I have to re-read the text before i get it. I am pretty much working on a curriculum in that class.

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