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How did you kick the carbs?

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I'm 14wks2d today and I've been such a carb monster the whole time. I had an easy 1st trimester with the exception of when I need to eat it has to happen NOW or I feel ill and dizzy. And this has stayed with me. It's the carbs that make me feel better the fastest and I really want to start trying to...curb the carbs, hehe. I haven't been pigging out on chips and cookies and ice cream or anything (of course I've had all of the at one point or another, as a treat) I'm just eating a lot of bread...bagel and cream cheese, toast with cream cheese and jam, cheese quesadilla, veggie booty, rice and beans, pizza (which in NYC is one of the fastest "i need to eat now" foods I can access when I'm on the go. I always have snacks with me and try to eat nuts, fruit and yogurt too but I am still just eating so many carbs.


ANYWAY, has anyone else been in this boat? If so, how did you wean yourself off the bready carbs? I started at a PP weight the heaviest I've ever been and I want to really start trying now to make better choices. It's just hard sometimes when I have to shove something in my mouth quickly.


Thanks in advance! :)

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I'm sorry, I should add that I normally a veggie lover. Just since being pregnant I am so disinterested in veggies. Which is a shame because we get wonderful veggies from our biweekly CSA share and I've been letting a lot of go to waste/compost. I seem to prefer my veggies raw since being pregnant but it's def not something I immediately grab for. Ok, had to get that out there, that I *do* usually like veggies lol.

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I'll let you know as soon as I finish my bagel....

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.  I'm still stuck in the carby phase because of morning sickness.  I'm starting to get out of it slowly though and I think the biggest thing is planning ahead.  Keeping a stash of things in your purse is always a good idea.  I usually toss an apple in my bag before I head out.  Other things that are easy to keep in your purse are nuts, carrot sticks, even yogurt if you won't be out too long.  Some slices of cheese also.  

I know I am always more prone to go for veggies if I have them prepped ahead.  It's hard if you a tired but maybe try prepping your CSA veggies ahead of time by cutting up whatever can be eaten fresh so it's easy to grab.  Maybe buy or make some hummus or guacamole so you have a dip to keep them interesting.

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The best way for me to curb them is to surround myself with high protein and good fatty foods that I love. Carbs are almost always the easiest thing to grab otherwise. Also, you can eat something carb while you prepare something better as you still need some carbs obviously. But yeah, I make sure I have peanut butter and either whole grain bread or crackers, high protein cereal (kashi), greek yogurt, liversausage (only if you like it, I love this stuff), string cheese and blocks/slices of cheese, hard boiled eggs, nuts, milk, occasional protein shake, peanut butter cheese crackers, lunch meat & bologna, etc. I keep the nuts and peanut stuff only at work since my DD is allergic.

And when I do want carbs, I try to pick healthier ones. Whole grains, stuff with more fiber, stuff with some protein or fat, etc.

And I make a point to eat some protein with everything I eat. If I'm traveling for work, that's harder, but I try to pack some stuff that will keep (even string cheese keeps for awhile at room temp) and buy stuff that is the best choice I can make. Traveling is definitely the hardest!

And yeah, hummus and guacamole, yum! I can buy good of both of those at the store for the first and Chipotle for the second and we make our own guac occasionally too.
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Ditto on everything Quinalla listed about, that is just about my diet, but I am gluten free so it is easier because GF healthy carbs are harder to find.


My diet is very high protein and high vege/fruit.


I also eat a lot of nuts...and for those particularly bad days when I was getting out of my carb phase...now don't gross out...I ate a spoonful of coconut oil.  For some reason, it just really helped me get over my carb craving faster.  It did take me a while to get the courage up to try it, but even now if I am in a bad carb slup, I just eat about 1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil.  The high fats also *seem* to help settle my tummy faster if I don't wait too long between meals...but sometimes it doesn't appeal.  DH was adement he would hate it, but it turns out he likes it too...it just feels so wrong to eat it because it's a fat, but it is a very healthy fat.

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Some of you may already know that I am diabetic (type 1, not gestational), as I've mentioned it on a few other threads, but I'm not a frequent poster so it may have slipped through the cracks. Anyway, the point is is that I eat a really low-carb diet all the time. Other times I've been pregnant I have found it harder to stick to, but this time it hasn't been as hard - I haven't had the carb cravings.


I do find "snacking" harder on low-carb - I mean, there's only so many almonds and cheese that a person wants to eat. That said, when I eat a good low-carb meal, I don't usually get hungry enough to ever want a snack. But pregnancy is another animal of course ... Now, if I feel too yucky to finish a meal, I'll eat half and then save the other half to snack on later.  So I end up eating at least six "meals" a day when I'm pregnant, but they are all within that low-carb paradigm. I basically eat veggies, eggs, meat, fish, fats (butter, coconut oil, olive oil etc), cheese, sometimes a full-fat yogurt, and nuts. Sometimes I make flax seed or almond flour bread, but not that often. I do also sometimes go the sweetener route since I absolutely cannot have any sugar or natural sweeteners without spiking my sugar, and I have a sweet tooth. I definitely limit it more during pregnancy though.


Anyway ... after 2 years of eating like this, I've found that it's something that you just DO when you put your  mind to it. It is really really really hard at the beginning and then you get into a groove. I find that when I do let more carbs into my diet, I want more. If I don't have very many at all, I don't miss them. If you really don't want to eat it, get it out of the house (if the rest of the family is willing to let you of course ...).


One thing that I do like is toasted nori - since I can't have chips or anything, at least I get the crunch and saltiness, and hey, the iodine is good for babe, too! Hard-boiled eggs are a great take-with-you snack, and frozen veggies are your friend: throw them in a pan with some olive oil or butter, add a little salt and some shredded chicken or ground beef or whatever protein you like, and cook until done - fast, easy dinner or lunch (or breakfast :) ). Try switching out ice cream for full fat yogurt, (i know, I know, yeah right LOL) or making your own popsicles - I mix full fat greek yogurt with heavy cream to thin it out, grate in a little ginger and add the teensiest bit of liquid sweetener (you could use honey or sugar or whatever if you don't have to worry about your sugar levels), and then freeze the mix in the popsicle molds - they really soothe my nausea at the same time as giving me the benefits of the dairy products that I can't really take when I am feeling pukey.


I think one of the keys of low-carb living is definitely losing the fear of fat - it's hard to be on a lower-carb diet if you are worried about fat as well, since you don't want to excessively up your protein, you've got to replace the carbs with something! And fat will fill you up, plus at least butter provides a bunch of vitamin a and d.


Okay, I think you were looking  more for suggestions on just how to break out of the knee-jerk eat-carbs phase, and I wasn't that helpful there ... but those are my thoughts for what they're worth! Keep us posted on how things go.


Good luck!!!

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Oh...I'm not trying to go on a low carb diet or anything. And when I'm not pregnant I can have the discipline to lower my carb intake, it's just that being pregnant it tends to sometimes be what makes me feel better, and goes down the easiest. So I was wondering if other out there too found themselves carb loading and how they turned the corner from it.


Everyone has given me good feedback though so thanks for all the responses :)

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haha, i realized as i was writing the email that i wasn't particularly answering your question! sorry :) oh well, maybe it will help someone! :)


all the best and hope you feel better soon.

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Originally Posted by sweetlowmom View Post

haha, i realized as i was writing the email that i wasn't particularly answering your question! sorry :) oh well, maybe it will help someone! :)


all the best and hope you feel better soon.

It's a help to me!  I'm not diabetic but I have found that the low carb way seems to work best for my body.  During this phase of morning sickness the carbs have definitely been creeping in though!  


I do find it helpful to have salads/veggies ready to go in the fridge.  Even just a salad of sliced cukes, vinegar, and dill is quick and easy to keep on hand.  I've also got plans for using the slightly higher carb veggies of carrots and beets for make ahead salads/veggie sides.

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oh, all the feedback is def helpful :) i think now im in my 2nd trimester ill be able to focus more on eating less carbs....i do think it all comes down to being prepared like you guys have said so im really going to take that to heart :)

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good to hear! what's so weird is that all day today i don't want to anything but potatoes. I would kill for a baked potato slathered in butter! I might break down and have one if this keeps up ... and try to cover with the adequate dose of insulin. Debating!!!

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