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Is anybody interested in doing spotlight threads?

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So, here is the thought.  


Anyone who is interested signs up and is featured in a thread (Depending on interest, there would be 1-3 spotlight threads/wk) on a specified date.  When the "Spotlight on _____" thread goes up, everyone can ask the spotlighted person questions (that she can answer to her comfort level): fun questions, serious questions, get to know you questions, etc. I think it would be a great way to get to know each other better and have fun, too.  


Sound like fun?  


If you would be interested in being spotlighted, please let me know by responding to this thread! (If you know of any wks you will not be by a computer, let me know so I don't have you spotlighted on that week!) I will try to spotlight people in order of EDD so that early marchers will be done if this goes long.  Also, we will prob take off certain weeks when we will spotlight no one because of holidays and such. :)


Sound like fun but you don't want to be spotlighted? 


You can still participate by asking questions of those spotlighted during their week!!!


Sign Up List!  (I will post the official "Spotlight on..." schedule in a week or two!)

1. jodieanneanton

2. withlittlelungs

3. cocoanib

4. buko

5. spughy

6. Melany

7.scruffy too

8. maydaymom10

9. MrsBerkley

10. Linnaea

11. writermama12

12. Granolamama09

13. babytoes

14. delilahbeau

15. veganyogamomma

16. sarah2881

17. BeantownBaby9

18. nearlyelated

19. scarletsmiles


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sounds like fun! i'm in!! going to be out of town from dec 6-18, so I probably won't be on a lot during that time.

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Let's do it!

I'll participate :)

I'll probably be offline from Nov 22nd until Nov 27th.

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Oh, I love to talk about myself!  orngtongue.gif  And especially about Buko.  I'm in!

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I'll join in too - but I will be away from the computer and relaxing on a beach between Dec. 3-14. 

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Sure, why not. :)


I'm out of commission the week of Thanksgiving and the two weeks of Christmas. 

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ok, I'm in (just when I thought I was already talking about myself too much on here... - LOL)

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Sure. Why not. It sounds like fun. Thanks for setting it up.

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I want to do it!! Anytime is fine with me smile.gif
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I'd like to do it, too!  Anytime is fine orngbiggrin.gif

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Sure, add me to the list. Thanks.

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Oh this sounds like fun! Count me in! smile.gif
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Yes yes!! Me too!
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Sounds like fun. I'm in!

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Count me in! This sounds fun!
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Sounds fun! I would love to get to know everyone more. I should be around other than typical holiday craziness. smile.gif
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very cute, I'm in!

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Neat idea, I'm in.

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I am moving this week and Thanksgiving is next week, so I was thinking we could start the spotlights the first week of December, take off the couple weeks of holidays and then start up again a few days into the new year.  

Anyone else interested in signing up before I write up the initial schedule?  :)  It will never be to late to sign up for this.  If you find yourself wanting to be involved later on, feel free to post and let me know any time.  There's ALWAYS room for getting to know another mama in our DDC! :D



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This sounds like fun! Starting the last week in January I have more stable computer time.

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