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My Mother Blessing!

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Hi Mummas 

I had my Mother Blessing today and it was wonderful!

We told birth stories, shared blessings/prayers, had henna done and at the end i gave everyone a rose candle to take home and light when i go into labour.

I just wanted to share some pictures of this afternoon :)



700 These are the little bundles that had a thank you note and the candle for my labour.




700 The tent space we created out of blanket and sheets :) Was like a circus tent!




700 This is my 34.1 week shot!




700 Threading my birth necklace




700 My birth shrine


700 The bare bump! Albi like the henna and wiggled lots!!






700 The finished product!! About 5 of my friends added and helped draw the henna on!




Anyhooo I just wanted to share :) Im so so so happy to enter my birth in this headspace and am very excited!

I also got given hand made mama cloth, wheat packs etc all made from scratch! (The wheat was even home grown, hand picked and put together especially for me!) One friend also got me psotnatal herbs for healing :))

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So glad your mother blessing went SOOOO well and was a better experience than your shower! hug2.gif

I love how your outfit is color coordinated with your decorations!

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Sandy, I am sooo happy that you had such a beautiful blessing! I agree with Tropicana-it is super cute that your outfit matched the decor! The henna looks mag and those thank you bundles are so sweet! joy.gif

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awesome! I always love when mamas opt for such a meaniful way to honor pregnancy and birth. looks awesome. seeing your pics  make me excited for our blessingway next weekend

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What a wonderful experience! Your belly looks great (planning to do Henna at my blessing as well), and I LOVE the tent :))))

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You are just glowing!  Looks like a wonderful celebration!

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AWWW.... I love it! You're glowing and you look amazing too!

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What a wonderful way to experience your introduction to motherhood!  Lovely, lovely, lovely!

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Lovely! I'm so glad you had a great mama blessing to honor your transition to motherhood! Love the henna belly too!
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Beautiful! I'm so happy for you to have such a positive atmosphere to go on from- after your shower wasn't so positive. :)

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Looks like a super great day for you!  Beautiful henna design, how long will it last?  

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Beautiful day! How lovely to have all of this great birth energy around you. Such love and support! You look amazing!

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