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Breast Shells

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I love breastfeeding! At first my daughter (5 weeks now) and I had trouble with it, but once we got the hang of it we both really enjoy it. I have one problem though- leaking a ton in the opposite breast when I am feeding her.  
1. I hate the leaking when I am in public.I am really shy, so breastfeeding in public is already a challenge to me, especially when afterwards I have a big wet spot there.

2. I hate wasting all of that milk. I know you can't and shouldn't keep the milk out a long time, but I think it would be awesome to be able to save all the leaking while I am at home instead of having to pump (I am lazy!). 

So, while researching better pads and trying a lot of them that just didn't work for me, I read about breast shells that you can actually collect leaking milk in. HEAVEN! Now, my question is:

1. Are there any other kinds besides the Philips AVENT ones?

2. Where is the cheapest place to buy them?

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First I ordered some generic brand at the chemist (I'm in Belgium so they probably wouldn't be the same).  They collected the milk really well but they had a strange shape that was visible through my clothes and left big circles on my breasts when I took them off.


Then I ordered these...




The silicon that goes against your skin was very soft so that my nipple actually went further into the shell, touching the other side which actually stopped the leaking!

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Do they collect milk or just stop leaks?

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Oh my gosh! I just realized your username. My daughters name is Madelyn Claire and at first we were calling her Claire Bear. My husband wanted to go with Madelyn though, so we changed it. 

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