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Looking for an autism specialist/Mental Health in houston tx

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So if you guys have looked at my previous thread about my son and my concerns with him, I stil have the same problems. Only his tantrums have gotten worse! He's started to break drawers in my kitchen and spilled oil all over my floor, kicks and punches us.. I just don't know what to do with him, sometimes I just want t cry! We started him in OT, his sensory issues are confirmed, and he is starting Speech therapy soon again, our pediatrician is even more concerned about him now, she wants him screened for autism and the problem is that ai cannot find anyone who will screen him.. The waiting list at TX childrens is over a year and a half with their autism center, and also with the developmental clinic with them. I've tried everything even having him screened with out school district which was no help and didn't seem to even have any knowledge about what to do... I've taken my 3 1/2 year old to see a therapist who mentioned he might have PDD or ADHD but wasn't able to tell me correctly, in other words she also blamed his behavior on our parenting telling us to get strict with him and not comfort him at all! We do discipline him very well, and when needed gets a hit on the hand but since he doesn't feel any pain it just doesn't phase him! He's smashed a toe and blood was gushing out but he didn't feel a thing..
We took him to a different therapist who said it may be OCD because she notices the way he was playing with cars.. If I make a car fly or crash or something he will try and do the Mae, but if he's just playing by himself He just lines them up... It's so confusing! The first therapist said he was too young to see a psychiatrist , but if his behavior didn't improve in a month they will give him medication for it and also for his sleeping disorder (he wakes up in the middle of the night to get foo or turn the tv in or just play around, even if its dark and usually around 4 or 5 am.. He has symptoms of autism, which is why our pedi wants him screened, he was diagnosed with a speech delay a year and 10 months ago and has made very little preferences and just started putting 2 words together but isn't able to communicate, also sensory issues, and like I said behavior, sleeping issues and trouble with him eating (picky) I'm very eager to find someone who can help me diagnose my son so he can get the proper therapy he needs, I need someone who specializes in mental health, such as autism, ADHD, oCD.. And such, he also gets very irritated in restaurants and throws fits.. Anyone with any info I would really appreciate it!! We in live HOUSTON TX.. But don't mind a little drive far out to surrounding areas. Thank you all SO much!! And God bless.joy.gif
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Hi Veronica,

I don't know about Texas, but in CA we have Regional Center for developmentally disabled; there should be probably something similar in Texas, they can help. You also need to push the school district to screen your child and provide early intervention. You may need to find and consult an educational advocate who explains the law to you, so you know your rights and what you can ask from the school district. Unfortunately I don't know much as I am in CA. For medical advice, I highly recommend Dr. Kendal Stewart in Austin.

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Hi MarGin!! Thank you so much for your reply smile.gif there is something here called MHMRA and we are also on the writing list which is 10 years long! It seems impossible to get my son help.. I pushed our school district so hard! They were suppose to test my son right at 3 years old and it took them 5 months.. I was told it shouldn't take longer than 3 even though I bugged them everyday, so we requested a FULL PSYCHOLOGICAL evaluation, I thought they would be very thorough but no, they just used MY OWN speech evaluation from our private speech therapist and just say here and played with my son, that was it!! I was so mad I waited all this time for nothing!!My son was in ECI last year, but since he's over 3 he no longer qualifies..
Thank you!! Austin is not too far from us about 4 hours but I am willing to take the drive!! I will definitely call them next week and see what their soonest available appointment is! I really appreciate the help. Thank you sooooooo much!!joy.gif
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Please, if you haven't already gone to http://www.tacanow.org/family-resources/ , go NOW!  Dietary changes, and the behavioral approach are changes you can implement immediately - run, do not walk, and check out this precious resource.  If you are seriously willing to implement meaningful and lasting changes, you can find a mentor here!!!


Good luck! 

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LParker, thank you for your response... I've looked into it but there is no help in my city... greensad.gif
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