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IUD Removal

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Hey ladies. When I got my IUD in Dec 2011 it hurt really bad. How is it coming out? I have had a lot of pelvic pain, spotting, itching, and this may be gross but tissue comes out sometimes when I go to the bathroom. Anyone else have that? Well, I am very scared to get the IUD out. Can someone describe how it is done and what it feld like to them? Thanks.

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When i first got my IUD it didnt hurt because i just had gotten an abortion. While on this method of birth control i didnt have any bleeding or spotting i had it for four years.. When i went for my last check up they could not find it my boyfriend actually moved it further up into my body so i had to get it removed by a specialist which hurt like hell. So for the last year i been ttc and nothing yet. I dont like the IUD and i dont recommond it to anyone because it is very painful to remove..

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i was also nervous because i'd heard stories about how rough it is to remove, but i had my copper IUD for over three years and just got tired of the heavy, long, painful periods. so one day shortly after a period had ended i noticed a lot of cervical mucus and figured it was a good day to try. in the showed i reached in, grabbed the wire and tugged it out in one pull. didn't feel a thing, easier than a tampon. my conclusion is make sure you're trying on a day when there's a lot of lubrication happening, CM or even blood.

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Getting myIUD out was quick and painless, didn't even feel it an dI too felt it was very uncomfortable to have put in. I too had a bed experience with the IUD and wouldn't get another one due to the cramping, bleeding, etc. Good news...gettin git out is the easy partredface.gif

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