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Hi all, Looking for some mamas who have experienced or been diagnosed with costochondritis. In mid-July, I awoke with severe pain on my left side, under my breast bone. It was sensititve to the touch and worsened over a two day period to an acute pain on day 3. Movement (such as sitting up from laying down or vice versa) made it worse. Finally went to urgent care and a CAT scan revealed I had a 2mm kidney stone. So they diagnosed pain as related, sent me home with Lortab and a follow up with Urologist. Went to Urologist 2 days later, and he said that while I did have a kidney stone, pain was not typical for it. He referred me back to family phy. Nurse practioner at FP office said only other possibility seemed to be costochondritis. She sent me home with antibiotics. Pain went away over next 3 days.


Since then I have had pain under and around ribs and armpits on one side or other of chest on and off. Never as acute as that first time. Today it is in my upper right breast, up near armpit. Touching it hurts. Some pain under ribs/breast bone.


The reason I am asking about this is because my mother just died 2 weeks before symptoms appeared of metastatic breast cancer. I am absolutely terrified that the pain in my armpit/breast is cancer and not costochondritis (although the fact that it comes and goes and is bilateral helps). No lumps that I can feel. Before symptoms appeared, midwife had wanted me to schedule for a mammogram anyways through the high risk clinic at our nearby cancer hospital as a follow up to my mother's disease/my risk.


So any reassurance or information you can offer in meantime about how costo presents in women would be helpful. Don't know if it matters, but I am 34, mother of 2 that were breast-fed, large busted, moderately active (just completed p90X2!) but still about 25 lbs overweight.


Thanks mamas