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11/11 Weekly Chat Thread

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Morning mamas! 

I hope all is well with each of you in your specials parts of the world :) Can you believe another week has flown by? To the mamas who are under the weather-I and sending healing vibes your way! To the mamas who feel birth may be imminent I hope you have the births of your dreams!! 


AFM-We accepted an offer on the house and are waiting for the paperwork to be finalized (I am trying hard to remain neutral, but it would be soooo great to have this done before Gabe gets here) We've had a bit of snow so we are tucking into winteresque festivities here. My to-do list for before Gabe comes is pretty well set, my Christmas to-do list on the other hand *hides* ummm, I still have a ways to go, and I keep getting distracted with crafty projects that are not on either list lol. The amaretto oatmeal honey soaps have cured and so have the hazelnut coffee ones and the tea tree oil and lavender castile soap bars, the lemon orange apple ones still have a ways to go, I need to put up a few more bottles of coconut milk shampoo, make more lotion, and finish this years lip balms (the cinnamon and anise ones are done but I need to get the bergamot and clementine ones together!) plus there are still a least a half dozen presents left to get together for each child (ahhhh!!!) Other than that all is well, hope the same is true for you lovely mamas!!

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Thanks for starting the thread darkblue! smile.gif Your Christmas gifts sound lovely!

You can add me to the list of mamas feeling under the weather. greensad.gif I am trying so hard to kick this sinus infection w/o seeing a doctor. I have upped my vitamin C & D, am doing the neti-pot 2x day, drinking ACV with honey, sleeping with the humidifier. And now in the last couple days my chest has started hurting when I take a deep breath. DH thinks I should see a doctor tomorrow....I am so hoping to avoid antibiotics for so many reasons. I have never taken them during pregnancy and I am SO close to the end I really don't want to have to resort to that....at the same time pneumonia or bronchitis doesn't sound like something I would like to have lingering around either. 


On a good note I am making huge progress on everything that needs to get done! I think it will be no problem to have everything ready by December 1st and then I can just sit back and enjoy the holidays and waiting for this LO to arrive! Pretty sure he is head down now but he does seem to still flips to posterior on and off. I figure with him being #3 he may just continue this until he engages in labor.


Yesterday was one month until my due date so I am down to weeks now! orngbiggrin.gif


Hope everyone else is getting those to do lists marked off and feeling better!

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Dark Blue, hope your home sale goes through! 


Tropicana74, sorry to hear you're feeling bad. I hope you get some relief soon. 


Ack! Another seven days gone! I'm literally just now packing my hospital bag today. duh.gif By 37 weeks, you'd think I'd have had this ready by now.


Other than that, I'm progressing through my to-do list sllooowly. I finished some charity sewing and knitting today, so I can spend the next couple of weeks just making stuff for our kids, including new baby. I still have to wrap up a few outstanding work assignments, but I'll be finished with those by end of week. Then I should probably come up with a list of meals DH can make without stopping to ask me what to do every ten seconds. lol.gif

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Hi, everybody!  


Zebrachick, good luck with the crafting list!  'Meals DH can make without stopping to ask me what to do every 10 seconds' - yep!  I got some ziplock bags at the store yesterday solely to make up a bunch of homemade pancake mix so DH can make pancakes for dinner without a recipe - he will not read a recipe to save his life, I don't know why.  But if I give him the ziplock with dry ingredients and it says 'add x eggs and y milk and z oil' he'll do it and fry them up and they're healthy and delicious.


Tropicana - hope you feel better!  If you are normally comfortable with taking abx, it might help to know that (I think, from what I've read) most of the adverse effects to the baby from abx taken during pg are linked to those taken earlier in pg (like, before the 3rd trimester).  


Darkblue, I hope the house sale goes through!  And can I come live at your house?  Your cooking and crafting always makes me want to curl up and just feel cozy :-)  


AFM, the congregation I work for threw me a baby shower today.  Nothing fancy, just cake and balloons and . . . they gave me money, which was what I asked for.  Lots of money - I almost cried when I counted it.  They are a generous community - this is on top of 6 weeks of fully paid leave, with everybody pitching in to do the work I won't be here to do.  I feel like my chiro care for the last month or so of pg is now paid for, my birth kit is paid for, I can go ahead and buy any other little things I need - maybe even a couple of nursing bras - without feeling like I'm wrecking our very bare-bones budget and going into more debt.  Maybe even pay off some of the midwife's fee which we DID go into debt to pay, although if I have this baby before Jan 1, which is very likely, I think our tax refund will pay that in its entirety.  So, happy, happy me.  


I am all better from the stomach bug - DD had it first, DH had it yesterday - now waiting to see if DS1 & 2 will get it.

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Happy Sunday!

Darkblue-I'm with everyone else, your gifts and crafting just sound amazing.  I truly wish I had that kind of talent!  I am amazed at everything that you accomplish with 3 little ones and being pregnant!  Crossing my fingers on the house sale!

Zebrachick-eek!  Hospital bag.  I guess that time is approaching, isn't it?  I'm a week behind you, but I have not even gotten that far.  Something tells me we'll be throwing this one together as we run out the door.

Mamabeakley-Glad you're feeling better, hope the other two manage to escape it!  I am SO happy to hear of the generous gift you received!  You absolutely deserve to have some financial peace going into this birth, that's wonderful!

Tropicana-I am so with you.  Sick, sick, sick.  I think I must have a bacterial infection by now, I feel so crummy, but I'm not excited about taking abx.  At this point, I'm so tired of being sick and trying everything I can think of, I will probably just take them.  I hope you are able to come to a decision that you feel good about and get well soon!


I am just a hot mess right now.  Honestly, I don't even want to be around myself.  I have had this horrible cold, which I cannot kick.  Yesterday the baby dropped, which is great, except for that I had back pain and major BH all day.  Then in the middle of the night I had the worst pain while peeing.  I woke up sure I had a UTI cause that pain is not mistakable, so I went in to the lab and left a sample, which came back clean (?).  I've had off and on nausea/fever/back pain since last night, plus I'm still congested and I don't have any idea what's really going on.  Of course my doc is not the one on call, and I really just want to talk to her and no one else.  I am so sorry for this whiny-all about me rant!  I am so overwhelmed I just want to lay here and cry but I still have work to do.  Ok.  Rant over, deep, cleansing breath.


I hope everyone else is doing well!

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Hello All!

I've been following along but I really want to jump in and be more involved. I'm writing from my iPad so I can't quote back but I'm loving the good news from people!

I, also, have have a bad head cold and cannot shake it. Really hoping I don't need abx but if that would help I think I'll go for it. Can,not remember the last time I took some! But I do remember that I've had a bad cold the last month of all three of my pregnancies! So frustrating but I've been doing everything I can. Ah we'll!

I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow and I really want to pack up some stuff. And keep my toiletries in a central place in case someone else needs to throw those together for me.

We bought an extra fridge/freezer for the garage (hurrah for garage sales!) and I've been trying to fill it with prepped meals and soups and stuff. I've got a few things so far but not a lot. My mom will be here to help and my DH has 2 weeks off after the birth! I still can't believe his company gives him that. The last time he had no vacation days and was home for 2 days before I was all alone. That was really rough and my heart goes out to those of you in that place.

Hopefully I'll be all better this week and I can get back to 'normal'. Still need to make a list of things that need doing but everything is mostly ready for him to come. I'd like to have the bassinet set up in our room and feed the freezer some more.

What are everyone's plans for thanksgiving? I guess those of us who celebrate. smile.gif We are staying home and my big, wonderful family is coming here! I have 6 siblings +2 brothers-in-law and everyone is happy and fun and we have a great time. Some people will stay with my sister who is 30 min away but my parents and baby sister at least will be here. Oh and my baby brother who is only 12 and is amazing with my 2 and almost 4 year olds. It will be busy but fun. I'll be able to do as much as I want and rest and much as I want too.

Well, signing off! Hope everyone starts feeling better soon.
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Yikes to all the mamas fighting colds. At least the timing is still such that you'll be healed before the birth.


Kelly, I wish the computer could transmit smells :)


Mamabeakley, I'm with you hoping on a pre New Year's baby.


esp, could it have been a bladder spasm? I had one last week. I woke up DH because I was squeaking with pain. It hurt when I was sitting down, so I hopped up and marched in place, but I had to sit back down because I really had to pee! I did that about three times before being able to pee. My midwives said it sounded like a bladder spasm since it started when I was lying in bed in the morning. Haven't had a repeat luckily. I also thought UTI initially but my routine urine screen several hours later was clean.


It's 2 hours to bedtime, and I could use a nap.

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subbing and writing later!!!

too exhausted nad busy right now!!!


Love to all tho! Your all on my mind!!

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So glad to see the new thread.  I have this feeling we're going to need to start our 'birth story' and announcement thread SOON!  Because we must have some mom's at the very beginning of December who are going to go early!


Had a long weekend with the inlaws.  Some sort of nesting starting this afternoon and I did a ton of kitchen rearranging/cleaning.  Got up early this morning and did 40 minutes of dancing, but then of course this afternoon ate like 2 sugar cookies!


Will be back in a couple of days to catch up!!!

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Originally Posted by smerkin View Post

What are everyone's plans for thanksgiving? I guess those of us who celebrate. smile.gif

The way that things have worked out this year, it looks like my little family will be alone this Thanksgiving!! I don't think this has ever happened before! While it is always fun to do big dinners with family it will be kind of nice to have a quiet day with our family. DD wants us to make lobster for Thanksgiving. orngbiggrin.gif I keep telling her I have never made lobster before and I don't think this holiday is the best time to give it a try. I was thinking about preparing a more traditional meal and then taking the kids to see a movie later..... "Rise of The Guardians" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dM0STHa0QcE&feature=relmfu) comes out the day before so I thought it might be a fun way to kick off the Christmas season for the kids. thumb.gif


Originally Posted by Mamabeakley View Post

Tropicana - hope you feel better!  If you are normally comfortable with taking abx, it might help to know that (I think, from what I've read) most of the adverse effects to the baby from abx taken during pg are linked to those taken earlier in pg (like, before the 3rd trimester).  


I am sure that at this point it would be minimally damaging to baby but a) I am allergic to several abx so my choices are very limited  and b) I would really hate to upset the natural gut flora this close to delivery. I know it could potentially cause issues with thrush and I am not sure it is worth the risk (unless things get really bad). I have only had thrush once but I hope to never have to experience it again....torture! greensad.gif If it comes to it I guess I will have to really load up on the probiotics while taking the abx. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can still kick this on my own.

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darkblue, your gifts sound amazing--your friends and family are blessed to have you! FX for completed house sale paperwork asap!


Tropicana (& esp), There is a strain of bug going around here that is manifesting as pneumonia, so I would be pretty cautious so you can kick whatever it is you have before it's baby-time. Obviously, I hope it's not that, but several friends have had it go through their families, and one adult and one kid that I know of in those developed pneumonia. A friend works as a NP in an urgent care and says there's an unusually high occurrence this season. I'm allergic to several types of abx, too, and it sucks! Feel better soon--both of you! 


mamabeakley, SOO happy to hear about the shower and money gifts that are already bringing you peace of mind. :)


welcome to the thread, smerkin. I hope you're on the mend soon, too. So great to have all kinds of meals ready in the extra frig/freezer!


jackies, yeouch! on the bladder spasm! I guess every other muscle seems to be in spasm from time to time, so why not that, too, huh?


christy, if I felt bad about eating the equivalent of 2 cookies (nevermind even formally exercising, ahem)...well, let's just say I'd have a very sad outlook. :P yay for nesting/rearranging


For all the sickies--First, I hope you feel better asap. But 2nd, there is an amino acid called n-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) that is not only an antioxidant (so it boosts your immune system's ability to kick pathogens' asses), but it also thins mucus. I take it instead of mucinex (because that stuff is gross!), and with the increased blood flow and congestion of pregnancy, I've stayed on a little bit extra this whole trimester. It's also pretty cheap since it's a plain ol' amino acid. Note, though, that it does chelate tylenol/acetaminophen, so if you're taking that as a painkiller, the NAC won't do anything *and* it will flush the acetaminophen out of your system. (It's actually what ERs administer in cases of tylenol overdose.)


AFM, I'm actually nesting! Not only did I make arrangements to have my old (7+yo) Ergo "refreshed" via a chemical strip followed by a dye job, but I actually got out the damned sewing machine and sewed the sleep hood straps back onto it in preparation for that first step. It's only been on my "to do" list for--oh, about 5 years now. lol.gif One friend is prepping, and another is dyeing the poor thing that is stained, faded, stinky, and worn through in places--but I love it and how it has been totally broken in over 7 years with heavy use by 2 kids! Besides sewing, I started packing together my birth supplies--my deadline is my 36w home visit with my mw a week from tomorrow. And dh has been taking orders to clean out our main linen closet and help gather some of those birth supplies. We are going to get a different car, probably this week--after test driving 2 other hybrids yesterday, it became apparent that our "safe" 3-across really was NOT (the seats were just wedged together so tightly, it seemed they were secure). I really wish we could afford the Ford C-Max Hybrid, but as it's new, there's not a chance; instead, I think we're getting a 2010 Prius (to replace our 2007) since it has a flatter back seat and I think enough leg room to even RF our 2nd Radian (instead of the bucket) to help save space. With the car test driving and then grocery shopping yesterday, I had some serious, constant, HEAVY Braxton Hicks contractions yesterday evening. So much that I had 2 glasses of wine to help calm them down (and it helped). No real contractions or even pressure on my cervix or at my rectum, so I doubt it did much more than some effacement, as my cervix is still waaay high. Today, I've had lots of cervical twinges (stretching?) and I can tell babe dropped lower, as walking is no longer comfortable and I must waddle everywhere instead.


I think we have figured out TGiving plans: early dinner here with DH's mom, then bringing (gluten free) cookies for dessert to his mom's extended family gathering, (back here to eat supper), then more cookies brought to his dad's side gathering in the evening. 

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Love hearing the good news and hoping those who are sick are on the mend soon!


I've had off and on cold symptoms since August...a lot of it is probably just pregnancy congestion. I'm hoping not to get my usual sinus infection - I seem to get it every time I'm pregnant!


Looking forward to my shower on the 17th, hoping to get some necessities as well as sweet things that friends pick out!


To those nesting - gah! I'm with you on that! On the one hand I'm really tired but I just keep seeing things to do. I have some major stuff to get done before baby gets here - mostly organization and simplifying our systems so that dp can function solo AND we're not just eating take out pizza for weeks on end! lol


Darkblue- hope the sale goes through quickly!


mamabeakley- great news on the money - how generous of your work community, they sound awesome!


Anyone else find themselves losing it every now and then? Out of nowhere I just breakdown on dp and cry - like heaving sobs. I guess I'm feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do, our limited (financial) resources and trying to get it all done despite these 2 things. Whew! Hopefully I can let go of some of it. Dp is helping more around the house which is HUGE. It's just a very lonely feeling sometimes, being the only one in the family who is actually pregnant, does that make sense?

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I've been very weepy, too, jakesmama - so you're not the only one.  I find myself doing the kind of shuddering sighs throughout the day that you do after a long cry, too, even when I haven't been.  Everything is hard, and then, sometimes, it's not.;)  I've been loving this pregnancy, but it's been a rough year - a rough couple of years - with a lot of stress, and then there's the hormones and all...  The crying spells are often a way to release tension for me, even when it's nothing to really cry about - I think there are just so many worries right under the surface constantly, that it takes almost nothing to set me off again.  


I just hit 32 weeks on Saturday, but am suddenly measuring now around 36 weeks - and still feel smaller than normal for this point!  It's funny to me that my measurement can jump so much from one week to another, when this babe has been head down, in pretty much the exact same position - forever!  Still really enjoying not wearing any maternity clothes though - just lots of dresses and stretchy tops.  The only problem is tugging my tights up constantly, now that it's getting way to chilly for bare legs.  I've been hitting the thrift stores about once a week lately and have accumulated a drawer full of baby clothes now - mostly gender neutral since boy or girl is a surprise for us - but still need to sew up some receiving blankets - which I always use a ton of, and some more baby gowns.  I also want to get hold of some little sweaters still and a snowsuit of some sort - probably just have to order one.  (Hanna Andersson has some nice little heavy sweater suits that I've used with my winter babes in the past.)

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Stegen--Yeah, I shouldn't be too hard on myself about a couple of cookies, I think it's that 'it's the holidays' thing coming up and I realize I need to likely make it through all the holidays and I'm going to be exposed to a lot of treats/desserts so I should really decline whenever I can if possible.  LOL  It's not like these cookies were that great, but my youngest DS had taken them out of the wrapping and broken them up and it was easier for me to eat them than wrap them up heh.  That plus going out to eat twice in 12 hours.  Though I picked healthier choices (chicken breast/salad and veggie omelet) still I know some things weren't as healthy as usual.  I guess I don't want to feel out of control, which hey could be easy with so much going on LOL.


I have a huge project I have to start, I need to redo the storage room/spare room (yeah, turned into a little storage room there as my mom moved down and I had to move some stuff out).  When she came down I wound up getting like 8-10 new boxes of stuff from her and two large crates of pictures.  The pictures I kept in the room she stays in (hopefully she's going to figure out what to do with them, don't know if we should all scan or what).  But I'm going to have to redo the spare room into a room for the boys. It's going to be a royal PITA...and will take a lot of mental energy.  There is stuff in there I'd love to keep, but don't have the space for so will have to part with things.  My mom also 'gifted me' a complete set of china (yeah, she had three EXTRA sets and decided to give one to each one of us kids)--that's like another 5 or 6 small boxes.  They are heavy stoneware stuff that takes up tons of space and I'll never use it.  Ugh.  I think I have to talk to her about it.  I feel crappy because my mom has serious hoarding tendencies and when her health was failing my brother/sister cleaned out her 4,000 or so square feet of space up north by basically dumping everything.  It was seriously traumatic for her and she kept so little from it when she thinks about that she's sad.  I just wish she'd *asked* first.  Sigh.  We just don't have storage in this house (no basement) and 1700 square feet of space for 8 people is going to be a stretch as it is.  We're thinking after things settle of actually having a partition wall built in the dining room and turning it into an extra bedroom.  I'm hoping that when I go through that room I find the baby car seat stuff that goes to my true fit.  I need that neck part.  


Anyhow, I'm dreading this, I needed to do it before, however I have pretty much no time with DH working too much.  Thankfully he's taking 4 days off Thanksgiving week.  Which I will work hard every day on it and then that weekend we're going to set it up for DS.  Thankfully I painted the room before I turned it into a storage room so that should be set at least.  Planning on some posters and other decorations to make it homey.


Jakesmommy--I'm definitely more sensitive, like things strike me more (certain TV shows for example I will cry at).  

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I'm bad at all the personals, but am sending well-wishes to everyone I miss!


kel and jakesmama: I hear you on the crying! But let it out! I've read that crying before you get to labor and delivery will help you to let go and release the pain once you're there. :) Therapeutic. Then my 2yo and 1yo get concerned and give me hugs, so that helps too.


And ladies, I'm requesting some nesting vibes be sent my way! My house needs a good scrub. wink1.gif And I haven't even touched my baby clothing stash yet. 33w2d I guess it's okay that I haven't hit them. Especially since with DS I nested very intensely for about two days and then I ended up having him a tad early at 37wks. I told a friend yesterday that my floor probably won't get mopped again until my MIL comes to stay with the kids while we're in having the babe. Being a good friend, she said that after Thanksgiving, she'll drive the hour and half both ways with her 4yo and 1yo to come pitch in and help me clean so my MIL doesn't judge too much.


tropicana: A quiet Thanksgiving can be nice. Lobster sounds fun! We're having a loud one, but a quiet Christmas. Feeling mixed emotions about that. All our family and friends live 2 1/2 hours away and with the potential for snow we have up here in the U.P. of Michigan, we'll be staying put whether I'm 40wks or have a week or two old babe. I plan on making chex mix and a couple other classic munchies that won't go bad fast and will be easy to serve to guests that might pop up if we do have the babe on time. First Christmas for both my DH and I away from family. But I guess we'll be a family of five soon, so we have our own family now!


These colds and sicknesses! Frustrating! I was doing so well until my DH and I took the kids to church a week ago. The children in the bench in front of us had nice runny noses. I was trying the best I could to keep my kid's hands to themselves, but then the 9mo baby dropped her toy she'd been chewing on and my DS picked it up and promptly put it in his mouth. My DH watched the whole thing happen and me the germophobe couldn't reach out in time to stop it! Told DH we'd all be sick within a couple days (I was right) and I'll be lucky to shake this until after the babes born with all my extra fluid! ARGH... Oh well at least its not strep throat like I heard after had been going around our congregation- just a stuffy/runny nose.


Once agan- best wishes to all!

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Feel better vibes coming for those who are under the weather. It's so hard to be sick while pregnant!


Yay for money gifts, 'new' cars, getting things done! I started nesting like CRAZY yesterday - I scrubbed the crap out of the half bath, like hands & knees every corner scrubbing, lol. I paid for it later, but it felt so much better to have it clean. I really want to paint it now, lol. We haven't done any real decorating in the common parts of the house, and we've been here over a year now. Most bedrooms have been painted (except for mine & DS 3's and some of the rooms where people have switched bedrooms a few months ago are now not what they want). Anyway the white walls are really getting to me right now. Especially since Jordan's kids seem to have no ability to walk anywhere in the house without running their hands all over the walls. I have lived with kids for 13 years & seriously, mine have never made things this dirty....


Thanksgiving here: MY mom, dad, 2 of my brothers, SIL, 2 nephews, and grandmother will all be here. Thanksgiving is huge for our family, as my dad's half is Jewish, so being together is very important. Last year I had no one here, and I called everyone and no one answered... I cried for half an hour, then my brother called me back & I lost it again on the phone with him. So very happy we will be together this year! My mom will be here earlier than most, so she will help me get the house clean, etc... Looks like Jordan is leaving town with her 4, which is a mixed blessing (places for my family to sleep, etc, but weird to not have part of my closest family not here). Anyway, it will be a big deal, lots of good food, etc.


Had a fun little experience on Saturday with about an hour of contractions. They weren't too bad - I was driving during most of it and while I probably should have pulled over once or twice, I could keep going - Did the whole food/water/bath/lie down routine and they went away. Checked my blood sugar that night and it was at 180... Ugh.

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mamabeakley, how sweet of your congregation! It's so nice to feel like you have a little spare cash to spend as you need, and to cover the things that seemed like they were going to bust the budget. I hope you get some really fun, special little extra things. :)


esp, awww, I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better this afternoon. I have no idea what it feels like when baby drops, but I know that any big changes in position can cause a lot of discomfort, not to mention it being on top of everything else! Keep up those cleansing breaths. See if you can get ten or fifteen minutes away and put on some of your favorite songs and just close your eyes.


smerking, welcome! I'll be honest, every time I see your screen name I giggle a little. :) How exciting that you're filling your extra fridge/freezer with meals! I've definitely got the freezer meal itch, but I need to wait until we move (same thing with gathering birth supplies). Just a few more weeks until December 1st and then I can tackle all of those things. What's your favorite freezer meal to make? I've been pinning away on Pinterest but love to hear suggestions!


stegenrae, yay for your home visit! So very soon! Any hot spots for picking up birth supplies? My MW suggested the Dollar Store and Walmart, and to just keep an eye out for sales. 


jakesmama, yes, I can totally relate to just losing it. It's only happened a few times, but for me it's just dealing with the fact that we really won't have a "home" until the baby is three months old or so. I know a nursery and all that isn't important, but we will be moving at least three or four times in the next six months until we're settled overseas. Most of the time I'm fine, but sometimes it helps to just have a good cry.


kel, awww, snowsuit! We won't need one here in Florida (and by the time we get to the UK it probably won't be that snowy), but I love how cute that will be. So interesting with your measurements/sizing. It still makes me laugh when some people tell me I look small and others say I look like I'm about to pop!


phatchristy, yikes, dump that china ASAP! Tell your mom she can either take it back, give it to someone else, or you'll give it away. If it's something you won't use, it is definitely not worth hanging on to, and the longer you wait, the harder it will be to talk to her about it (and the more negative energy you'll spend thinking about it).


segolilly, hooray for nesting and checking things off of your list! And I'm so glad you'll get to have a fun, crowded Thanksgiving with the people you love. I think knowing that Christmas is such a question mark makes me want to really, really enjoy Thanksgiving this year. 



AFM, just finished making black bean and sweet potato burritos to take to a friend who had her first baby a week ago. So excited to see them! My back has been a little sore lately, but nothing too crazy. I got my Medicaid card in the mail today (hooray) and made my first Chiropractic appointment, so I'm hoping that helps a little. I was so excited holding that card, knowing that now no matter what happens, our birth is covered. Such a wonderful relief.


I do feel like I've been checking things off of my list, slowly but surely. There are a lot of things that I can't do until we move into our vacation rental (Dec 1), but I've been finishing some of my craft projects (hat, knit cocoon, bunny toy) and am going to start working on a blanket soon. Also, huuuuge huge blessing: a guy from church left for Afghanistan last week and will be gone until January, and he said we can use his Forerunner! Not only is it wonderful to have two cars again, but now we actually have a vehicle we can put a car seat in (the only vehicle we have is a pickup truck with no extended cab). We are so grateful and I'm so happy to have a little more flexibility (and not have to always be dropping off/picking up DH for work). 


I haven't really had any contractions, BH or otherwise. Part of me is ready for them to start, just so I know my uterus is prepping, but I don't want to complain if they start and get annoying. :)


Anyone else think it's kinda funny that many of us don't know whether this will be "baby's first christmas"...or they'll have a whole 'nother year before they hit the first one? :) I'm still hoping for a pre-Christmas (by a week) or a New Year's Baby, but I sure would like that tax break. 

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chica- I'm really hoping for Dec. 28th (due on Christmas) because my ds is June 28th and dd1 is May 28th but it is weird to think that we might have someone new here for all the Christmas festivities - or not!


Glad I'm not the only one losing my sh-- every now and then. It just comes out of the blue - it's very surprising each time.


It's fun to hear of those who are making their Christmas gifts! I'm feeling the need to keep it simple this year and just have one day where we go out, purchase gifts (just for our kids and our moms probably), wrap and be done until Christmas. I would love to be making gifts (especially considered the homemade vanilla) but there's so much to do already I just didn't want to get stressed about finishing gifts in time. We'll still be keeping Christmas small and our kids are used to just a few, precious presents from us so I feel good about that!


phatchristy- That situation would stress me out too! I hope you're able to resolve it with your mom so you can tackle the storage stuff and move on!

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Jakesmama--Pretty cool about the 28th....there's some weirdness around here as well, we have three December birthdays.  Leads to a few jokes when people find that out.  So, just imagine when the fifth kiddo winds up being due in December (doh).  LOL  My DD keeps on telling me NOT on her birthday heh.  Like I can pick!


Chica--I'm sure that the card is a huge weight off your shoulders financially!  


Sego--I need some of your nesting vibes.  Did great yesterday, not so well today.  Although the kids were all home from school and that kind of kept me occupied.  Next week they're all off too and that is supposedly when I'm going to do the big clean out (yeah uh OK).  Hope you're not stressing about the blood sugar and I really hope that you can figure out with the midwives how to get it more under control.  


Was at a meeting tonight and people took me being there as some sort of conversation starter for talking about their birthing history.  OMG, I swear sometimes it's like I birth on another planet or something.  The stuff they think was normal was actually pretty darn scary.  Of course, I should not be surprised.  Their birth stories sound more like torture and survival stories, like 'what they did to me' (one of them actually did a verbal list).  Sigh.  Yeah, did I mention I live in the state with the highest cesarean rate?  It's refreshing to hear a positive birth story, but it seems like you usually have to be at a LLL meeting over here to hear that sort of thing...the average woman down here just accepts all of the crud they do to women as normal.


Which reminds me of this past weekend, was waiting with the DDs in the rest room and an obviously pregnant woman came in, started chatting.  Found out she was being induced next week for her first.  So, asked her why.  She said there's nothing wrong with her, but she's a single mom and that the doctor said it would be easier for her to deliver at 39 weeks (I think she meant herself but who would that really be easier for?).  I talked to her briefly, told her that around half the time it doesn't work and that she should google bishop score and talk to her doctor about it.  She had no clue that sometimes inductions don't work and lead to unnecessary cesareans.  She said she was alone, with basically no help and wouldn't be able to cope with a surgery.  So, did I just open a big can or worms for this person?  Hoping that whatever she does winds up going well for her.  

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