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Essential Oils starter info

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Hi all,

I'm just starting to get interested in essential oils.  Don't have any yet, but would like to buy some. Do you all have any brands/starter kits that you recommend?  Where is the best place to buy them?  Any info is appreciated.


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I will recommend some oils as a "starter kit" for you that is multi-purpose, but some oils have better applications for certain uses. I use oils for housecleaning and skin care, which are probably the most common uses besides general air freshening and medicinal purposes. 


I recommend that you get a book. There are many, as well as good information online.


Essential oils are volatile, so they can be drying and irritating if used in concentration. Because of this they make good cleaners as they cut grease and oils. They are almost universally antifungal, antibacterial, and disinfectant. They should always be well-diluted.


Lavender: Housecleaning and skin care. Good for burns and well-tolerated by many people.

Rosemary: Excellent for housecleaning, very strong. Can damage fine finishes and irritate skin if concentrated.

Eucalyptus: Good for massaging for sore muscles and as a chest rub for congestion/throat irritation.

Peppermint: Good for brushing teeth as well as housecleaning. Can be ingested for sore throat or upset stomach.

Lemon: Another good cleaner. Can be used as a hair rinse and anti-fungal treatment for feet and nails when diluted.


Be sure that you buy 100% pure essential oil and that you do not use solvent-extracted oils internally or on your skin.


I also check that the source of the oils I buy is not unsustainably harvested or threatened (sandlewood, for example); for me it's a matter of ethics, and a sustainable alternative is usually easy to find.



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We use Young Living Essential Oils. They are all therapeutic grade oil. They are awesome!
I would recommend looking it up online and reading about the oils, because I know whatever I can say wont do any justice for how great a company they are.
There are some oils that can be directly applied to the body, and some that have to be mixed with a v-6 vegetable oil (which can be ordered from them, or you can use regular olive or coconut oil) because they are just so potent.
The website is youngliving.com they have an oil for everything. As well as other natural things.
Look into it and see if you like them as much as we do! There are starter kits and stuff with them as well.
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If I had the money I would buy every single Young Living oil! I like ordering from Mountain Rose Herbs and like Simplers Organic EOs as well.

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Lovely! Thanks for the feedback, ladies.

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