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Could this be it?

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I think I might be in early labor, but as a first-time mom, I'm not sure! I have been "leaking" since this morning, but I assumed it was just urine until I saw a bit of light pink blood on my pantyliner. I am still leaking on and off and still can't tell which hole it's coming out of. :P The fluid is clear and doesn't smell, so I am thinking there's a good chance it's amniotic fluid and not urine. I'm also having contractions, but they are very irregular and not very long or too intense. I called the hospital and they said to come in, but it's 40 minutes (minimum) away and I don't want to go all that way only to be turned away if it's too early. If it is an amniotic fluid leak, I am assuming they won't let me go, though? My fear with that is that if the contractions are still irregular, they'll want to give me pitocin or something to speed labor up, and I'd really like to avoid that. Ugh... what would you experience moms advise? Right now I'm just at home waiting for the contractions to get more regular.

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Ah! I'm sure by now you've made a choice, but just in case you haven't. I would wait till the ctx get more regular personally. Yes, if it is a amniotic fluid leak they will probably want to hang on to you and augment. Fingers crossed this is it and it goes smoothly!

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Thanks...I am at home still, waiting for them to become more consistent, as you said. Trying to walk around to stimulate things. Still don't know if this is urine or amniotic fluid, though - you'd think it would be easy to tell! 

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No, it's not easy :p I thought I had a leak w/ my last babe and it turned out to be urine...  :p but show is a good sign! Hopefully soon!

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I get a leak after a contraction, so that makes me think amniotic fluid, but I suppose it could also be urine if baby's head is bearing down on my bladder. Who knows! The contractions are getting a little stronger, longer, and closer together...trying to walk around to stimulate things.

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How are things going now? Hope your contractions are steady and getting more productive!

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The blood, could it be your plug? I woke up yesterday AM with a LOT of watery, bloody mucus. Then it went brown, then clear, then pink, then clear, then pink, now last check, it was clear.... My MW said she expected me to start labor last night (not sure why, I was barely having BH, though they got hard to breath and talk through, they subsided when I went to bed). Same old thing today.

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