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Exercise accountability 11/11-11/17

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Alright mamas, who has been able to get out there and do some sweating?


After 2 weeks of next to no running, this morning I finally got out and did 8 miles, and it wasn't even terribly slow! I made sure to hydrate a ton and ate one of those Cliff's shots along the way, which I never used to do. It felt great!


So my goal for this week is to get back out there at least 3 more times for at least 3-4 miles each. My work hours have been greatly reduced, so this should be totally doable. Oh, and I'm planning to keep biking to and from work, which is just about 2 miles round trip. It's not much and the ride is decidedly less than strenuous, but it is something!


So how about the rest of you? What are your fitness goals for this week?

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my fitness goal is to get back on the yoga wagon and do at least 3 hours of yoga a week. I used to do it an hour a day 5 times a day but since I haven't been exercising at all for weeks (so exhausted!) I figure I should make my goal smaller for now. I was going to do it today... but I'm really enjoying sitting in my bed reading (the first time I've managed to do that in weeks!) My schedule isn't so crazy anymore so I'm also hoping that that helps with my exercise goals .

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The kids and I take long walks/hikes and I'm going to squeeze in some yoga this week.
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Ran 6-7 miles yesterday which made 4 times for last week. I hope to stay consistent with running 4x this week. My goal is to still be able to run a 15k in February which is 9 miles. At this point I know I could do it, but I want to continue to be able to do it as long as possible!

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I really, really hoped that getting back into the gym would help me - but it made things worse. :( I'm so, so bummed. My husband put me through a workout yesterday morning - I didn't push hard at all, but I super paid for it later....and this morning is rough, too. Coincidence? Maybe. I believe in exercise helping us feel better. I love my workouts! I just think that whatever this HG thing is, I'm not tougher than it - I keep thinking I am. :(

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I've been doing Yoga everyday and it feels so good! Ran a couple miles yesterday and this morning at 5:30 in 6 degree weather.  I feel so much better when I'm active but getting our of that warm bed when its pitch black and cold is sooooo hard. I keep telling myself I wont regret it. I haven't run more than 5 miles since Ive been pregnant do yo think its a bad idea to go longer than that (if possible he he)

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I am still running and aiming to reach my goal of 500 miles on the year.  So far I am 430 miles.  I was hoping to run today since the weather was so mild but they took 7 vials of blood from me today during my first prenatal appointment that I thought it wise to rest instead.  I've had to scale back my running pace and distance as my heart rate has elevated quite a bit while running how I was pre-pregnancy.  I've been eating like crap in order to keep calories down so I am even more motivated to get out there and keep running!

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Managed to get out for 5 miles yesterday pushing DD in the jogger. It felt great, and I didn't feel slow or sluggish at all. Then today I headed out for a quick 2 before heading off to my first appointment. I didn't have time to squeeze more miles in, and I wanted to get it done before the appointment just in case they took a lot of blood. They only ended up taking 3 small vials, but after waiting there 2 HOURS (!!) I am definitely not in the mood to go out for a run, so I'm glad I got it out of the way.

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had a day where I don't start work at 6 am... so I got up and did my yoga before going to work at 9. I feel great! I hope to pull it off again tomorrow.

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Last evening I did 4 intense 5 minute sets on my rowing machine and then spent the rest of the hour doing stretches and yoga. Gonna try and make this my more regular routine....


I'm so tired, I can't imagine getting up early to squeeze in a run or other type of workout! Kudos to all the rest of you who are able to take that time!

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Oh man, kudos to all of us for even exercising, period!  It will pay off in the end. smile.gif

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I'm pretty easy on myself for this first trimester, my goal is to run at least 16 miles each month. Which is hardly anything considering there are 30-31 days in a month. One mile every other day, even when I'm plumb tuckered out from this baby growing business! I'm leaving wiggle room to skip a day and add some more miles another day. I haven't been getting many long runs in but I'm hoping to be able to add some back soon. I'm still entertaining the idea of another half marathon in the Spring. Has anyone run one past 26 weeks? 


I need to get a mile in today, strictly for my mental sanity and hopefully a 3 miler this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. 

I think having this group to keep me accountable is really going to help. 



Crystal Marie
“above all things have intense and unfailing love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins ” 1 peter 4:8
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I think you're onto something, Crystal Marie!  I really do not think I'm going to make my 500 miles goal.  I am at 435 w/ just 1.5 months left on the year.  If I was not pregnant, no problem.  But I am just soooo tired.  Normally I can push myself through fatigue but this is a whole new league!  I have resigned that I will do what my body will allow, but I will not push myself just to hit a goal - mind you, a goal that was set before I even knew I was pregnant!

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Yeah, I'm working on being kind and forgiving with myself. Pre-pregnancy I was running 25-30 miles a week and completing 10k races in 49 minutes (my goal before finding out I was pregnant was to get that down to 47:30. I guess that will have to wait.) So it is hard not to be a little disappointed with my current weekly mileage of 10-15, but I keep trying to remind myself that the game has changed and that's ok.

Like today--I'm supposed to get out there for 3 miles, but its cold and dark and rainy and all of my cold-weather running gear is in the wash, so I will probably skip it. But that means I only get in 3 days and about 15 miles this week, which is kind of a bummer. My health and safety are more important. Nursing a toddler, and growing a baby, and working part-time wears me out, and its ok to lower my expectations of myself during this time. I'm working on embracing that mindset.
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Ugh, I keep wanting to make it to the gym but it is so hard to get moving in the morning. I am supposed to go to a mama and kids yoga group tomorrow. Hopefully I'll make it since I said I would go. I am hoping that time will give me back some energy and I can get back into working out during this pregnancy. I have read some stats about exercising mamas having quicker labors and I really need this labor to not be an eternity!
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