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Bottles & breast pumps

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My last baby never would take a bottle, and I'm determined that this one will since I hope to work part-time after a few months.  A friend gave me her breast pump (which I've read is somewhat controversial, but I'm going to use it anyway) and I'm wondering what any of you BTDT moms can tell me about bottles.  I would prefer to use glass or stainless (?) if they make them - what brands are good/bad?  What do I need to know about nipples? Any other stuff I need?



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I'll be interested in seeing the responses to this as well.  I will be returning to work after the baby's about 2 months old, this will be the 1st baby I've worked.

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Wellll, I have a lot, and I mean a LOT, of experience with pumping, but I only know about one type of bottle, Playtex Ventaire.  What brand and model pump is it?  I would start by researching what all brands of glass bottles fit the threads of the pump so that you can pump directly into the bottle.  I pumped right into the bottle a lot but mostly right into milk storage bags.


I recently shared a lot of advice with another mom regarding pumping at work.  I'd be happy to C&P it all here, in case it would help you or someone else.

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Oh, and I'm using Dr. Brown's glass bottles this time.  They make Evenflo glass bottles that have pretty good reviews on Amazon, and they are very inexpensive.

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