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Aaaaaw, congratulations! Our first "December" baby! So glad you are both home and doing so well! love.gif

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I LOVE her name! COngrats strong mama!! What an auspicious day to choice as a Birthday. I suspect that Miss Matilda is indeed a very special girl <3 Who will bring much light and wisdom into the World.

Can't wait to see pics of her!!

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"Our" first baby!  I love her name!  Congratulations on your sweet little one!  I'm glad to hear everything went well.

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Congratulations, Cielo! Welcome Earthside, Matilda Jane. smile.gif One of my good friends' first baby girl was about a month early, breech, and in a hurry--very similar to your story. It's amazing how these little people know just the way they need to meet us! I look forward to pics of your sweet girl.
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Wohoo!!! Welcome Matilda Jane, congratulations, Cielo! I am so glad to hear that it all went well, and especially that she is HEALTHY & HOME!!! So exciting that we have our first baby!!!!

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What wonderful news! Welcome baby, and congratulations mama!

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Yippee! Welcome Mathilda and congrats Cielo to you and your family! I'm happy to hear you are all healthy! Can't wait to see photos!

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what a wonderful birthstory for an amazing little girl! Congratulations, mama, on bringing her earthside with strength and love. So glad to hear that you are home, healthy and happy with Mathilda!

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Woohoo! I was overjoyed to see this update! So happy that you are both doing well and how incredible that you got to have such a good birth experience even with her arriving so quickly (and early). Can't wait to hear more!

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Congratulations! So glad to hear you and baby Matilda (love the name) are doing well!
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Oh yay and congratulations!!!!! My son was 5.5 at birth and did wonderful I hope the same for you! so glad you're all safe and happy!

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Congrats mumma!!! smile.gif amazing!
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What an amazing story! I'm so happy for you! Enjoy little Matilda!!!

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Congratulations! Love the name you chose for your little girl! I hope everything is going well!

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Yay! I love her name so much! Congrats!

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Woo! Congratulations! I'm so glad everything worked out well for both of you. Enjoy your babymoon! love.gif

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Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes. I'm hopping over to the new baby thread to post pics if I can get it done before she wakes up!

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