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So confused, was supposed to get AF yesterday but she hasn't shown. I took another Wondfo test this morning and it was negative. Today is CD30. Usually my cycles are 29 days. I had a D&C in August and it took 35 days after to get my first period. Then I had a 27 day cycle. I guess it is entirely possible that my cycle is just 'recalibrating' and isn't as predictable as it used to be. Blah! 

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Hi Everyone!


Just came across this thread and hoping to join you. Not sure why I hadn't come across it before but it seems like a good place to be... I'm TTC this month, 2nd try... missed m/c, etc... in August.


Could you please add me "waiting to O"? Thanks!


And, hey Sarahl918 - was thinking about you and wondering how you were doing... Darn frustrating cycles aren't they? Mine haven't been normal length either since, well you know... I averaged 26 day cycles before and since August have had a 31 and a 28, go figure... Sorry you're in such a frustrating place, hope you get your BFP soon:) 


Glad to be joining you all. wave.gif

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Hi Suzie!! So happy to see you here! Yes, it is extremely frustrating. I am used to being able to expect things on a specific day, the not knowing is driving me up the wall. If I'm not pregnant, I just want to be able to move onto next month. It is an exercise in patience... something I lack much of, I'm learning. In a way I am relieved to hear that you've had slightly irregular cycles too, makes me think this is just a normal part of recovery. Hope this cycle is it for you!! I have a good feeling it will happen soon for us both. smile.gif

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Hello all the newcomers! Welcome. May your stay be short and sweet.


My OPKs are now completely negative, so I guess I missed it. LOL Please move me to waiting to know.

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Maybe you just didn't get to the threshold CD?

Still waiting to O here! *drums fingers*
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I'm currently on the 2 week wait now, so I should hopefully find out at the end of the month.

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Morning gals! Still overdue on AF over here. Usually get my period on CD30, today is CD32. Last month got it on CD28 though. Took a FRER yesterday, negative. Cheapie Wondfo today, negative. Last night I had a dream that I got a BFP, then I had a dream I got AF. :) At least tomorrow we are flying back home to Virginia for the week so I'll have a lot to take my mind off things if it still hasn't showed. 


Sidenote, I don't think I'll order those Wondfos again if this isn't my cycle. Too much temptation to test when they're so cheap, and Lord knows I don't need to be taking any early tests! 


Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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Sarah - I completely understand the patience thing, it is something I try to work on every day, although lately I've been quite unsuccessful. It makes me feel a little better too, to know that I'm not the only one that now has weird cycles due to similar 'changes'... Bummer you're still having to wait... at least you have a trip planned for a nice distraction:) I have a really good feeling about both of us as well. Another coincidence about your dream... I had a dream two nights ago that I got a BFP, so cool to have those, positives in dreams have to be a good thing! Just ignore the second AF dream! lol.gif


Thanks for the welcome CDsMom1031. Those darn OPKs, I wonder if they are more stress than they are worth! I too plan to use them this cycle and hope they don't freak me out...


Sending positive vibes to all and especially dust.gif to those in their 2WW!!

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Hi! I'm still not quite sure where I belong. FF gave me an O date on CD 13 based on a pretty clear temp shift and CM, but I've been getting negative OPKs every day. Starting OPKs and temping I was really hoping they would confirm each other but now I'm still confused. When I started ttc I felt in tune with my body and after months of second guessing I'm totally out of touch. I'll keep up the OPks and see what happens I guess. We're headed out on a road trip to Asheville this week (so excited!), not sure how testing on the road will go. The good news is that if FF is right we had great timing.

I hope everyone has a wonderful start to their week!
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