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Anyone trying for a VBAC?

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My 4yo daughter was breech so my birth plan did a 180 - going from a birthing center with midwives to a C-section at the hospital with a doctor I'd never met.


This time, I'm working with an integrated practice of OBs and midwives, and they're known for their VBAC work. Their success rate for VBAC (i.e. no C-section) is something like 85%.


I was curious if anyone else is in this boat of trying for a vaginal birth after C-section?


The whole experience of having a breech baby and doing EVERYTHING under the sun to get her to turn made me realize that I really have no control over what happens, so I'm trying to be more chill about it from the get-go this time. smile.gif


Do you have any fears, struggles, concerns about your own VBAC?

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DS2 was a home VBAC. I'm more than happy to answer any questions.

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I'm going for a home VBAC this time.  We ended up transferring during my labor for my daughter.

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I had a natural hospital VBAC with kid2 then a cbac with kid3, so I guess I'll be trying for a vba2c this time smile.gif

I met with the midwife in the practice a few weeks ago who said I am a great candidate for vba2c. Only problem is, and I plan on sharing with the doc next week, is that my uterus tore downward slightly from the horizontal incision during my last csection (not terribly uncommon to happen to a friable uterus after laboring 18 hours and pushing for 3). I don't know the location of the tear or how large it is, but the ob who did the cesarean told me it meant no more vbacs. I'm seeing a new doctor/practice this time, so I'm interested in hearing their opinion, and reading the op report myself.
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this is my first baby so no after c-section bit, but because of health probs, and high risk of prem delivery, birthing issues due to disability, and so on.. we are (if my heart scan comes back as saying my hearts strong enough, going for a vaginal birth, but with the understanding that we have to be prepared for c-section due to complications (which could be quite likely) , if the heaert scan comes back not so good i will have to have c section anyway, im meeting anaesnatist and everything way in advance to make sure that we are prepared for every eventuality, but i am really hoping to have a natural birth, and not have to go down the c-section route.. am also under obs and midwives, and my ob is keen due to healing issues in my condition to go for vaginal birth aswell. which is good news as im told many people with disabilitys get pushed into c-section which i wouldnt want unless it was necessary. I Hope everyone manages to achieve a natural birth this time :)

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I am, too! Totally agree that I feel more relaxed about the outcome of this one, though. I will do my best. I have a supportive OB. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.

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Me too!  Same exact thing Snozzberry for my DD.  She was transverse breach and rammed into the space (is there one?  DD made one for herself!) between my oblique ab muscles and my rib cage on my right side.  Ouch.  Hoping for a VBAC this time.  Have researched the c-section rates at the area hospitals and I am interviewing 2 midwife groups and associated OBs to see who I feel better with.  We will see, appointments are this coming week.  

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