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Got an email back from the midwife I had contacted. She had originally been optimistic that she could take me. But due to Oregon laws, it turns out that even though I don't have to take insulin, going on oral medication is enough to make it so she can't take me. I'm kinda bummed. But, she did recommend a DEM, which I guess aren't tied to the same regulations? Anyone here have any experience with a direct entry midwife?

I've also decided to call my old midwife group (who would only attend a hospital birth for me and that hospital does not have birthing tubs) and at least see if I can get in to get an u/s. If I am having twins, then my options for a caregiver will be drastically reduced, so definitely want to know sooner, so I will know what my options are.
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Sounds like a plan. I don't have any experience with a DEM, but if you ask this on the home birth section, someone might be able to give more insight. 

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Oh, I'm so excited. My friend and La Leche League leader just introduced me to someone she thought I'd have a lot in common with. She knows I'm looking for new friends. She doesn't know however, that I'm pregnant. The lady she just introduced me to is a midwife, who get this, SPECIALIZES in high risk pregnancies!! I'm meeting with her tomorrow and I'm so excited that I might have found just what I was looking for! Oh please, oh please, oh please!
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That's great! Hope it works out for you. :)

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That's amazing!!!!!!  I hope it all works out for you!  Keep us posted! :)

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Well, I just got back and these ladies are awesome!!! Exactly what I was hoping for. They trust that I know my body, they don't look at my diabetes as this automatically awful thing, my age is no big deal and a water birth at home, totally doable! I am ecstatic! I can easily see becoming friends with them too. I just can't get over the timing of my friend introducing us!
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Thats awesome! Sounds like some prayers were answered :)

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How cool that you found her, are you a type 1 diabetic?  

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Yes, they were! No, I'm type 2, but diet controlled.
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Woohoo! :)

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That's awesome news! Happy for you!
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Double posted, oops!
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I'm still so excited today. I had totally given up on the idea of ever having a home birth, was just hoping to have a water birth in the hospital. Now, I'm looking at not only a water birth, but a home birth! To finally get what I really want on what will be my last birth is absolutely amazing!
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I have a question for you experienced moms.... What are done good questions to ask your doctor to find out if you want to stay with him? I have a family prctitioner and they have someone in the office who does deliveries. I like my family doctor, but I never met this doctor that would help my through my pregnancy... The other day when I went for the pregnancy confirmation, I felt that the nurse was trying really hard to sell us on going with the practice. I felt like I had walked into ABC warehouse.
I also have an ob that I really like.
I don't want to have a c/s, and I don't want to be induced because it is convenient. So what would be some good questions to ask to decide with which doctor I want to stay?
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C/S rates, induction rates, birthing positions allowed, water birth. How do they feel about your goal for a natural birth without interventions. If they are like, "we'll see what happens"... that might be a bad sign. I had a doc that acted like things went wrong all the time and we'll see. "Don't get your hopes up." That's not what you want. You want a doc that is supportive of helping you have the best experience possible. Also, explain that you would like to know everything that you will be doing for tests and whatnot before you do them. For example, I don't like the pregnancy glucose test and got the regular diabetic test instead, where you get your blood taken, go eat a meal and come back at a certain time for the second blood draw. Hope you find someone you will like. One warning, I thought I liked my Obgyn until I went through pregnancy with her and realized she was terrible. Yep. So, be prepared. Don't be afraid to switch providers if you find things are not working out. 

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I just switched from an OB to a family doc. I am much much happier with a family doc trained in prenatal care and not an OB who is trained as a surgeon. My understanding is that most family docs have lower rates of surgical procedures and interventions. Or at least that's true of my doc, who was strongly recommended by my doula as well.  All that being said, ask questions and go with your gut for sure!

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Have you considered a midwife? Generally speaking, they are the most supportive of natural birth. If you're wanting a hospital birth, there are plenty of midwives who do them. Just a suggestion. And definitely ask questions. It really helps to know what you want in your birth. Once you've got a good handle on that, it becomes easier to determine if the caregiver you're looking at is a good fit for you. Also, remember, in this case, it's kind of like you're interviewing them for a job, if you don't like what you hear, don't hire them. Meeting with them once, does not obligate you to keep seeing them.
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Sheila- so happy to hear its a good fit and that you're back on track for a home birth!  So exciting!!!


As for questions to ask:  I would first decide what is important to you in regards to your prenatal care and birth.  Then see if the doctor or midwife lines up with that! 

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I have considered a midwife, but as far as I found online there are none in my area.... I have a consultation on Tuesday, and I already wrote down a whole lot of questions. I think I am just going to go with who I like the best. I just thought the nurse was so strange... It felt kind of pushy. I don't want anything like that. I want them to do what I want. Of course I want their opinion, but I want an honest opinion about what is best, not what makes the most money. I guess I will just have to wait and see :)

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Inlove, I would lay it all out and see what they think:
1) c section only if absolutely necessary, for instance if baby is in distress. Ask the doc what is their definition of a necessary c section, a baby in distress, and what is their plan if they see a problem.
2) absolutely no induction early. Decide what is your comfort zone for being late and ask when they induce. For instance I was induced at 41 weeks with my first but with my second it's very important to me to go into labour naturally. This time I will ask to go 41weeks 3 days before induction if I don't go into labour earlier. Looking at the risks, 42 weeks doesn't feel right so I came up with the idea of going an extra 3 days to give my body a little extra time without getting into (what I perceive to be) risky territory.
3) tour the hospital and ask about their c section rate and induction policy. there is a chance you may go into labour without your doc being able to attend (she could be at another birth) so you need to know your hospital's policies and statistics. You could have an amazing, supportive dr but on the big day end up with an overzealous OB. Make sure you have a strong, well educated advocate who can help you be heard, whether it be your partner, mom/sister or even a doula.
4) discuss twin delivery and breach babies. Until recently it was common sense to deliver these babies vaginally but of course they are more complicated. Decide what your wishes would be in these cases and find out how your doc would handle them.
5) ask about artificial rupture of membranes, augmenting labour with pitocin, water birthing, etc and birthing positions they will support. You want to have options even if you end up choosing to deliver laying on a bed. I heard lots about being up and moving through labour but my induction was so intense that I felt I couldn't even stand safely so i laid down. Maybe this time I will get to experiment smile.gif
6) do ask about pain management and its availability. I understand you probably want to deliver naturally but based on what happens, you may want it. Or you may want to ask not to be offered or reminded unless you ask. Again a strong advocate will help on the big day.
7) ask about how they handle the more common complications like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. Caution is good but you want to know that you will get a fair chance at a vaginal birth if something like this does surface.

Ok that's what I got so far. Time to run; it's midnight and I think I can finally move to my own bed for the night.
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