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What's for dinner?

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What do you cook for your family when your feeling nauseous? Not sure what to make for dinner. Everything I think of sounds so gross. My husband says he doesn't care but I know he really does. Any Ideas? (We don't eat many grains and no dairy)

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Tonight I'm making chicken parmesean at DH's request. Usually when I'm nauseous I just make whatever is easy and I know they will eat, I will just eat something light. Sorry my menu for tonight might not be of much help to you. How about soup? It's what I would probably like right now lol...
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I was going to make curried red lentils and basmati rice, but needed to go to the store for more curry, then my son fell asleep on the table and now I have no energy to move so I ordered pizza. lol

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Sausages, potatoes and some other easy to prepare vegetable.
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If DH is home, he does dinner. Unfortunately, he works almost every night.

No idea what to make tonight. Probably grilled cheese and tomato soup. I can't handle much more than that today. greensad.gif
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Yeah, it's really difficult to come up with meal ideas when everything looks so foul. I would make a dish for my family and eat something different altogether. Easy things I've come up with:

BBQ chicken, baked sweet potato, salad
veggie soup (or any kind of soup really)
baked potatoes stuffed with taco meat, guac, and salsa
stir fry (veggie or not)
"sloppy joes" with shredded zucchini, squash, and carrots added poured over lettuce, potatoes, whatever
roasted veggies and ceaser salad
lettuce wraps and plantains
bacon and baked winter squash with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and a little honey (my kids love this)

That's all I got off the top of my head.
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Fortuantely, I've not been feeling nauseous while cooking.... for me it's more an energy thing. By the time I get home from work I am simply exhausted. So I do what I can on the weekends to make sure we have a few easy and re-heatable meals... like the following:


  • Baked potatoes with crock-pot chilli.
  • Baked chicken thighs (baked over the weekend and reheated) with steamed broccoli or salad greens
  • Quesadillas --- sauteed onions and peppers on toasted tortillas with cheese. (a good 5 minute meal, especially if it's just for myself).
  • Pre-made lasagna that can be thrown in the oven when I walk in the door.


 Tonight I think I'll throw in that lasagna! It's nice big one so we should be good for a few days. :)

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Oh I like the bacon and squash idea. Was planning on baked squash tonight. Sounds good and easy too.

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