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I Think I'm In Labor!

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I started feeling like I could time my Braxton Hix about noon today. I did so and they were about 10 min apart but not hurting. We finished school about 2 hrs later and my sister called just before 2:30. We were chatting for a very few minutes, MAYBE 5, when I felt a bubble under baby's head (which is still ROP, little brat). Thankfully because of the plug coming out since yesterday morning, I had a pad on. I felt a little something leaking out. Not a lot, but more than a period and nothing I could stop. So I was thinking water. I checked (yes, still on my Bluetooth chatting to my sister - she's SWORN not to tell Mom, who I know will kill me later) and there was about a tsp of greenish brown (light olive) liquid soaked into the pad. Some more dripped in the toilet but not much. I text my MW and told her. She was asking  questions when I had the next BH, though I think now it changed to contractions. It wasn't as much on the belly squeezing as it was like a strong but not as bad as I've had menstrual cramp. I wiped because I felt something else and there was about as much blood as when I have a heavy period. Now it's been like a light day with an occasional gush of maybe a tsp. My MW said it sounds like the real deal!

Oo, just felt another tiny bubble by his head....

Anyway, hubby got off work at 3 and called. I was still talking to my sis and by this time had gone to picking up the house a little more. Thankfully I had the girls dust, vacuum and give the bathrooms a quick once-over. Well, the first thing hubby said when he called was, "You know, I'm getting excited about this baby coming."  I said, "Well, you might not have to wait long now. I think my water just broke."  He wasn't sure if I was serious but I assured him I was. 

So now we wait. It's picking up for sure and getting like bad period cramps. They're 4-5 min long and about a minute. I'm keeping Linda in the loop. She'll probably come soon. Hubby's next door working on his log splitter. I told him I don't think he should be there too long and to make sure to check his phone if he's not heard from me. 

So far, not telling anyone except my sis and mw... and online folks. I don't want to be annoyed with constant calls and texts. Keep your fingers crossed that this little posterior baby is born well for this first time mama!  Prayers are appreciated! Smile

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Sending good labor vibes your way!

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so exciting! I will keep you in prayer.  Keep us posted!

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Yay! Keep us updated!

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yay :) goodvibes.gif good and easy labor vibes coming your way! make sure you rest while you can... fingers crossed!

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Easy labor vibes! Good luck!

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WOOOOOOO!!!! orngbiggrin.gif Can't wait to hear the rest of the story! thumb.gif

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Hope things are going well!

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anxious for an update!!

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Thinking of you!

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Exciting news. Hope all is well and you are already resting with babe in arms. I can't wait for an update.

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Hope you're doing well - !!!

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So exciting! Looking forward to your update! Thinking of you.

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So exciting!  

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