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Weekly thread--April 20-27

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Hi all:

Thought I'd start the new one. Just got back from my first midwife visit..we liked eachother so much we spent like an hour just jabbering..it was great! I am so stoked on homebirth!!

I had a really bad bout of nausea/heartburn last night ...today i'm 8 weeks and 3 days..I will be so happy when this starts to ease up some.

Still on the carb kick..still in love with potatos...

That's about it here
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Hi... we have our first midwife visit on Thursday. Exciting. Tomorrow I'll be 9 weeks.
I'm on a carb kick too: pasta, toast, pancakes... look out. Trying hard to veer myself back to protein. Queasy though. Luckily eating lots of fruit and salads too.
Main issue for me is the on and off spotting that has been going on for weeks. Very little, but there when I go tot he bathroom. Midwife over phone says its probably ok, but its so hard not to worry that something's about to be wrong.
Never knew this first trimester would be so nerve wracking. Still not telling people I'm Pg. for fear it will still m/c.
Hanging in there
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Hi Haven't had much gumption for posting lately. Nausea is not as pronounced this week. Tomorrow I'll be 9 weeks too. Just a few more weeks till tri-2! Had my first midwife appointment last week. Loved the office and staff. I've been spotting too and have decided not to let it worry me, but it still does a bit. I never had any when preg with dd. But I've read so many posts and books that say it's not anything but normal. Still extremely exhausted during the afternoon. Wishing dd (3yo) would share my enthusiasm for a 3 hour afternoon siesta. Instead we resort to me reclining on the couch to the soothing sounds of Kipper the dog (honestly, aside from their constant consumption of cake, ice cream, lollipops and corn flakes probably the most begnin children's videos-easy on parental ears)
I'm off to attempt a 20 minute snooze. Hope you all are enjoying the beautiful weather of spring!
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My mom just rolled into town from her annual Snow Bird getaway so finally was able to tell her the good news. We went to her house for dinner and I asked her to make her Spaghetti. I've been craving pasta and my mom's cooking like crazy so I was in heaven Sunday night. She also made my favourite cake and sent me home with lots of pasta and cake. Carbs! Yum!

Today's my first day of not so much naseua so I'm in such a good mood!

I went off the prenatals so I think that helped...
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Yeah..I went off my prenatals too..but I still take the folic acid. and I recommend that to everyone!! I went through losing a spina bifida baby and apparantly the only reason the baby had it was low folic acid...I take two folics a day
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I'm learning how to deal with the nausea- it's so different to last time and different things work. I'll be 9 weeks tomorrow.
Feeling a little depressed because my house is filthy and I don't have the energy to clean it up.
I am starting to hope that this baby is a girl because we agreed on a girls name that we both love! We haven't come up with any boys names that we are happy with. That's the only reason I am hoping for a girl (It feels like it is, we have both been getting very strong girl vibes and even my toddler is convinced he is getting a 'baby sissa'. We'll see) I'm happy either way.
I'm still taking my prenatals, also a morning sickness formula that is made of ginger and vitamin B6. It helps a little.
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I'm sorry for those of you who feel sick! I'm starting to feel better (and hopefully am not jinxing that by writing it!) I feel like I'm coming off having a long illness. I am getting my old appetitie back, for other things than potatoes and bread, but I can't quite finish my meals and am worn out. I still feel sick in the mornings, though. I actually cleaned my house yesterday and today! And not just so it'd be bearable... I even did the windows! I must be feeling better.

I have a great boy name but haven't decided onj the girl name yet. I'd kind of like it to be a boy only becasue I love the name so much! I'm sure once I've finalized on a girl name I won't care.

I'll be 12 weeks on Friday. Does the second trimester start after 12 weeks or 13? I can' t remember.
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11 wks today

Hi ladies! I've been feeling much better the last two weeks as far as morning sickness, although I still have boughts of nausea from time to time. I haven't thrown up from it though in a week and a half and I think the only reason I did then was because I had a headache and I took tylenol on an empty stomach at 4 in the morning and woke a half hour later to throw up. That's about the worst thing in the world to throw up!!! ACK! My throat burned for hours afterwards.

Aside from that, I've been having other stomach issues. I'm lactose intolerant and have IBS but they get about 10x's worse when I'm pregnant. My last pregnancy was far worse, with me spending hours in the bathroom in pain about twice a week for the first half of my pregnancy. Once I figured out most of my triggers things got better. I must admit that all the talk of cheese has been depressing me, since I can't have any. I also figured out this weekend that my stomach doesn't like pork products. Most of them have nitrates anyway, so I shouldn't be eating them, but I haven't had much craving for protein, so I've been trying to get it wherever I could.

Anyway, I'm off to get ready for the day. I second what everyone is saying about napping. I don't get too many naps either, so I can commiserate.

And to Mabelsmama, I think it's at the end of the week 12 that the second trimester officially starts, but I could be wrong.
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Well, ladies, there is an end to the sickness...

It's like it magically shut off at 12 wks. so weird.. It has been 3 days now and no nausea.

I had an exciting night Tues night. My patient at work, his heart stopped and we called code blue. When I was going for the crash cart I rolled my ankle and totally crashed and burned. (So that's why they call it a crash cart:LOL ) Anyway the patient survived but my ankle didn't. Ended up with a sprain. since I work in a hospital I went up to ob to get a nurse up there to listen to heartbeat to make sure baby was ok. Had to go through the usual stuff of if you get hurt at work you have to give a urine sample for a drug screen. Nothing to worry about there. Although hope they don't inject the rabbit:LOL

But anyway I just wanted to let all of you ladies who are still getting sick know that there is an end.

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My nausea declined significantly between 9 and 10 weeks. It was kind of weird and scared me a bit, but I know baby is fine. It's so easy to forget about the first trimester of your pregnancy. I was telling DH last night how I really didn't remember much of this part last time. I just remember loving being pregnant so much! (But what I remember is the last half where I had a beautiful belly, a great appetite and everything tasted great! LOL!) Oh, and I kind of blocked those last couple of weeks where my body just ached and ached all over.

Well anyway, I'm so glad you are feeling better Susie! That's wonderful! I hope your ankle gets better soon.
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