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VBAC after HELLP Syndrome?

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I'm looking to see if anyone had any success with a vaginal birth after c-section when a previous c-section birth was the result of having HELLP Syndrome. I had my daughter by emergency c-section when I was 37 weeks pregnant due to the sudden onset of HELLP Syndrome. I was heartbroken because, as weird as this sounds, I was always looking forward to the challenge and experience of a vaginal birth. It is my hope that with baby number two I will be able to have a VBAC. I'm not pregnant yet, just exploring my options before I get my hopes up. Has anyone had HELLP Syndrome with a previous birth that went on to have a successful VBAC? Thanks!

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You might ask the Hellp Syndrome Survivor group on facebook. My HELLP was sudden and severe as well but at 27 weeks. Though everything has normalized finally (2 years out this 22nd) I have been told to not even consider another pregnancy. They believe because the way my body took damage it would not survive another pregnancy. However, there are women who have had multiple pregnancies with HELLP and post HELLP. As far as VBAC, I'm not sure.
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