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Right hip and low back pain:(

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As of yesterday, I do believe that my baby decided to drop down into my pelvis area.  She is right on top of my bladder, digging into my right hip, and it feels as though she is pushing into my lower back.  Very painful!  Not to mention I am running (or waddling) to the bathroom every 5 minutes just to have drops come out!  Does anybody know of a way for me to try and get her repositioned?  I do believe laying down with my feet elevated is supposed to help, but I have an 18mo DS who can not walk, crawl, or talk...but he butt scoots around and want to be everywhere I am or on top of me.  My husbands job has him out of the house for 2-3days at a time.  I know it would be ideal to lay down...God only knows I would love to have a chance to lay down and get the pressure off my lower back, but this is not typically an option unless all my kiddos are in bed.  Just wandering if any of you mammas had any ideas?


Thanks in advancelove.gif

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I have no ideas, but I just wanted to express sympathy, poor mama! I hope you can find some relief somehow smile.gif
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Try a maternity support belt! I just got a Babies R Us brand one from a friend, and it really takes the pressure off my back! Also, I would recommend some gentle yoga. I practice while being climbed on by a toddler all the time! smile.gif Sounds like making a prenatal class would be tough, I would try Shiva Rea 's prenatal DVD. Good luck! And rest whenever you possibly can.
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Do some inversions - knees up on a low chair or step 1 or 2 of a staircase, butt in the air, forearms on the ground.  Feels REALLY good.  Hold it for as long as you can (your shoulders will get tired first).  Also, it's a fun position for toddlers too so your kiddo can play along :)

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Here's a great pre-natal yoga routine you can try that people have said relieves their nagging back and hip pains:



An article on yoga poses during pregnancy from Mothering....downside is it's hard to visualise without pictures or videos:



Hope this helps.

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Ooo! I just fast forwarded through this, but I think I'm going to try it. It seems I always have a work conflict whenever a prenatal yoga class is offered. Hmmm... Maybe youtube has an aquanatal video I could use to do some water stuff on my own since I can't seem to get to those classes either...

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Thank you for all your responses!  I have done some inversions on the floor, but it kills my lower back as I believe my hips are out of alignment.  But I will keep working on this.  Also, teh yoga is a great idea for me as I can not even really go outside for a walk at the moment due to the weather.  Any relief is welcome:)

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I'm having the EXACT same problem. It's so painful!! 

Have you tried a chiropractor?? You might need an adjustment for your hips. Also hanging out on all fours leaning over a yoga ball is a good position. If you can do that for a little bit at the end of the day might help you out. My 2yo always tries to climb on me for a horsey ride at this point but she usually can't get up there :)

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I would love to go to a chiropractor, but it just is not in the budget right now.  I know my hips are out of whack because I have scoliosis and they have been getting worse over the last few years.  Since my 19mo was born, I have really been consintrating on him as he is special needs.  I have let myself go so I may care for him along with my older boys.  Both of my hips are really off at this point and causing great pain.  I have finally gotten some assistance through our early intervention program and am starting to look into taking care of myself again.  Believe me when I say this is so needed:)  I am going to start by looking into some yoga as I live up north in the cold snowy weather and can not get out as much as I would like.  Thank you all for your suggestions hug2.gif

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I'm using an exercise ball as a chair at work and have noticed a huge improvement in my lower back.  For a  few months before I was pregnant I had a weird clicking in my lower back, and that too has disappeared.

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