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Gotta share: natural Hemorrhoid treatment! It WORKS!

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I suffered a lot of pain postpartum from this uncomfortable condition with DD, and when I mentioned it to my new midwife this time, she warned me that I'd probably be getting them again later in pregnancy, and she recommended taking Horse Chestnut tincture as a treatment, to strengthen the walls of the veins. (Hemorrhoids are like vericose veins, within the rectum).  


She was right on both counts. Hemmies came back, but the Horse Chestnut tincture WORKS!!!  It has repeatedly cured me of discomfort and symptoms within a day or two after taking it.  If I neglect to take it, my symptoms come back within a week. Then I just take it again, and they're gone in a day or two. Like clockwork!   


FYI y'all!


Here's info about it, as well as some other natural treatments:


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Thanks for sharing! I've thought about taking horse chestnut to prevent varicose/spider veins. Do you have a brand that you recommend?

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What I've found that REALLY helps my vein problems (legs, lady area, etc) is butcher's broom. I buy it from sanhelios and get the higher dose. A midwife recommended it to me during my second pregnancy when I noticed I was getting vaginal vericose veins. They were the reason my sister's doctor talked her into having her tubes tied. I was worried about the danger of giving birth with a bad vein problem, but the butcher's broom was amazing at giving relief quickly. It's the first thing I buy when I find out I'm pregnant, now.

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The link I shared in my first post mentions Butchers Broom, but I haven't tried it. It's really nice to know we have multiple natural options!  


Jean, I just picked up a tincture from Whole Foods.  Brand is Herb Farm, a yellow label with green print.  According to the article, capsules are also available, which would be worth trying, just because it tastes pretty horrible!  

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Cool, I have a few other Herb Farm tinctures and like them. But yeah I don't know about the awful taste-- maybe if I hid it well in juice but I'm really sensitive to taste/smells now of course.

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Thank you!!
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Glad to share, I hope it saves some of you the discomfort!  


I also still make a point to avoid too much white flour consumption, and include fiber-rich foods. Makes things much more comfortable moving through.  

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BUMPING this thread, for those of you suffering!  Or those looking for prevention for labor-caused Hemmies! I'm taking my capsules daily. Capsules are definitely the way to go--I'm glad to have finished the bottle of bitter tincture.   

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Bumping this up for any of the postpartum mamas or others who may want to plan ahead.

I'm miserable right now with external hemmies and none of my old tricks are working.  Sending DH out tomorrow for anything else I can try.

I'm going to have to look up the 2 recommended tinctures above, as I have other health issues that I don't want to mess up.


anything else you mamas have used with success?


I'm doing frozen witch hazel pads, frozen pads with postpartum herb infusion, suppositories at night that have horse chestnut in them, homeopathics, alternating between lying down, walking, sitting....

havent done a sitz cause they never work but I'm going to do that tonight.


BMs are not painful, thankfully, but they just ache all the time and aren't showing any improvement.  Plus they get really achey along with after pains, so it just hurts badly while I'm sitting and nursing and my uterus is trying to kill me.



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