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Will You Find Out Your Baby's Sex?

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With our DS1 and DS2 we did not find out because we wanted them to be surprises. I figured we'd follow the same route this time as well but now, well, I'm just so damn curious! DH said no, let's not find out when I asked him what his thoughts were for this go around but now I'm not so sure. This pregnancy is just soooooo different and my curiosity has been seriously piqued lol.gif .
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We knew ahead of time with our first (boy) because we did IVF with array cgh testing.  So we know the gender of the embryos before they transfer them.  This time we know also and it's a girl.  We could have let it be a surprise, but we're just too darn curious.  We didn't even wait for an ultrasound later in pregnancy.  The RE asked us if we wanted to know and we said yes right away.

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I am hoping to find out. I also have two boys and this pregnancy has been rougher on me. But we have never done a surprise. If it's a boy again, I think we will have a few minutes of feeling a bit disappointed and I'd rather have that feeling at 20 weeks than at the time of birth. And if it's a girl, I can ask around for baby girl clothing.
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I love finding out as soon as possible! It's a huge surprise either way to me - and honestly, the moment of birth is so huge and momentous anyhow, that I can't imagine adding a surprise gender would make it much sweeter (for me). I love celebrating the gender around 20 weeks, being able to plan and shop and name the baby ahead of time. It really seems to help me bond once I can name my baby and really visualize who is growing in there!


I can NOT wait for that this time! I'm another mama with two boys....not necessarily hoping for a girl...I adore my little boys and would love another, but super curious as to who is hiding out in here nonetheless!

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We are definitely finding out. We love that we can plan, and I agree with SweetMama that birth is just so special that I don't feel like I need the surprise for motivation. Although it would definitely make it more exciting! We already have our 20 week ultrasound booked for Jan 11. I will be 20 weeks right on that day!! Eek!! I'm so pumped! I know it will come fast.
With my first, even before we found out the sex, we had a boy name picked, but couldn't for the life of us, agree on a girls name. This time it's the opposite!! We have agreed on a girls name and can't find a boys name. So I just keep thinking we are having a girl. But i would be happy with a boy too! I honestly can't wait!
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We will definitely find out.  We are all about practicality and knowing the sex will make planning and prep that much easier.

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We are also going to find out! We did not find out for #1, and did find out for #2, and I much prefer knowing!

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Nope. Surprise until the end for us.

It was so amazing looking down at my first two and discovering their gender that I have no desire to find out earlier. Well... I will want to know, but will be content with the decision not to find out.
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We have 2 boys and 2 girls, so I think we will stay in suspense until the end.  I will do an US though (to locate the placenta since I've had 4 unplanned c/s) so it will be really diffiult not to cave in that day and find out.

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I want to know! :) So, when I get my mid pregnancy scan, I'll be asking if they can tell.

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I'm another mama of two boys. I'm pretty sure we won't find out because we didn't with the other two but I'm rreaaaaallllyyy curious. I've had a lot more acne this time and have felt a little more ill all around but that could be just because I'm older and more tired! I'm considering lobbying my husband for finding out at 20 weeks. ...
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nope it's our first and hubby really wants to experience that surprise.. I'm indifferent so we aren't going to find out till the big day.

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My husband is the exact opposite.  He's lobbying for finding out early.  I'm a little charmed at the idea of finding out on the big day, since this is our first.  But my husband is absolutely convinced that we're having a girl, so he's like, "What's the point in waiting?"  :)  


(I, myself, have zero intuition as to what this little babe will be!  I've been blessed by a relatively easy (i.e. no morning sickness) 11 weeks thus far, so I don't feel like I have anything to pin "boy/girl" on thus far.)

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This will be our first and we are choosing to keep it a surprise. We plan to do a US at about 20 weeks to make sure everything is going good but we will firmly instruct our tech not to hint anything. I can't imagine a bigger surprise in life! 



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I'm on the fence on this one.


We didn't find out with my daughter, and I was convinced it was a boy (for logical, not intuitive reasons). My main motivation for not finding out was that it seemed to be thwarting the natural order of things. Also, we didn't want people giving us a bunch of pink or blue stuff if we knew the sex. But in retrospect, I think it would have helped my early bonding if I had known ahead of time. (I had PPD and a hard time bonding.)


Hmm. I'm kind of talking myself into finding out this time. But then I'll have to give up my fun search for my favorite names of whichever sex the baby isn't, and I'm really enjoying it!


So, hmm...


My daughter, who doesn't officially know that I'm pregnant, was laying near my belly the other day and said, "you have a little girl in your belly." It was startling and fascinating!

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My daughter, who doesn't officially know that I'm pregnant, was laying near my belly the other day and said, "you have a little girl in your belly." It was startling and fascinating!

Oh wow!  That gave me chills and goosebumps!

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Originally Posted by spotty4 View Post

Oh wow!  That gave me chills and goosebumps!


Today we were getting in the car after playing at the park, and she started telling me (not in English) how she is going to have a sister and how her sister will be "coming up" soon. I just listened, didn't want to sway her. I think, though, all these thoughts might be her picking up on my thoughts and my occasional conversations about being pregnant (I'm careful not to mention babies and she doesn't really know what "pregnant" means, but she probably sort of knows.) Or maybe it's her intuition coming out! Fun and lovely!

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I just found out that sex determination results are part of the materniT21 plus test I did. So if we wanted to, we could find out ASAP. Wow. I'm kind of stunned. Sorry for the silly post, but I don't know who else to tell!

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YES I'm finding out!  With my first I did not.  With the second I did because I wanted to know if I needed to get boy clothes.  This time I have no clothes again for either sex so I'm finding out so I can actually gear the clothing to boy or girl instead of just generic.

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We found out! Maybe my daughter was onto something--it is a girl! The night before I read the result, I dreamt that I was looking at the results and it said (in our home language): pink kitty cat. After that, I woke up feeling unshakably certain it was a girl. My husband felt the same. And it is. We are so thankful--this is what I was hoping for!

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