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Placer County

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Hey Mamas, 


I'm from Auburn, CA, originally, but I've been away for 20ish years. I'm planning to move back with my family this summer (cross your fingers for us). We're looking at the Loomis area, so I can be near my parents and close to Sac where DH will probably work. I've been searching old threads for info about the area, but I realized it may have changed in the few years since the last posts I saw. Here's what I'm hoping to find the area:


Independent bookstore/ toy store/ coffee shop  


Selective-vax-friendly pediatrician or family doc


Farmer's market


Unitarian Church (preferably with a teen group)


Library with kids' programming and/ or book clubs


Writer's group or poetry reading series


When we moved to MA, it was easy to meet people because I was a stay-at-home mom, so I just joined a bunch of playgroups, but now my youngest is in elementary school, so I'm worried about being lonely. I'd appreciate any info!


Thanks so much, 


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Hi Tricia,

I live in the Placer County Area. I am the organizer of a local meetup group for attachment parents. Our group consists of all ages. Here is a link if you are interested http://www.meetup.com/Attachment-Parenting-of-Placer-County/

As for your other questions I know that there is a weekly Farmer's market in Auburn and Roseville that is yearround.

I'm not sure what health insurance you have but we have Kaiser and Dr. Anaka is our Pedi. We really like him.

Hope this helps,
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Hi Allison, 


Thanks so much! That sounds like a great group. I'm not sure what kind of insurance we'll have when we get out there, but I have another friend who loves her Kaiser doctor as well. 


=) Tricia

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Also, we're looking for a three-bedroom house to rent in Loomis. We're planning to move in August. Please let me know if you hear of anything. 




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Ok I will keep a look out. We are actually planning on moving to Auburn in March. A good place to look is Gold Country Craigslist. I also have a friend who lives in Loomis so I will have her keep an eye out as well. What is bringing you back to the area?
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Thanks so much! If her kids are in public school, I'd love to hear how she likes the school system as well. My son will be starting first grade there, but I'm actually pulling him out of K this winter because it's such a bad scene here-- part of the reason we're leaving. 


We're moving back mostly to be closer to my family. DH has a very small family out here, and we don't really see them. All of my family is in CA, and I just realized that I really want my kids to have grandparents. Even though my parents drive me nutty sometimes, I know they will be super involved in my kids' lives, and my mom is retiring soon.


What is taking you to Auburn? 

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Hi Tricia,

All of the public schools in Loomis have excellent ratings and I've heard great things from a family friend about the charter school there. You might want to check that out before you move because most Charter schools do the lottery process.

We currently live in Rocklin. We moved here in May from the bay area to be closer to DH's mother. I like Rocklin but we live 5 minutes from the mall and it gets a bit congested.

I grew up in a small mountain community in NM so Auburn reminds me a lot of where I grew up. Plus I love the scenery, history, and small town feel. Rocklin is a bit flat. And a similar sized home costs less to rent in Auburn. DH works from home mostly so being a little further out wont affect us too much.

Let me know if you need anything,
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My parents are still in Auburn, so I spend a lot of time there. I do love old town, and I know it's wrong, but I'm totally hooked on Taco Tree. It's all nostalgia. I went there for lunch every day in high school. My parents really want us to move there, but it might be a bit too close. Also, we're assuming that DH will be working out of Sac and commuting to the Bay Area regularly. Where did you live in the Bay Area? I was in Alameda for 10 years. 


Thanks so much for your help. I emailed the charter school, but I haven't heard back from them. I guess I'll have to do it the old-fashioned way and pick up the phone! I saw on Great Schools that the schools have high ratings, but then I started worrying that they may push the kids too hard and stress them out. I'm hoping to go out in May and check out the schools. 


=) Tricia

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We were just in Auburn last night for the lighted Christmas parade. I really like the downtown area on Lincoln Way. I had never seen that part before. There is a Unitarian Church in Auburn called Sierra Foothills. I saw their float last night.

I can totally understand about being too close to family. Right now my MIL is about ten minutes away and is over here every other day. Another reason I would like to move to Auburn is to have a bit more distance!

I can also understand your concerns about the schools being too pushy. That is a definite concern of mine too. And one of the reasons why I'm contemplating homeschooling. It's probably a good idea to come check them out.

My DH is from Hayward and we lived there for the past six years. My DH works in San Jose. Most of the time he works from home but every so often he has to go into the actual office.

My email is allison5330@hotmail.com if you need anything don't hesitate to email me. I know how stressful relocating can be.

Talk to you soon,
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Hi Allison, 


Sorry for my slow response! We were all struck down with the flu over here, and I just started homeschooling my five year old. Thanks so much for the info. I will be in touch. My parents are really pushing for Auburn, so we may end up as neighbors. =)


Take care, 


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Hi Tricia,

Hope you all feel better soon! Enjoy your holidays. What made you decide to homeschool your 5 year old?

Take care,
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We hadn't heard great things about the curriculum at our local PS (all worksheets), and I had concerns about some safety issues as well, so I had been thinking about HS before ds started kindy, but I started a new job, and it didn't seem like the right time. I thought we'd try out kindergarten and see how it went. We were told that we were lucky because his teacher was the best of the bunch. I volunteered in the classroom and in the library once a week, and the teacher really shouted at the kids when they didn't follow directions or when they didn't put hands and feet on their drawings. Every time I was in there she sounded like me on my worst day, and I saw her make kids cry.  


Anyway, I could go on and on, but the short of it is that ds started saying he hated school, hated learning, didn't want to participate because he was afraid he'd do the activity wrong. I didn't want that to be his foundation for school, so I'm trying to undo the damage now. I do want to put him in public school in the fall, but I really want to find a better fit.


I'm really glad we'll be able to choose his school this time-- at least I'm hoping that will all fall into place! If not, maybe I'll just continue to hs him. It's going really well so far, but it's only been two weeks. 


How old is your little one?


Happy Merrry!



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Hi Tricia,

I hope that your family is feeling better. Our daughter is 14 mo old. Not near school age yet but we are thinking about doing a parent/tot program in September at the Waldorf school in Meadow Vista.

Have a wonderful New Year!
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Hi Allison, 


Happy New Year to you! 


14 months is such a great age. That's how old ds was when we moved out here. Time has flown. 


I have friends who graduated from a Waldorf school (here in MA). They loved it, and they are amazing teens, too! 


I'm afraid we've already strayed too far off the Waldorf path, but I did see that there's a Montessori charter in Rocklin. That seems promising. 


My daughter is freaked out about the size of the high schools out there, so we're trying to find an alternative for her, too. So much to do. 


I hope you're well, 


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Hi Tricia,
Hope your family is doing well! I wanted to let you know that we ended up moving to Meadiw Vista. Are you still leaning towards Loomis?

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Hi Allison, 


That's an exciting move! Are you enjoying the country life?


We are moving June 4 (plane tickets are purchased!) but we still don't know where we're going to live. We've been looking more at Auburn. My husband is waiting to hear whether or not he can telecommute for his current employer. If he can, Auburn might work for us because he wouldn't have to commute to Sacramento every day. I think I would still prefer Loomis, but the houses are cheaper in Auburn, so I'm opening my mind. Although, I may end up working in Sacramento, so that's something to consider. This is pretty much all I think about! 


It's good to hear from you. 


=) Tricia

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Hi Mama,

Just wanted to say Welcome back :) There is a lot more locally in terms of farmers markets! It's exciting to see them cropping up everywhere.


You might want to look into Dr Allen. He is an MD and holistic practitioner that does alternative treatments first, yet has the ability to prescribe/mainstream medicine if needed. He doesn't take insurance, but he is worth checking out.


Dr Grant is in Folsom and is a traditional pediatrician but is VERY laid back. He doesn't question or lecture about vaccines if you don't want to hear it, he's a great listener and my own kids have seen him and felt very comfortable with him.


Just thought I'd toss those two out there for you to consider. Neither are Kaiser. 


You're nearing your move date, hope things go smoothly for your family! Best wishes :)

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Hi Crispie, 


Thanks for the info! I will definitely check out those guys. If everything goes smoothly, it looks like we're moving to Auburn. I'm having very mixed emotions about being back in my hometown. Yikes!


=) t. 

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