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Emergency Birth Kit and accidental homebirth

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What would you have in one? I plan on laboring as long as I can at home before heading to the hospital, but I also have a history of quick births and worry we may not make it on time. So, I plan on keeping a few dark towels, a small blanket, floss, and a nose sunction thing in my bag just in case, but what else would you have on hand?


Me and DH are also discussing what to do should the baby be born at home. Head to the hospital afterwards to get a clean bill of health, or just stay at home? How would staying home complicate filing for a SS# and a birth certificate?


I'm really meshing this out in my brain, because it is a real concern for me and one of the reasons I originally wanted a homebirth.

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Madis - you are in the US, right? The only thing you need for 'proof of birth' to get a certificate & SSN is a witness (DH) and a health care provider to do a quick check of baby. Personally, if I was in your situation, i would not go to the hospital, but would find a doc (pediatrician, nurse practitioner?) to come check baby at home, or take baby somewhere for a check that doesn't involve being admitted to a hospital.


as for supplies, your list is good; if you can get ahold of some chux pads, they are wonderful, and of course pads for you for afterwards. Really most everything else is luxury, not necessity.

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Even though I plan on my babies being born at home, I make sure to have my birth kit ready by about 30 weeks along. I take it with if we travel over an hour away, and I let my sister have it when she was pregnant... just in case she had a fast, surprise delivery. I think it's a good idea for any pregnant woman to have one.

I keep it all in a little duffle bag. Here's what I have:

rubber gloves

a bottle of iodine

a tincture for stopping hemorrhage

2 cord clamps

a bulb syringe for suction

4X4 gauze and golden seal for umbilical stump

chux pads

Depends for me to wear

newborn diapers

a baby outfit, hat and blanket


We've never run into problems getting a ss# or birth certificate, even though 2 of our births were unplanned UC. 

Our midwife did a little baby check up when she would make it to our house, and would ask me about the apgar (sp?) score, like what coloring the baby was, and what ever else they look at. My husband was the witness. It all went just fine.   Oh, and I order my stuff at inhishands.com 

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Sego -- Yes, I am in the U.S. I did find the requirements for filing a birth certificate in TX and I will need proof of pregnancy, proof of live birth, proof of residency and proof of something else that I can't remember at the top of my head. I have the info on our other computer smile.gif It may be a bit of a hassle, but good info to have just in case!!! If we end up birthing at home.... I don't know what we would do from that point! But would tend to think we'd end up staying home... we'll see. Makes my DH nervous, but he has softened to the idea. This afternoon he told me if this baby is born fast and at home we would have to do a lotus birth, because he wasn't touching the placenta or umbilical cord. I was shocked he rememered what a lotus birth with! lol 


Sweetestday - That's a good list! I just saw chux pads at a local store, so I will definately get those. Do you know what was in the tincture? And Depends are awesome for after birth LOL.

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Given my fast first birth and the fact that my mw was about 40 minutes or so away from me for DS2's birth, she insisted DH read Emergency Childbirth: A Manual, by Gregory White, MD. It looks like it's out of print, but libraries may have it if the google books link doesn't work for you. A quick google search included this link about it. This was an interesting gutenberg link to an old Dept of Defense guide (from the latest reprint in 1970), too. 

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I will list the contents of my birth kit for my unassisted birth tomorrow if someone reminds me :D


This is a SUPER smart thing for any mama to think about though.  You really never know.

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Here's the tincture I ordered:


and here is a great little sheet for Daddy to follow if things happen before other helpers can assist:


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Sweetestday, that's a great list.

Stegenrae, birthwithlove sells an emergency birth kit that has that book in it.

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