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Nursing aversion...urgent help

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I have a 10 week old who will take NO supplementation whatsoever. No bottle, lactaid, syringe, cup..not even if you spill drops will he drink...he gets angry.


HOWEVER...he laso has reflux and is probably the most extreme gassy baby you may have ever seen.


Poops once in 5 days and is probably very backed up (I know BF babies don't poop for 5-7 days but this is more than just normal)


He had terrible gas and tummy ache last two days and he also started on prevacid the last two days after abruptly stopping zantac (meaning no overlap). dont think there is a connection. BUT now he has developed a nursing aversion and is not feeding from me except when sleepy and at that just 25% and falling asleep.


NOW he is hungry and crying but he comes anywhere near me and is screaming.


SO here is my boy...wont take supplements and wont feed on me.. What is to happen to him?


Am in tears and going absoliutely berserk... what can I do?????



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PMd you sweet mama...we've been there, and got through it. Hang in there. Try nursing in the bath or shower..that helped us

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Try upright nursing so reflux wouldn't be as bothersome. Try to go topless as much as you can so breasts don't make a sudden appearance. And if you can, please see an experienced lactation consultant (IBCLC). I went from EPing to ten weeks to EBF with the help of a good LC and 19 month old DD is still going strong. PP had great suggestions too. I found that I absolutely had to make it a no pressure thing but that's hard with a hungry baby who isn't taking supplements. An SNS may help get some supplements into him and charm him back to the breast. Please see an LC and hang in there! Hugs to you from another mana who struggled.
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My lil guy did something similar around the same age. Keep offering to nurse, nurse when he will (sleepy/drousy or whatever) Even if he's been sleeping a long streach, wake in the middle of the night to nurse.

Try chiropractic adjustments

Try gripe water (Colic ease is very good. Colic ease is good too)


Good luck!

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Do you babywear? Having him in close proximity to your breast may be helpful, as PP poster a bare breast is very good also.  I found motion very helpful to allow my newborn to nurse. I had over active letdown and I think he feared latching on. Holding him and swaying, gentle motion caused him to bob and search for the nipple.

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My baby only nurses when  lying down drowsy or alseep. She is now 5 months old and has been doing this for the past 3 months. It`s exhausting and I`m sorry you are going through it.

Here is what I do: I nurse her while she is sleepy. If she is hungry and crying I rock her until she is half asleep and then nurse. If she sleeps for longer stretches I nurse her just when she is about to wake up  (but before fully awake). 
Try being as relaxed as possible. Babies can sense that Mom is tense.

Maybe you are doing this already but if not: try elevating his head when he is sleeping. There are reflux pillows you can purchase. I just put a folded towel until my DD`s mattress.

Have you tried eliminating dairy? DD got somewhat better since I`m avoiding dairy (and soy to some extent).

Hang in there..

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This definitely sounds like a feeding aversion which has developed in response to reflux pain. I had two refluxers who both developed feeding aversions. My son almost ended up on a feeding tube. 


Have you tried spoon feeding him? I know it sounds bizarre but that's how I prevented my son from getting a g-tube. I would sit him in a bouncy seat and use a plastic picnic type spoon to feed him his breast milk. For some reason he would slurp it off a spoon even though he would not nurse or take any kind of bottle. I think it's because he associated the breast and the bottle with pain, but not the spoon. I know you said he won't take a cup or even drops of spilled milk, but you never know.... try the spoon. Place it gently on his lower lip, but don't push it in. If he's hungry and thirsty he may just slurp it up. I was surprised when my son did. I would try it when he's in a calm mood, not screaming. Just see what happens. I fed my son by spoon until he was 18 months old because his feeding aversion was so bad.


If your baby only eats when sleepy, he's probably in pain. The Prevacid should take care of that if he's on a high enough dose. How much Prevacid and what form of Prevacid is he taking?


Here's a website that may help you.




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Prevacid solutabs...7 mg per day.

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That's probably not nearly enough. My son was getting 10 mgs three times per day. 


How's he doing?

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