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GISDiva - I'm sorry for the spotting. I'd definitely go for the vitex.. couldn't hurt, right? If you wanted to you could talk to your doc about progesterone supplements or if you're interested in something easy and natural vitamin B6 and Vitamin C both worked to lengthen my luteal phase. I guess they're both essential in the production of progesterone. I have the Vitamin C study here somewhere.... Here you go: http://www.bastyrcenter.org/content/view/620/ or if you want the actual study, here it is: http://sitemaker.umich.edu/rei/files/vitc_lpd.pdf Maybe you could try those first?

Oasis - Welcome.gif I hope your stay here is a peaceful one.

Dakipode - If there's someone else to take over the thread, that'd be great. If you need me to do it, I will. I'll probably need to try to keep being zen anyways.

justjenny - Good for you for being proactive. I always feel better when I'm "doing something." Even if it's simple things like easting better, etc. Hey, and you know how it works, as soon as you make the appointment, bam, you'll be preggers. whistling.gif

lidamom - Wow! You're Christmas shopping is done!!!!! I haven't even started yet! innocent.gif

wave.gif - Hi all!

AFM - Thank you all. I'm still holding my breath on this one. I DID go for a blood test and the average for where I'm at (12 dpo) is 37 and my HCG was at 33. So, it's ok, but not great. My progesterone was at 22, which is great, so I guess that's encouraging. They tested my thyroid, too and it was normal. I'll get another bloodtest on Wednesday which will be 14 dpo. I'll keep you all posted.

wave.gif - Hi Sila!!!!! Thanks for rooting hard and loud in such a zen like manner. I'll have to go off to stalk you... (Sorry I've been such a lazy stalker lately...)
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Diva -- I feel your pain with the spotting. Mine typically starts around 11 DPO then drags on for like ever, teasing me into thinking I might possible be prego bc hey, it's not AF! Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. 


Lidamama -- I've never wanted to try Vitex bc I've read stories about it delaying O and didn't want to deal with that. But as far as other supplements go, I'm afraid to say I've been no where near as patient. I started Royal Jelly last cycle but stopped due to fears (perhaps irrational) that it was delaying O. This month I tried OTC natural progesterone cream bc I suspect I have a progesterone issue. It definitely lengthened my LP, but I'm not sure if that was altogether a good thing since I was left rather confused as to whether it was the cream of a potential pregnancy delaying AF. I think next month I'll be going au naturel aside from the usual cod liver oil, raw prenatal, vitamin D and trusty pre-seed. Not like any of those things have so far made a difference!


I've thought about acupuncture but haven't taken the leap yet. I'm actually going to a chiropractor this weekend bc I've read that lower back issues can have negative effects on fertility. I've been dealing with a recurring back injury since May so I figure it can't hurt and, at the very least, it might lead to some more acrobatic BD'ing which I'm sure DH would appreciate at this point since he's likely starting to feel like a sperm donor. I can't wait for this to happen already so we can enjoy BDing just for the sake of love and pleasure vs. frantic baby making... Can't imagine the stamina of you ladies who've been at this for a year or more!

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Welcome.gifWelcome Oasis!! Hope your stay here is brief.


GISDiva I'm sorry about the spotting and that you are feeling negative. This does get old pretty quickly, huh? I am trying, trying, trying to keep it all in perspective! I'm still rooting for you (any possibility it could be IB?). I am really not trying to be over the top sunshiny - I know the let down of impending AF sucks and I also know when you just know it's AF. Just a thought... hug2.gif


Xerxella Those numbers sound great to me! Fx for a nice rise in the HCG by tomorrow 


AFM Still hanging out waiting, 8DPO. I have no huge inkling either way. I keep stopping myself from posting in the TWW thread, as then I give myself permission to go nutso symptom spotting and obsessing blush.gif Sigh. Back to work for me!

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wave.gif Oasis! Hope you get a sticky bean soon.


GISdiva- That just sucks. hug2.gif Maybe VItex will be your magic pill....



xexerella- I was totally thinking that too. Now that I've made the appointment and will be spending a lot of money we'll get pregnant on our own, lol. Appointment is for DEC 11th which will be a few days before O. We'll see!

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Lidamama- I probably didn't specify, I am on so many boards (and 3 different websites) that I tend to forget what I said where lol.  But I am an elementary education major with an emphasis in early childhood education and my observations are for the classes I am taking.  I start my student teaching next semester and graduate in the spring.

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Xerxella, thanks for the Vit C info.  I kinda feel better about trying that rather than Vitex, it seems a little more harmless.  I remember being extremely nervous during the time I weaned back off the Vitex the last time thinking it was going to screw something up.  No need to wean off of ascorbic acid.  ;)  I hope those numbers keep going up for you!!! Fingers and toes and everything else crossed...


Oasis, we seem to have the same body...


SparkleMaman, I suppose it could be IB, I had it the last time with DS.  But I just can't seem to make that thought stick in my head.


Hope everyone's day is more positive than I am making my own out to be, and thanks for all the well wishes!  happytears.gif

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Oasis, welcome! I hope this thread helps you stay calm.


Xerxella and JustJenny, I want some of that magic doctor appointment dust. It's not working for me so far. :-P I hope it works for you JustJenny.


I think I'm a little late to the party, but I've been watching a lot of BBC on Netflix too. Sometimes I catch myself thinking in a British accent. My husband and I watched Sherlock, and now we are watching Dr. Who.


AFM - 4 days left in the TWW. I'm having all of my usual high progesterone symptoms that don't mean anything. I'm pretty calm, thanks to having doctor's appointments scheduled and this thread.

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Haha, Devilish, yeah, I remember that line...I just couldn't tell your tone in writing :)


JustJenny: Good for you going for follow-ups. Maybe that's just what you need.


Oasis: I completely understand you wanting to not mess anything up with supplements; I tried Vitex for a bit, and I got horrible nausea. I might try soy isoflavones down the road, but not while I'm still nursing DD2.


AFM: It's been a LOOONG day. So yesterday we kept DD1 home from daycare cause she was coughing lots. This morning as we were getting ready to leave, she had diahrrea, so I kept her home again. Then she started screaming that her ear hurt, so I took her to a walk-in clinic cause her doc doesn't work at this office on Tuesdays. Not two minutes away from the doctor's office, DD1 pukes ALL OVER the car and herself. And it started to rain. So there I am in the rain, cleaning the bigger pieces of puke with DD1 still screaming her head off and people stopping to ask where her mommy is. Sigh. One the up side, when you walk into a clinic with a screaming preschooler who's covered in barf, and a baby in a stroller (thank goodness DD2 is so calm!!), you don't wait to see the doctor :)  Dr. diagnosed her with an ear infection, so back in the pukey car to the pharmacy to get abx. Then home. Into the bath. Lots of laundry. The car still needs to be shampooed. Luckily DD1 sleeps lots when she's sick. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I can actually go to work :/

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sparkle and coati - Ah, you are entering the time that is always (well, one of) the most challenging for me. I wish you so many good, healthy, calm thoughts as you wait these last few days. Stay strong! I truly hope this is your month.

Afm, I am having my most-sane insemination timing experience yet. It's still a struggle at times of course, but I'm try to make healthy choices. Yesterday I was trying to cope with the fear that I might have scheduled my swimmer vials to arrive too late (today!), thinking there was a chance I would O over night. I went to my first yoga class in way too long, and spent the meditations talking to my right ovary, which I can feel swelling. I just kept asking it to get stronger, be patient for the vials to arrive, and give me good signs for timing the insemination. I woke this morning feeling confident that I did not O overnight, so that is a relief. And though not a lot, I slept more and better than any other possible night-before-insem yet. Phew!! Feeling so grateful for the energy on this board helping me reframe my attitude after my disappointment last month. Namaste!
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Congrats John16n33! Sorry I forgot you in my personals, last night!
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Ok ladies, I'm at the beginning of a new cycle today and I keep promising myself this cycle will be different. I won't waste hours googling and ruminating on the internet desperately searching for that magic bullet or that one symptom of temp pattern that will absolutely prove I'm pregnant, reading the same posts over and over again, calculating O dates and EDDs. I. cannot. do. that. again. But, on the otherhand, I'm rather lacking in the willpower needed to rise above all that internet frenzy and just focus on me, my work and life with DH. I feel myself getting sucked in every cycle even though at this point I know pretty much all there is to know -- all the tricks and tips, every phase, every hormone pattern, all the supplements, symptoms and pregnancy test stats. 


Any advice on getting and staying off the internet (at least for ttc stuff)???? It's like a compulsive obsession with me and I can tell it's starting to turn me into a person and wife I don't want to be! I'm a crazy person and it's gotta stop!

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oasis - I, too, have struggled with the patterns you described. I've made some improvement, but it's still a work in progress. Here's what works for me, sometimes...

Can you identify the time(s) of day when you usually go online to do the obsessive stuff? If so, you could try to plan ahead for alternative things to do. For me sometimes it's as simple as getting out of the house for 20 min to run an errand or take a walk to get fresh air.

Another idea is scheduling yourself for 5-15 min of meditation, prayer, quiet breathing, etc., a few times a day. I sometimes set an alarm on my cell phine to remind me. I find this helps me bring down the adrenaline level that is coursing through my blood stream, telling me I must check my chart one more time or else the whole TTC effort will somehow be wasted.

Lastly, have you told you DH about how you feel, and how you want to feel? Perhaps you could enlist his help. For me, telling DW really helped. She checked in on me more often, and a few times I even asked her to take the laptop away. We were able to laugh about it together and she helped distract me with a change of topic.

Good luck!!!
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Originally Posted by oasis84 View Post

Any advice on getting and staying off the internet (at least for ttc stuff)???? It's like a compulsive obsession with me and I can tell it's starting to turn me into a person and wife I don't want to be! I'm a crazy person and it's gotta stop!


My mantra for the past several months in the TWW is "I'll know when I know."  Whenever the crazy train starts to pull away from the station, I try and repeat that to myself and if I need to, go look at something that isn't at all related to TTC, like a funny website or something.  It works...sometimes...lol.gif  You can't keep those thoughts from coming into your head, but you *do* have control over what you do with them, even if it feels like they have a mind of their own sometimes.  :)


ETA:  I bought a new pair of shoes this week.  That helps too.  whistling.gif


Lidamama, I'm so sorry you had such a bad day with your daughter, hope today is better!

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Thanks GISDiva and Sphinxy -- good advice all around. I guess it's really just about being more conscious of your behavior and recognizing when you need to take a step back.

And yes Lidamama your story reminds me to appreciate my own mom and everything little and big she did on a daily basis. It also reminded me to appreciate living in puke-free bliss with DH while we still can wink1.gif Hope tomorrow's better for you!
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Ugh Lidamom - I hope your daughter is better today.

AFM - Well this looks like it's going to be another loss. I just hope it's over quickly. My HCG didn't quite double (and it should've tripled) from 33 on Monday to 65 today. And, I've started spotting.

dakipode - When's the new moon start? I'll definitely take it now. Disregard. I looked it up, it's December 13th.
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Oh no, Xerxella, I'm so sorry to hear it! hug2.gifI know you know all this: take care, be kind and patient to yourself, give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you feel. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts today. Much love.

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Oh, Xerxella, I am so very sorry to hear that.  grouphug.gif

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Xerxella- I am so so sorry, I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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(((Hugs))) Xerxella. You are in my thoughts today.
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Oh, Xerxella, no. I am so sorry. Lots of hug2.gif Thinking of you.

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