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hug2.gif gloomy.gif I'm so sorry xerxella. Big hugs. Sending healing vibes your way.....

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Xerxella, no!  Oh I am so sorry.  hug2.gif

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X - So so sorry for your loss. How are you doing?

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So sorry to hear that Xerxella. Can't imagine how hard that must be... 

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xerxella so sorry, guilty.gif I hope you're feeling a little bit better by now hug2.gif


oasis84 I really wish I had any good advice, but look at me, I just spent the morning googling "how long does sperm live" (even though I know how long, DD was conceived 5 or 6 days after BD) and checking my ovulation calendar, wondering when I will be able to test. So I am also horrible at staying away and not obsessing.


Last night I ovulated. I actually felt it this time. I've been having pain on my right side for a few days now and yesterday night I had the stabbing short pain. This morning I had the spike in temperature to confirm ovulation. Even though DP was up for some BD I said no (fully knowing I am ovulating) - I was feeling blue and it all suddenly felt like a chore, I just did not want to. If I get pregnant from the last BD then great but if not, so be it.


The TWW starts bag.gif

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LilyKay I'm starting to wonder myself if it really makes a difference if we BD every single day during my fertile window or just do a one-off. I've been a maniac about doing it every day in the fertile window up until now but it's kind of making me hate BDing (and also stress out about whether or not we're killing DH's sperm count)... Like I said in a PP I can't wait to get prego so we can do it again just because we want to and not bc of the date on the calendar or the shade of the pink line on my OPK. 


Wishing you a (relatively) obsession- and stress-free TWW!!

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cold.gif Cold here this morning! We went from 70 on Tuesday to a high in the 20's today, crazy!!


Sphinxy Thank you!! Your encouragement and kind words are very appreciated. I am 10 DPO today and while I feel anxious, I feel remarkably less so than last month. Everything feels pretty different this month, symptom-wise, too. It does seem as though the universe is messing with me a bit this morning. I used my last HPT and for the first time ever, it was a dud! No control line. Nothing. I took my last OPK and got a light test line, not what I'd consider a positive (same shade or darker than control) but it was there. I don't even know what to think. I'll know soon, I guess.


wave.gifto everyone!! Hope it's a great day.

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Originally Posted by oasis84 View Post

LilyKay I'm starting to wonder myself if it really makes a difference if we BD every single day during my fertile window or just do a one-off. I've been a maniac about doing it every day in the fertile window up until now but it's kind of making me hate BDing (and also stress out about whether or not we're killing DH's sperm count)... 


Every other day is one of the often recommended routes, maybe that would take some of the pressure off.  :)


Good luck to you SparkleMaman!


ETA:  Roller coaster past couple of days.  Spotting I had two days ago stopped completely.  Nothing yesterday.  Was feeling hopeful again.  Had to pull the trigger on the conference I don't know if I can go to yet because hotel rooms close to the convention center were filling up already on the first day of registration.  (Crazy making.)  Figured if I signed up for it, I for sure wouldn't be able to go, right?  Light pink on the TP this morning.  *sigh*  I forgot to take my Maca yesterday, so of course I'm blaming myself for it, even if it doesn't make sense to.  I'll know when I know, I'll know when I know, I'll know when I know...

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Xerxella, I'm sorry to hear the numbers are low. I hope you are letting yourself feel whatever you need to. /hugs


Oasis, I think letting go of googling and obsessing is hard for a lot of us including me. I don't know that I have any good advice. I still google too much. One thing that reduced my googling is that I bought a book about fertility issues and treatments co-written by an RE and a journalist. Perhaps you would prefer reading a book to googling? Don't read too much into the title. It's called "What to do when you can't get pregnant" but maybe it should be called "A bunch of information you would like to know if things are taking longer than you want them to". :-P I bet there are other books out there you might enjoy too.


GISDiva, I love your chant "I'll know when I know..." I may have to borrow that. Also, I'll wish you some magic conference booking baby dust.


Sparklemaman, I'm glad to hear you are doing better than you were last month. I'm right there with you at the end of the TWW.


AFM: AF is due on Saturday. I think I'm starting to feel just a little bit crampy, but that's okay because I have a hysteroscopy scheduled.

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Hello lovely ladies!
I say that because I have been looking for answers this morning, and having read through several conversations, you all seem so caring and nurturing😃 I joined half an hour ago because of it...
My overview; 38yo have been unable to 'try' for the past 5 yrs due to health and associated contraindicated meds (vestibular(dizzy) migraines). Mainly fixed now thru wonderful natural therapy (kinergetics/Bowen/reconnective frequencies)
In 07 I know I was briefly pregnant - with twins (felt double implant) while on holiday.
Like many of you I've felt a combination of sadness and joy at other peoples success...
I feel weird at present - dizzy, but different to my 'normal' bloated, a gentle stretching soreness around my lower tummy, perhaps mild nausea at times. I have a longer but relatively regular cycle of around 33ish days am currently on 38... Took an expired test (11 months) this morning - nothing... Also although we had sex at the right time lol there was no 'completion' as my dh is still tired and recovering from specialist finals... I have no idea if it's even possible, but I just feel it could be...
So now I have no idea what to think - any thoughts welcome...
Wishing you all all the luck with conception
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Welcome, chuord! wave.gif What a story, I wish you so much luck! I know for me, sometimes my cycle is elongated a few days if I got sick (like a nasty cold or something) prior to ovulation - I would ovulate late and then have my normal luteal phase. Any chance of something like that? Do you have a feeling for how long you want to wait before taking a new test? I've been reading a little bit lately about a TTC philosophy of "pregnant until proven otherwise". Some women say it helps them feel more upbeat and hopeful during the second half of their cycle, and also more free to mourn when their period arrives. I say trust your feelings - people get pregnant in lots of ways that aren't "supposed" to work!

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Thanks Sphinxy!

I can't actually remember having any illness... Thank you for your words of support, they are much appreciated 😃. Re taking a new test - lol I have no idea when I should, although I'm tempted to make a GP appointment for next Monday... We're off to visit family in southern Aus (Tasmania) a week on Sunday and I would love to have some certainty to take with me lol... Perhaps if good I can share it with them - dh and I each have a parent turning 70 in jan and no grand kids yet! So the news would be well enjoyed lol...
So are you in the process of active trying? Lol sorry no idea on acronyms yet!
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Ohh I just remembered a random bit of info from a doco... They tested with dyed sperm and discovered that when a woman orgasms the contraction of muscles actually propels the sperm to whichever Fallopian tube contains the egg - really quite impressive how clever the body is... For any who didn't know this, it gives you another thing to try
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Sigh...DD2 just puked all over me. Twice. I'm running out of pyjamas...
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AF just arrived...2 days early. The one thing I miss about charting is the warning from the temperature drop the day before AF. I feel a little sad. Oh well, here goes cycle #16.

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crashing, but have you tried testing cervical mucus. it doesn't lie... After i had a baby temping never worked since i was up all the time anyway.

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jldumm - Do you mean checking my CM daily, or actually ph testing it? I have not done any ph testing, but I do chart many things daily - BBT, CM, cervical position/texture, OPK results, even bought a speculum to see if my os is open. I am definitely learning to rely more heavily on the CM than anything else, and luckily it's a pretty reliable factor for me. Not sure if this is all too technical for this thread, but yes - we are trying to do what we can to make the most of our one/two shots per month, especially since frozen sperm only lives (at best) half as long as fresh. Doing all of that tracking in a "sane" way can be a challenge, but we get better at managing the stress and communicating through it all each cycle!

chuord - Yes, I am actively trying to conceive (TTC). Don't worry about the abbreviations, you'll probably pick them up pretty quick, and I know there is a link around here somewhere to a page that lists a bunch of commonly used ones. We've been trying since October, this is my third cycle, and I'm about to ovulate (O) any day now. We are doing two inseminations this month, and actually did our first this morning. We are waiting for more prolific EWCM (egg white cervical mucus) before proceeding with vial #2.

coati - Total bummer. I actually stop charting after I confirm ovulation because if it's going to be bad news, I hate getting it first thing when I've just woken up. Best wishes for a cleansing few days and a fresh new cycle.

xerxella Sending you a BIG hug.

Lida - And sending you healthy (and clean!) thoughts... yikes!
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Good luck this morning sphinxy!!! Swim swimmers, SWIM!!!!! It's too bad you don't have a fresh donor. I'm sending you lots of good vibes!

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I am officially in Un-Zen mode.  Crazy making.  All that spotting I reported always fizzled out and was never constant.  12-ish DPO, in many months AF would be here by now.  I still can't quite believe it's actually possible.


But no symptom spotting going on here, no sirree...whistling.gif  If I were hopeful I might test tomorrow morning...but I don't want to stare at a negative test, I just don't.  I'm afraid to test - you don't hear that around here very often, do you?  lol.gif


Sphinxy, I hope you have the Michael Phelps brand of Olympic swimmers, good luck!


Sorry that AF found you, Coati.  greensad.gif


Welcome to those who just joined us!

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GISDiva - Sorry you are feeling un-zen. If I were you I would try to wait as long as possible - I hate HPTs, too! Because, though there's always that hope for a line, the fact is that until AF comes, a BFN is inconclusive! So if I take one and it's negative, it doesn't make me feel better, it just makes me sad and unsure of whether there's any reason to stay hopeful. 12DPO is also still early for most women... good luck distracting yourself! And thank you (and Xerxella) for the thoughts, I love the visual of strong Olympic swimmers! CM starting to look good for our second insem, probably tomorrow. Then it's on to the waiting game...
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